Standing Room Only Classes – Part Three

In this class, your customers will learn:

  • Create a “Quilt as You Go” Placemat
  • Try the Pre-Cut Bosal Placemats
  • Learn How to Cut a Bias Binding
  • Hold that Binding in Place with Fusible Thread

Start with a great Cut Loose Press pattern by Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy Quilts….

Item #CLPMTR002  Retail $3.99

Use the fusible oval placemats by Craf-Tex.  These placemats are fusible on both sides so you may want to showcase the Applique Pressing Sheet that comes in an 18″ x 20″ size (Item #BTD209).

Item #PM-2B  Retail $9.00

Once the piecing is complete, show them how to use the CGRABB1 ruler to cut a bias binding.  They already have the ruler and the binding card (QPBS) if they took the previous class.  If possible, show them an old quilt that has a worn binding and explain that if they cut binding on the straight of grain, the same thread is being worn on the edge of the quilt.  When it wears out in one place, it wears out on the entire length.  By cutting the binding on the bias, 65 threads per inch are wrapped around the edge so if one thread is worn, there are 64 more per inch to preserve the integrity of the quilt!

Show them how to use fusible thread in the bobbin when attaching the binding.  Then when they fold the binding over to the back and press it in place, it can be positioned right over the previous stitching line.  Then, when your students stitch in the ditch from the front of their work, they are guaranteed to cover the stitching on the back AND catch the binding!

Item #12301  Retail $5.99

These classes all offer different techniques and can be taken independently of each other – but many of your customers will sign up for all three because they know they are going to actually learn something!!!  Once again, going home with a finished project is a bonus!  And, these projects are so easy to do that they will want to make several as gifts.  Talk about a win/win situation!!!

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