Square-agonals, Technique with Tape???

I love quilts that are set on point – and Sandi Blackwell has made a career out of it!  Her technique – called “Square-agonals” – creates diagonal set quilts without cutting setting triangles or figuring out complicated math!

She has just released tapes that make the whole process easier.  Choose a 5 yard or 12 yard roll..

Item #SQAAGT  Retail $3.98 (5 Yards)
Item #SQACGT  Retail $6.98 (12 Yards)

Many of you based a block of the month program on Sandi’s last book…

Item #L112971  Retail $16.95

If you have not, it is not too late to start!  What a great way to introduce your customers to this technique!  Then introduce them to her book that started the craze…

Item #L11261  Retail $24.95

And her patterns….

Item #SQA88  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA89  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA90  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA91  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA92  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA93  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA94  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA95  Retail $10.00

And there is a new book in the works so the craze continues – why not share it with your customers today???

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