Spider Webs have Come of Age

Spider Web quilts have been around since quilters had scraps – but this generation of spiders are simply stunning.  Karla Alexander has done it again!  She has designed the perfect Creative Grids tool to make these striking quilts welcome additions to your bucket list.

This banner – from the Creative Grids USA website – celebrates the release this week of our latest addition.  (If you would like to use any of these banners, just right click on them and save or copy them into your blog or newsletter- we would love for you to help spread the word!)

Usually, at this point I would feature the tool – but in this case, the quilts are so stunning they are getting first billing!

Marco Polo

Don’t you just love the name – and the way the pattern blends into the background?  Karla’s color choices are amazing!

Item #SSQ423  Retail $9.50

Junk Jewelry

Look what a difference color placement can make!  The dramatic contrast between darks and lights in this quilt creates a secondary pattern.

Item #SSQ424  Retail $9.50


This is why I love Karla’s tools!  She celebrates the math geek in all of us.  She figured out a way to “float” the designs – our grandmother’s would have been so proud!!!  And, yes, the markings are on the ruler!

Item #SSQ423  Retail $9.50

Now for the tool that makes it all possible…..

Item #CGRKA6  Retail $20.95

The 45 degree kaleidoscope segments can be cut from one end.  The kite shapes are cut from the other end by placing the corner of a square on the white lines.  The markings in the center even tell you which size to cut these squares!  No charts needed!  Told you she was one smart cookie!!!

To get your customers started, Karla has designed a Cut Loose Press pattern which can be the showcase of a great demo…

Item #CLPKAL003

Vertigo was created with a Paula Nadelstern fabric which gives it that wonderful kaleidoscope effect.

Karla will be sharing these quilts in a school house, Take and Teach session, and demonstrating in the Checker Booth at Spring Quilt Market.  Stop by and see these quilts in person and learn how to use the ruler.  You will be glad you did!

Everything will be in stock this week so let your customers know that you have it BEFORE they see it on Facebook!!!

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