Row by Row Experience Joins Forces with Creative Grids

Now that you have registered your shop for the 2015 Row by Row Experience (//, it is time to design your row!  Why not design it around one of the Creative Grids specialty rulers?


The rules and entry forms are available once you log into the shop page on the Row by Row Experience website.  We made it super easy – and this year you have two chances to win.

Design your Row using one of the Creative Grids rulers on the list.  Send us the entry form, a pic and the instructions.  That’s it – super simple!  Have your customers like your row on the Creative Grids Facebook page to win!

Then, turn that Row into a project.  Whether it is the showcase of a quilt or a table runner, we want to see your row shine!  The entry form is on the Row by Row Experience shop page.

This is a win/win for everyone!  By using a CGR ruler in your row, you have a perfect demo as quilters are visiting your shop.  They will want the row AND the ruler.  Show them why you love CGR and why it is so easy to create beautiful rows and projects with them.  And, your rows and projects will be featured on the Creative Grids Facebook page – free advertising is always a good thing!

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