Our Christmas Present to You





I am in Independent Consultant for Checker Distributors and not a “real” employee so I can brag about the company and everyone that works there!

They are constantly trying to improve across the board to make your life easier.  And the new website premiering Christmas Eve will literally stop you in your tracks!  It is that good.  I got to see a preview at Market but can’t wait to actually USE it every day…

This website features huge improvements that your customers will love as well.  Customers will see a list of shops near their zip code who carry the item they are looking for.  That’s right – Checker is sending customers right to your door!

For shop owners, the websites for Checker You and Checker Distributors have been combined so you will instantly know if there is additional support for a product.

We are also feverishly improving descriptions and images so the site will continue to improve every day.

Patterns, for instance, will show the front and back covers when feasible so you can see what is needed to make the project.

Books will show images of the front, back, table of contents and several projects inside.

Based on your order history, you will see suggested products allowing you to make better purchasing decisions..

PLEASE log in and save the items in your cart – or just order them before Christmas Eve.  When the change is made anything saved will transfer to the new site.

Enjoy – and let us know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Our Christmas Present to You

  1. Thank you for working so hard for all of the independent fabric stores! I look forward to seeing the changes.

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