New Pop-Ups for Graduation Gifts

T-Shirt quilts have always been a great graduation gift – but they are too much of an investment for everyone on your list.  These new pop-ups are the perfect gift!

FQG128 FQG126
The pattern gives lots of suggestions for layouts.  The rings designed for the original Pop-Ups work with this as well.

Item #FQG128  Retail $12.00
Item #FQG126  Retail $38.99 (three piece set)
Item #FQG121  Retail $8.99 (Small)
Item #FQG123  Retail $10.99 (Medium)
Item #FQG124  Retail $12.99 (Large)
Item #FQG125  Retail $16.99 (XLarge)

FQG129The Basket Pop-Ups are new as well, and support the small, medium, and large Pop-Up springs.  What cute organizers. These should be arriving soon so place your order now.  Be sure to have plenty of the springs in stock because they are not going to make just one!

Item #FQG129 Retail $9.00




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