Miss Muffet is Still Smiling



Tuffets are the rage – EVERYWHERE – and for every tuffet that has been completed, a matching pin cushion is a must. The kit #LTQ102 includes a foam round, ground walnut shells, tufting cord, felt, instructions, and a plywood base with hardware installed for the feet! You add your own fabric, button and feet (drawer pulls). Who could resist?  You can also buy kits without the pattern #LTQ106 which include enough to make two more pin cushions.  And these kits are quality.

LTQ10  LTQ106
#LTQ102  $22.00                                                  #LTQ106  $20.00

Don’t forget to have tufting needles and Add-A-Quarter rulers in stock as well.

9021DH         CM12PLUS
#9021DH  $5.49  #CM12PLUS  $12.99

This project will give your customers the confidence to create a full-size tuffet if they haven’t already. There will be a waiting list for these classes over and over again!

PPFP100 EUQ304
#PPFP100  $28.00                              #EUQ304  $11.00

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