Log Cabins are in the House!

Thousands of you have fallen in love with the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tools released last year.  After making hundreds of log cabin blocks over the last six months, I can’t imagine sewing them any other way.   That is when a tool becomes a classic.  And every classic deserves a book!  Log Cabin Quilts arrived this week and includes patterns that use both rulers.

Item #L112964  Retail $27.95

Log Cabin Quilts is part of the Basics and Beyond series by Landauer Publishing which means it includes everything you ever wanted to know about log cabin quilts and how to set them.  This book features log cabins, half log cabins, courthouse steps and brand new contemporary designs.  The possibilities are endless.

This quilt combines six inch and twelve inch blocks created with the Item #CGRJAW2.

This Half Log Cabin features the original eight inch version – CGRJAW1 in a contemporary setting.

But, these tools have it all – a book, Cut Loose Press patterns, and other notions to include in a demo!

Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $18.95

Since these tools are used to trim two adjoining sides, rotating mats are a great companion sale.  Jean Ann suggests this one by Fiskars for the eight inch version.

Item #01-0059F  Retail $35.69

This ruler is featured in several Cut Loose Press patterns that showcase the most popular classic settings.  Lickety Split Log Cabin is a log cabin block set in a traditional furrows pattern.

Item #CLPJAW004

A Half Log Cabin builds off of two adjoining sides of the square instead of all four sides.

Item #CLPJAW001

A Courthouse Steps block is created by adding “logs” to opposite sides of a center square.  In this pattern two whites were added and then two reds.

Item #CLPJAW003

The Autumn Table Runner features a traditional log cabin with a twist – corner posts are added to the logs.

Item #CLPJAW002

And all of these variations can be made with the same tool.

“Wings” uses the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two that uses the same technique to create 6 and 12 inch blocks.

Item #CLPJAW005

I love mini’s so this version has quickly become my favorite and is a great way to use up skinny strips that are at least 1 1/4″ wide.

Item #CGRJAW2  Retail $24.95

There are even Checker You videos to show you how to demo it!  This one is a no-brainer!

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