Loft Creations adds that AWE factor

Just look at the details on these purses!  What an opportunity to offer a series of classes that combine techniques with instant gratification.

The Dresden Plate detailing on this purse adds terrific detailing AND provides an opportunity for a teachable moment….

Ladyfingers & Sugar Baby


Item #LC103  Retail $10.00

The Hailee Bag uses wide rickrack to add a touch of whimsy.


Item #LC105  Retail $9.00

Caity-Did features a pocket with bias tape criss-crosses…


Item #LC117  Retail $9.00

Loft Tote has an off-center design that adds interest and contrast to a basic bag.


Item #LC108  Retail $9.00

Stephanie Dunphy brings this same eye for detail to her quilt designs as well.  “String Beans” features an elongated shoo fly block that gives the block a whole new modern look.


Item #LC114  Retail $9.00

“Sparkle Plenty” is a dramatic example of color placement.  Combining brights with blacks is always a win/win.


Item #LC113  Retail $9.00

And, who wouldn’t want to live on Peek-a-Boo Street?  Once again, wide rickrack adds a decorative touch to an otherwise simple sashing treatment.












Item #LC116  Retail $10.50

Come and meet Stephanie at the Open House and learn how to add that finishing touch to these projects which are sure to be customer favorites!



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