Kits – the Perfect Christmas Gifts

Let’s face it – 99% percent of our customers are women.  That means that 99% of the people who are buying them Christmas presents are men – and men are not comfortable in a quilt shop.  Therefore, we need to make it as easy as possible for them to shop OUR stores!

Wish lists are great – and if your customers are willing to give you their husband’s email so you can play Santa, even better!  Send their husbands the wish list – along with pricing – and offer to wrap the gifts if they call with credit card information.

Kits are a great choice.  Did you know that Checker has a great selection of containers that are ideal for displaying them?

These heavy duty plastic storage boxes come in three sizes and are reasonably priced.  Your customers will be able to use them again once this project is complete.  In fact, they will want to buy them as is to organize their own sewing room so don’t let the case quantity dissuade you!

This size is flying off the shelves because the 8 1/2″ x 11″ size is perfect for kitting Cut Loose Press projects since the pattern fits perfectly on top of the kit.







Item #1028-19  60 per case

These 12″ squares are perfect for projects that feature 10″ pre-cut squares….

Item #1203-66    40 per case

These 5″ x 7″ containers are the perfect size to kit projects based on a pattern….






Item #1206-34  24 per case

For projects that require less fabric, these heavy duty plastic bags may be just the ticket!  They come in four sizes and are available in packages of six.







Item #KITBAGXS Retail $1.00 (4″ x 6″)
Item #KITBAGSM  Retail $1.50 (7″ x 10″)
Item #KITBAGMD Retail $2.00 (9 3/8″ x 11 1/2″)
Item #KITBAGLG  Retail $2.00 (12 1/2″ x 16″)

Order now.  We can’t keep these babies in stock!  A few are out of stock, but they are due in this week, so if you order now, you will have plenty of time to get those kits cut.  Tie a ribbon around them for a cute Christmas display.  Why not put some under the tree????





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