Expand your Holiday Color Scheme

Amanda Murphy has made Christmas decorating bright and cheerful again!  The dark country cottage look has been transformed into light, airy and happy!  Martha Stewart would love the photography – your customers will love the vignettes!

Item #10910  Retail $23.95

Add a few pillows to any bed to give a cheerful holiday look to every bedroom!  Notice the simple ornaments hanging in the window – simple touches that add maximum impact!

Winter designs can fit into any decor.  It doesn’t have to be the one time of year that red clashes with your orange decor!  Look how elegant this pillow looks and adds a gentle reminder of the weather outside…

Add a burst of color in a neutral room.  What an impact this quilt makes….

You don’t have to scream Christmas to enjoy and decorate for the holidays.  Sometimes a gentle touch is all you need!  Draw inspiration from this book and expand your holiday color palette.   Who would have thought that spring and summer lines could add interest to Christmas???  Display the fabrics with the book so your customers will expand their horizons as well!

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