Elizabeth Hartman visits the Arctic

One look at this pic and you will be an Elizabeth Hartman fan for life! How cute are these penguins:









I predict this will be the number one baby quilt this year!

In fact this season she has gone to the birds – and yes, I checked, a penguin is considered a bird….









If you want more of a challenge, try North Stars – an assortment of your favorite critters. This quilt just screams Pacific Northwest:






The patterns are due to arrive this month. But they feature a fabric line – Arctic – which is due to arrive in August.

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Hartman visits the Arctic

  1. Hi there. We are pretty sure that there are no penguins in the Arctic. How about Antartica? 🙂

  2. A little poetic license since Arctic is the name of her new fabric line!

  3. They are beautiful and we already have customers asking for the patterns fabrics. Thank you Elizabeth Hartman for sharing your creative ideas with us.

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