Christmas Quickie Gifts

Gift cards are always popular so why not make the wrapping part of the gift???  These “Little Wallets”  by Valori Wells are sure to please.

Item #VWD52  Retail $3.00

These “Snap Happy” purses come in three different sizes….

Item #53SH  Retail $7.50

Whether you sew or not, we all could use some little storage containers.  These are great to carry in your purse for make up, coffee and tea, pens – you name it!  Why not add a few goodies as a part of the gift???

Item #ATK162  Retail $6.50

Are you looking for a great teacher’s gift?  Why not make this “Classmate”  by Terry Atkinson?

Item #ATK164  Retail $9.00

Both of these patterns use a sew-able vinyl….

Item #20176  Retail $11.95

Sometimes your friends appreciate a little organization – and these all fit the bill!

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