Celebrate the Premier of Downton Abbey

Who can resist Downton Abbey?  I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the new season premier in January.

Tiffany Hayes of “Needle in a Hayes Stack” has created a series of patterns that would look at home in any abbey.

Why not turn this into an event and host a series of classes based on these quilts inspired by your favorite characters.

Ladies of Downton Abbey


Item #NH1315  Retail $9.00

Regal Mary










Item #NH1316  Retail $9.00

Victorian Violet


Item #NH1317

Sybil’s Spires









Item #NH1318  Retail $9.00

Fans of Edith










Item #NH1319  Retail $9.00

Annie Unrein is a fan as well and has created a beautiful clutch that should be in the hands of Shirley MacLaine…


Item #PBA221  Retail $9.95

Why not plan your event today???


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