Sewing for Children

Authors Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle teach a sewing camp in Tennessee which has received rave reviews from parents and children alike.  They have combined 21 of the favorite  hand sewing projects into Sewing School.


Item #62578  Retail $16.95

These projects are geared for children ages 5 and up and requires very little adult supervision.  Lots of step by step illustrations and comments from kids who have actually attended the sewing camps offer encouragement.

Sewing School 2 continues the journey as they learn to use a sewing machine.  Geared for children seven and up – and written at a second grade reading level – once again very little parental supervision is required.  Notes are included, however, to help parents who would like to be involved.

622049 (1)

Item #622049  Retail $18.95

While creating 20 different projects, children learn all of the different features of a sewing machine.  By the time they are done with the book and projects, they will know how to do everything from threading the machine to using all of the various stitches – and when and why to use them.

Wouldn’t one of these books – along with the suggested supplies – be a perfect gift for the future sewer in your life?  And remember, this is the perfect time to introduce boys to sewing as well!  Sewing is a lifetime skill needed by everyone!

Piecing in the Hoop with Style!

As soon as I saw these pouches hanging in the Checker booth at Market, I had to go find Kim Christopherson of Kimberbell so she could explain how to do it!  And it is amazing!  If you have not jumped on the Kimberbell bandwagon, it is time to get on board – and take a seat right next to me!  


Item #KD609  Retail $9.95

For those of you who are in the thick of sewing machine selling season, this should be your first class!  The entire pouch is made in the hoop – including the zipper.  It is even lined so there are no raw seams showing.  The flying geese units are stitched first and then the fabric is placed perfectly to create precise points every time!  This pattern includes two sizes – small and medium.

Or, make the large and jumbo sizes.


Item #KD610  Retail $9.95

Why not make all four sizes to show your customers how fun “piecing in the hoop” is???  And, check out everything Kimberbell.  Not only is she a talented designer, she is also one of the nicest ones – and in my book, nice matters!

These in-the-hoop zipper pouches are PERFECT for organizing all those small items! They would also make a great gift for that hard to buy for person on your list! The “flying geese blocks” stitch out with perfect little points and the entire pouch has a nice tailored look! Each zipper pouch is lined and shows no raw seams! What a great way to showcase “piecing” in the hoop, as well as how fun and easy an in-the-hoop project can be! Hoop Size for the LARGE Pouch: 7×12 hoop (Embroidery Field Needed: 6.69 x 11.75) Hoop Size for the JUMBO Pouch: 8×14 hoop (Embroidery Field Needed: 7.74 x 14) *Since embroidery fields vary for different brands and sizes of hoops, please be sure that the embroidery field listed above will be the right size for your particular hoop. File formats included on CD: ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3, XXX These in-the-hoop zipper pouches are PERFECT for organizing all those small items! They would also make a great gift for that hard to buy for person on your list! The “flying geese blocks” stitch out with perfect little points and the entire pouch has a nice tailored look! Each zipper pouch is lined and shows no raw seams! What a great way to showcase “piecing” in the hoop, as well as how fun and easy an in-the-hoop project can be! Hoop Size for the SMALL Pouch: 5×7 hoop (Embroidery Field Needed: 4.65 x 6.81) Hoop Size for the MEDIUM Pouch: 6×10 hoop (Embroidery Field Needed: 5.77 x 9.44) *Since embroidery fields vary for different brands and sizes of hoops, please be sure that the embroidery field listed above will be the right size for your particular hoop. File formats included on CD: ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3, XXX.

Red and White and Quilted all Over

“Infinite Variety” is a true love story.  Joanna S. Rose collected red and white quilts for years starting in the fifties when you could buy a quilt for five or ten dollars.  Over the years, she collected 653 red and white quilts.


Item #RH6528  Retail $60.00

This entire collection is unique.  It is so endearing because they reflect the true art of quilting.  These were not purchased because they were award winning quilts.  Therefore they reflect the entire quilting community.  Many of them were utility quilts done by our ancestors.  Not every stitch is perfect, not every point matches – but they were all made to keep their family warm.  There is no greater love than that!

Fast forward to 2011.  Mrs. Rose was turning 80 and her family wanted to know what she would like for her birthday.  Her answer?  To see this collection of quilts all in one place.  The “Infinite Variety” quilt show was born.

RH6528_6 (1)


The entire exhibit was a gift to the city of New York as well.  Admission was free!

It took four years to photograph and document this collection in a beautiful coffee table book that spans over 300 pages.  Closeups of many of the quilts show the beautiful hand quilting that enhances the patterns.


Why not display these books with the red and white fabrics in your store?  This book – along with a collection of red and white fat quarters – would be the perfect gift this holiday season!

Get Organized with Calendars and Planners

Brighten up your space with this Cozy Cottage calendar that includes vignettes from Lori Holt’s home – decorated with quilts and colorful projects from all of her books.  The pattern for the darling Cover quilt is included in two different sizes: a 36″ wall hanging or a 16″ pillow.


Item #ISE-706  Retail $24.95

Sue Spargo’s embroidery is a true work of art – and is showcased in exquisite photograpy.  Eye candy on each and every page….


Item #C146  Retail $22.99

The Piecemaker’s calendar is always a collector’s item and includes the appliques patterns for all of the butterflies shown.


Item #C2016  Retail $19.00

Don’t forget to include these two year pocket planners – which will keep your customers organized through 2017.


Item #HPP76  Retail $4.95


Item #JPP174  Retail $4.95


Item #PP126  Retail $4.95


Item #RPP159  Retail $4.95


Item #WPP179  Retail $4.95

Or enjoy a block a day with these perpetual calendars…


Item #C123  Retail $22.95


Item #C135  Retail $22.95

These are all great gifts – and the pocket planners are great gifts for Open House events!

Zip It!

Terry Atkinson and Joan Hawley have made zippers the new fashion statement – and the must see at Market.  Joan figured out a way to remove the start and stop from zippers – and then add the pull AFTER it is sewn into your project!  No more trying to sew around them!  This One-Zip technique works with polyester, all-purpose zippers by Atkinson Designs, Coats & Clark, Talon, and YKK.   (It does not work with invisible, metal, sport weight, or Sullivan brand zippers.)



Item #LGD137  Retail $13.50

This lanyard-style key fob pattern includes the hardware to complete two wrist size versions.  Clip to a pouch for an instant wristlet! Use the One-Zip technique to cut the zipper, sew one side of the zipper in straight and flat, bend to make loop, then use Joan’s trick to easily add one or more zipper pulls.  If you would like to make a true lanyard, do what Terry does – use two 22″ zippers sewn to create a 44″ length.

Since you are basically getting two zippers for the price of one, additional zipper pulls are available.  There are at least 30 per pack of assorted colors.  Combine your favorite colors for an additional design element.


Item #ATK520  Retail $8.99

Additional hardware is available in two different sizes.  The hardware to make four additional fobs is just $10.00 (Item #LGD711).  Or, buy the party pack which includes the hardware for 25 for $45.00.  (Item #LGD712).

To close the metal clasp with just one press, use these special pliers that have a padded clamp so it doesn’t leave an impression.


Item #LGD713  Retail $25.00

Sweetpea Pods measures just 3″ x 6″ is just the right size to hold your treasures – the perfect gift wrap this season.  Two zips and two 10 inch squares make two pods.


Item #LGD135  Retail $10.00

The Becca Bag is larger and the perfect bag for gals on the go.  Once again use the One-Zip technique to create this bag in a matter of minutes!


Item #LGD136  Retail $11.00

Don’t forget to stock the glue for the fobs (Item #E6000) and the Fusible Fleece (Item #SLG106) as well.

The Atkinson Designs zippers that work beautifully for this technique are available in an assortment of six each of ten colors.  The display includes hang tags and plastic clips.

Item #ATK790Z

This is the perfect demo for your holiday event!  Fobio is a perfect make it/take it.  Who can stop at just one???

Oh Christmas Tree

These paper-pieced trees don’t shed needles – and can still be done in time for Christmas!  The larger version is the perfect size to hang on a door.  Personally, I am making them for my grandchildren so they can “decorate” the tree as often as they wish without driving their mother crazy!


Item #VSC306  Retail $8.00

Did you know that there was a pattern for 3″ ornaments – the perfect size to decorate the tree?  The ornaments are paper-pieced as well.


Item #VSC234  Retail $6.00

Or choose the smaller size which measures 17″ x 41″.


Item #VSC307  Retail $6.00

And, yes – there is a pattern for 2″ ornaments for this tree as well!


Item #VSC239  Retail $6.00

There is also a button pack that contains 25 red buttons to attach the ornaments.  (These are on order and should be here by the time your tree is pieced).


Item #BV306AVSC  Retail $6.16

These patterns and buttons would be the perfect Christmas gift for a quilter.  Just add several green fat quarters.  Buy two – one for you and one for a friend – and give them a gift of an afternoon to work on the project.  Take every opportunity to extend the holiday.

The Clover Iron has Found a Home

When the gals at Sister’s Common Thread saw the new Clover portable iron, it just looked naked!  They immediately went home and created The Wedge Tote – an additional size for their ever popular Ironing Caddy line of patterns.

Clover Iron Tote

Item #SCT10154  Retail $15.00

The tote opens flat.  The inner lining is heat resistant so it makes a great ironing surface.

Open Tote

This is the perfect companion to all of those customers who have already bought the Clover iron – and for those who have it on their wish list.


Item #9200CV  Retail $49.98

The pattern is on order and should be in any day.  What a great combo gift for every quilter on your list!

A Few of My Finds at Market

Annie Unrein has created the perfect stiletto and pressing tool.  My favorite part?  The quality wooden handle has flat sides so it doesn’t roll off of my sewing table.  And, the tip is rough – kind of like a metal sandpaper – so it holds the fabric without slipping.  Annie uses a stiletto every time she sews – and if you have seen her samples, there is no denying the quality of her workmanship!  This is an heirloom quality pieced that will last a lifetime.


Item #SUP207  Retail $19.95

I am in the process of making curtains so this new pressing tool by Clover will be a godsend.  It measures 2 1/2″ x 10″ and includes all of the markings so you can turn and press a perfect hem.  That’s right – it is heat resistant so you can press right over the tool for perfect crisp hems every time!


Item #7811CV  Retail $19.95

These scissor holders come in pink and purple and are designed to hold 3-1/2 to 4 inch curved or straight embroidery scissors. It is made out of a quality silicone with molded secure tabs to keep scissors in place. It comes with a 31 inch lanyard to wear around your neck.









Item #SIZO-PINK  Retail $15.99

Item #SIZO-PUR  Retail $15.99

These items are in stock or due any day so order now to ensure that you will have them in time for stocking stuffers!

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Any Age!

Do you remember when you were a kid and first saw that box of 64 crayons???  Experience that joy again with these new sets – the perfect companions to the coloring books that are the newest stress reliever for all generations.

Chronicle Books offers this 24 pack of colored pencils that opens up to create an easel.


Item #CB699-4  Retail $13.99



General’s® Multi-Pastel® Chalk Pencil Set comes with 12 Assorted Colors. The pencils are acid-free, pre-sharpened and made with sustained yield cedar wood – now that is quality!


small_4400GP12A_01_01 (1)

Item # 4400GP12A  Retail $18.71

These Kimberly water color pencils are amazing.  Color your picture.  Then go over it with a wet brush to blur the lines and create a water color effect!  These come in 12 and 24 sets.

Item #700GP-12A  Retail $12.29 (Set of 12)

Item #700GP-24A  Retail $24.39 (Set of 24)

Or color with this gel pen assortment by Fiskars.   This is the perfect set for the younger set since it includes glitter pens, neon, two colors swirled together, as well as the traditional colors.  What young child wouldn’t love to see this under the Christmas tree?

Item #12-274570975  Retail $24.63

I actually gave this set to my grandchildren along with a coloring book as an early Christmas present.  Every time they visit, they are coloring their favorite picture and we are framing it to give to their parents for Christmas.

You may even still have time to create a carrying case for all of their supplies.


Item #MKSP060AF  Retail $7.95

Some shops are offering coloring nights so their customers can have a relaxing night out.  Why not create a display and combine a set of these pens or pencils with coloring books in a holiday display?  More assortments are arriving every day!



A Few of My Favorite Things…

I love Karen Kay Buckley’s scissors so I was thrilled when she came out with pins that have very fine points and come in a tube of 50.


Item #KKBPP  Retail $8.95

This Hunter’s Star Simplified pattern is created with squares and half-square triangles.  It cant get any simpler than that!










Item #CCQD153  Retail $10.00

If you are a shop owner, Debbie has a wonderful video demonstrating her technique on CheckerYou.  (CheckerYou is offers videos exclusively to shop owners so they can learn new techniques to share with their customers.  It is not available to the retail public.)

Plum Tree Quilts has created this reversible table runner that would be a spectacular class.  Grab a 40 strip pack of 2 1/2″ strips and go for it – can’t get any easier to kit than that!










Item #PTQ035  $9.00

Your customers will love these!