Oh Christmas Tree

These paper-pieced Christmas tress are sure to be a hit – and there is plenty of time to finish them before Christmas.

Cindy Edgerton has created these trees in several sizes.  The original “Tall Tree” is a little over 6 foot tall…


Item #VSC306  Retail $8.00

This pattern includes the foundations for two trees.  Adorn the tree with a button pack so you can add ornaments each day – instant Advent tree!


Item #BV306AVSC  Retail $6.16

The Little Bit Shorter Tree also includes foundations to make two trees that measure 17″ x 41″.  This is the perfect size to hang on a door.  Why not make one for each grandchild so they can decorate their room?


Item #VSC307  Retail $6.00

Need a Tree Skirt?  This one is 48″ and is sure to become a family heirloom!


Item #VSC280  Retail $8.00

Or, make an even smaller version of the original in three sizes (two foundations of each):


Item #VSC270  Retail $6.00

Why not start a new tradition and give Christmas decorations for wedding gifts?  Who wouldn’t love this tree skirt or a wall hanging to commemorate their first Christmas together???

Quilt as You Go has Never Been Easier

One of the hot new releases at Quilt Market was this product by June Tailor.  The block patterns are literally printed right on the batting.  The backing is fusible so there is no wrinkling or puckering of the backing fabric while sewing.  As you are sewing the block seams through the fabric, batting, AND backing, you are literally completing the quilting with each sewn seam.

Each package includes the printed batting for six – 12″ blocks which measures 24″ x 36″ when completed.  There are four different blocks to choose from:



Item #JT-1403  Retail $7.99

Fair and Square

Item #JT-1402  Retail $7.99

Mosaic Magic


Item #JT-1401  Retail $7.99

Rolling Stone


Item #JT-1404  Retail $7.99

Here is a video of Jill showing just how it works:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/JT-1403

This is a great product to incorporate into a machine quilting class.  Or use these foundations to teach girls how to quilt!  These are new so order now so you can get the first shipment.  This is a good thing!

Summer Cottage is the perfect cure for those winter time blues…


One of the most popular lines at Quilt Market was Summer Cottage by Gerri Robinson.  These happy prints by Red Rooster inspired a book AND patterns.  No wonder everyone loved it!



Item #4507-ASST



Item #ISE905  Retail $15.95

Here are some of my favorite projects from the book…





I love the way the fabric requirements for each project are super imposed on the color picture!  What a great improvement over most patterns – flipping from one page to the next to choose fabrics!

When Penny Sturgis saw the fabrics, she immediately designed several small mini mats.  Whether you choose the rectangles or rounds – or both – they are sure to make you smile…


Item #PS046  Retail $8.00


Item #PS047  Retail $8.00

If you are a shop owner, you can view a video featuring Gerri talking about these products at:  //www.checkeryou.com/

Enter your account number and password.  The search for Gerri Robinson.  After all, it is always better to learn about a product directly from the designer!


Let the Fun Begin – Join us at Market!

Checker will be at Quilt Market with bells on!  We are sponsoring a series of Take and Teach Sessions; School Houses; Creative Grids Demonstrations and Book Signings published independently.

Take & Teach Sessions

Take & Teach Sessions 8:00-9:30 each day
Saturday, October 25
Jean Ann Wright, Maximize Profits with Creative Grids® Rulers
Karen Montgomery, Last Minute Christmas Class
Sunday, October 26
Gudrun Erla, Welcome to Stripology Class!
Kathy Brown, Minis are HOT!
Phyllis Meiring, Wool Projects That Will Increase Your Sales
Karin Hellaby, Sew Simple Hexi-Flowers
Joan Ford, ScrapTherapy®  Mini Scrap Grids® Rulers
Monday, October 27
Rita Fishel, Play Before You Pay
Penny Haren, The Complete Package: Notions/Patterns/Kits

School Houses

School Houses Room #371D/E
Friday, October 24
11:15 – 11:45 Sunrise Studio by LakeHouse Borders on the Bolt!
11:50 – 12:20 New Winter Event from Row by Row Experience!
3:10 – 3:40 New Creative Grids® Rulers Will Blow You Away! 

Creative Grids Demo Schedule

NEW this Market, Visit Creative Grids® rulers in their own booth #908!
Creative Grids® Demonstrations
Saturday, October 25 

9:00 – 11:30 Gudrun Erla, Stripology Ruler
11:30 – 1:30 Jean Ann Wright, 6” Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool
1:30 – 3:00 Kathy Brown, Strip-Smart Mini
ALL DAY  Rita Fishel, Ruler of Your Choice
Sunday, October 26 
9:00 – 12:00 Kathy Brown, Strip-Smart Mini
12:30 – 4:30 Gudrun Erla, Stripology Ruler
ALL DAY Rita Fishel, Ruler of Your Choice
Monday, October 27
12:30 – 2:30 Kathy Brown, Strip-Smart Mini
ALL DAY Rita Fishel, Ruler of Your Choice

Book Signings

Book SIgnings at Checker Booth #708
Saturday, October 25 

12:30 – 1:30 Handfuls of Scraps Pieced Into Amazing Quilts, Edyta Sitar
Sunday, October 26 
11:30-12:00 – Fat Quarter Style, It’s Sew Emma
12:00-12:30 – Quilted Living, Gerri Robinson – It’s Sew Emma

Download and print a handy mini schedule to tuck into your name badge pouch.

A Little Bertie Told Me…

Bonnie Sullivan is releasing her third Block of the Month program featuring Bertie at Quilt Market.  And, I can tell you right now – it is wonderful!  Below is a sneak peek image of the new Bertie’s Spring program from Maywood Studio & Bonnie Sullivan featuring Woolies Flannel.



This is strictly a preview, as nothing will be officially launched until Quilt Market in Houston.  At this time we do not have a firm delivery date, but we anticipate a spring 2015 drop.  As we did with Bertie’s Year & Winter, we will be offering a special case assortment and coordinating button pack. We will have more concrete information and a quick order form by Quilt Market.

Stop by the Checker Booth for details. The sales reps will have all of the particulars so you can start this program at your shop this Spring!

It’s always nice to put a face with a name.  Here is the woman behind this highly
successful program – Bonnie Sullivan!


Strip Smart Mini’s are here!

Kathy Brown – the genius behind the Strip Smart series of books and patterns – has designed a new template that doubles the possibilities.  The magic is in the center square. By rotating this square, you can cut half and quarter-square triangles using the same tool! The lettered markings on the template are duplicated in the patterns so placement is a snap!


Item #CGRY2  Retail $14.95

Miniature blocks and projects have never been easier! Now all of them – and so many more – can be created by sewing a combination of strips together or sub-cutting any strips up to 3 ½ inch strips.

Every quilt designed with the Strip Smart technique can be re-created in miniature with the Strip Smart Mini – and so much more!  In fact, the more we play with this template, the more possibilities present themselves.

Explore the possibilities in Kathy’s new book – Strip-Smart Friends.  All of these projects can be made in an afternoon.  Want to change the size?  Simply change the width of the strips or the number of blocks!


Item #TP9000  Retail $14.99


Make this placemat – start to finish – in an afternoon!  You can’t get any easier than that…


Item #CLPKBR007  

Come join the fun!  Kathy is already planning her second book….and the third….the ideas just keep coming!  Spend some time with Kathy at Market.  She is everywhere – in our school house session, a Take and Teach session, and the Creative Grids booth every day.  This tool is so simple!  You can teach someone how to use it in less than two minutes – and spend a lifetime pursuing the possibilities










Take a Stripology class with Creative Grids and GE Designs

I LOVE this new ruler by Gudrun Erla of GE Designs.  Reduce your cutting time  by 75% with this new Stripology ruler.


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

This Creative Grids ruler is made out of a strong, pliable material that doesn’t move or shift while cutting – and has lots of bells and whistles.  Vertical slits are long enough to easily cut through folded fat quarters and folded yardage straight off the bolt.\

The signature CGR gripper strips hold multiple layers of fabric in place with absolutely no slipping when cutting.  The slots are positioned 1/2″ apart with dashed white and black markings between them.  These markings are visible on both light and dark fabrics. LOVE it!

There are also horizontal markings – printed every half inch – alternating in black and white – again, visible on all colors of fabric.  Use these lines to square up the fabric before cutting to guarantee perfect right angles with every cut!

Need to cut those popular 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ strips?  Simply cut through all of the slots marked with a square or star on the bottom of the ruler – no math required!  (In addition, Gudrun will show you how to also cut 1/4″ measurements!)

Need to sub-cut 10″ squares?  Position them under the defined white square on the ruler to guarantee square cuts every time.

Use the 45 and 60 ddegree angles to sub cut diamonds and other angled shapes – again watch Gudrun’s video to show you how…

The support for this ruler is simply amazing!  Gudrun has created this Cut Loose Press pattern that offers the perfect opportunity to showcase how to cut strips – and then sub cut them with the ruler.  Waverunner is just darling – and can be pieced in an afternoon!


Item #CLPGER007

If you live in an “I” state – Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, or Iowa – her new pattern , I-Strip will be a huge hit with every sports fan!  Do it in school colors and you won’t be able to keep it in stock!


Item #GE166  Retail $10.00

“Nina” puts a whole new spin on nine-patches…


Item #GE167  Retail $10.00

Then there is the book – Stripology – named after the on-going program that Gudrun is creating around this ruler.  She has taken some of her most popular patterns and made them with 1 1/2″ strips.  The patterns include instructions in three different sizes…


Item #GE608  Retail $16.00

If you forget how to use any of the amazing features on this ruler, scan the QR code and watch a video demonstration.  It’s not every day you get to take the designer home with you!  Everything is in the system so order now!  It will be ready to ship by Quilt Market.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Join us at Market for these Fantastic Take and Teach Sessions

Kathy Brown




You asked. We listened. Join us for these mini-classes taught by our Creative Grids® design team and Phyllis Meiring of In the Patch Designs. Learn how to teach, demonstrate, and market – as well as up-sell to increase sales with companion patterns & notions.

Saturday, October 25 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#324. Last Minute Christmas Class
Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company shows how to combine Creative Grids® “Scrap Crazy 6” blocks and Christmas fabric. Schedule the perfect demo or class for your shop. Sell machines? Use this project to demonstrate the stitches on every quilter’s favorite Christmas present! Sewing machine and kits provided. Bring basic sewing supplies.

#325. Maximize Profits with Creative Grids
Jean Ann Wright shares how one simple technique can be the basis for a multitude of different blocks. Demonstrate one and sell them all! Learn the technique by making blocks with her latest ruler being released at this Market. Maximize profits with demos, patterns & fabric. Sewing machine and kits provided. Bring basic sewing supplies including a marking pen.

Sunday, October 26 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#422 Minis Are Hot!
Your favorite “Teacher’s Pet,” Kathy Brown, continues the Strip Smart craze by showing how to make gorgeous minis the easy way with her brand-new Creative Grids® ruler. Learn how to create complicated quilts with simple techniques in just a few hours.

#423. Welcome to Stripology Class!
Meet the newest member of the Creative Grids® design team – Gudrun Erla of GE Designs. Learn how to use her brand new Creative Grids® ruler to create a class or demo series. Work on class or demo samples for fantastic strip quilts from her new self-published book and Cut Loose Press™ pattern. Sewing machine provided.

#424. Wool Projects That Will Increase Your Sales
Phyllis Meiring of In the Patch Designs will show you how to create a wool program for your store. Thanks to her pre-cuts, it is very affordable. Learn how to create micro-kits with Cut Loose Press™ patterns for fast and reasonably priced wool projects. Bring basic sewing supplies.

Monday, October 27 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#515. Play Before You Pay
Rita Fishel will show you how to demonstrate the latest members of the Creative Grids® family. Use storyboards as a silent salesman in your shop. Learn how to increase sales by showcasing notions and companion patterns along the way.

#516. The Complete Package – Notions, Patterns, Kits
Spend the morning with Penny Haren and learn how to use Cut Loose Press™ patterns to their best advantage: how to kit, how to demo, how to display and how to increase sales!

Enroll today at www.quilts.com

Put this on the top of your to-do list today!  Space is limited.