Best Organizer EVER

I love to applique and – until now – have never found an organizer that fits my needs.  Karen Kay Buckley is known for high quality products because she produces heirloom quality quilts.


Item #KKBPTB  Retail $35.00

Now look what happens when you fill it up!


The threads fit in the see-through pockets and scissors, needle threaders, etc. fit in the bottom pocket.  But what really makes this bag special is the ultra suede strips above the zippers.

But why listen to me, when you can hear it from the expert?  Karen says, “I just love this thread bag.  It holds my Mettler, YLI and small Auriful threads for hand applique.  Each pocket has a strip of ultra suede and a zipper across the top.  To use…open the zipper and place spools of thread across the row.  Before closing the zipper…thread a strand of thread from a spool and then take the needle through the ultra suede.  Do this with each spool in the row before closing the zipper.

Now when you hand applique you can place the bag beside you and simply pull on the tail of thread that is outside of the pocket.  This bag keeps me organized which allows me to get a lot more applique completed.”

That’s right the threads will never get tangled because you never touch the spools!  And, you can drape it right over the arm of your favorite chair!

The outside comes in a variety of fabrics – we will randomly choose for you!


Order them now so you will be the first to share them with your customers!  I can’t wait to get mine.  They should be in stock soon….

2 thoughts on “Best Organizer EVER

  1. This is totally a copy of Pat Campbell’s organizer. For many years she sold a pattern and also sold them ready made. Did Karen get the rights to the pattern when Pat died?

  2. She bought the rights from Pat. Everything was above board but thanks for pointing this out. I was not aware that there was a similar product out there.

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