Batting is Beautiful!

The Fairfield booth at Quilt Market was the talk of the event and definitely was worthy of the “Most Creative” award!  The staff created a fantasy garden made entirely of batting – a quilter’s version of the Rose Parade!  Enjoy a tour in pictures.  The first pic is the entrance – which begins the magical tour….

It’s hard to imagine that this “garden” was totally made from batting!  Talk about creative???

This beautiful backdrop created the perfect setting to showcase the winners of the “Catch the American Spirit” Calendar Contest. The calendar commemorates the anniversary of the launch of Fairfield’s American Spirit Batting line, which is made in the USA. Each quilt was made with one of the 4 varieties of ASB batting, which is sold exclusively through independents.

Here is a sampling of some of the entries.  The first quilt was the Grand Prize winner.

How inspirational is this???

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