A New Technique That is Simply Brilliant

This technique is simply brilliant – and will have your customers coming back for more!

Build as You Go is not a traditional quilt as you go technique.  It is much easier – and more versatile.  Your customers will be able to quilt their own small projects with spectacular results.


Item #HPAJ858  Retail $15.00


This was developed by a shop owner who also sells sewing machines – and knows your customers.  In her words:  “ Build As You Go Quilting” is a totally new method of constructing a quilt. This method is perfect for beginners, or those who are challenged by precision piecing. You will reap impressive results while exploring your creative side!

This book also introduces new ideas for using all of your sewing machine decorative stitches and use of beautiful new threads of all kinds. It’s fun, fast and addictive. This technique, using Heat Press Batting Together™, offers fast easy projects for beginners and seasoned quilters alike. Enjoy the adventure of creating a beautiful project with an amazing finish. We have included three patterns; Obsessed with Stitches, Funky Split Rail and the prize Stitching Shindig. Beautiful quilts for everyone to enjoy!

If you sell machines and threads, this is a no-brainer!  This book will be a stepping stone to a whole new way of finishing your projects.  If you don’t sell machines, your customers can do this with a basic sewing machine – and if it has decorative stitches, they will finally have an excuse to use them!

This technique provides a brand new use for a product you already carry – Heat Press Batting Together.


Item #HP34  Retail $3.99

Don’t you love it when you find another use for items that are already favorites?

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