Kitting made Easy

Displaying kits in an attractive way is always a challenge – but not any more! These new bags by The Gypsy Quilterâ„¢ come in two sizes and have a snap closure to keep everything organized and neat.

Gypsy Quilter Kit Bag Medium 12ct

The medium size measures 9-3/8″ x 11-1/2″ and are packaged in twelves.

The large size measures 12-1/2″ x 16″ and also has a snap closure.

Gypsy Quilter Kit Bag Large 12ct

You can use these for kits but your customers may want them to organize their projects – if they have any UFO’s after the quarantine! These are in stock so order them now!

New from Elizabeth Hartman

You already know who will want them – and they have very good taste! Who could resist either one???

Puppies comes in two sizes – I have included the back of the pattern so you can check out her fabric choices as well.

The Puppies
The Puppies

Dinosaurs comes in two sizes as well.



Both of these would make great accessory accents as well – pillows, pictures, the side of a diaper bag….let your imagination take flight! Visit our website to see everything by Elizabeth Hartman. These patterns are expected in th end of May so order them now because you know everyone is going to want them!