New Gift Options That Are Sure to Please

Mason jars have been used for everything from canning to storage for generations.  And, now they have become the foundation for sewing notions that will have your customers buying multiples.

Jardi is the easiest way to hang jars on a wall – functional, safe and removable.  They are made of a high quality silicone that holds wide mouth mason jars securely.  The package includes everything you need to hang two jars.


The Tutu transforms a wide mouth mason jar into a sewing caddy.  The ring holds up to 16 bobbins; four pair of embroidery scissors; as well as anything you want to put in the jar.  Cover the pincushion with your choice of fabric.


This lanyard holds a pair of embroidery scissors securely so they are at your finger tips.








All of these notions would be a great addition to a small gift display for the holiday season.  Who wouldn’t love to find these in their stocking?