Organize your Supplies in Style

These new totes by Everything Mary will hold anything and everything in style.  Each item is available in any of the prints shown.

This Catch-All Caddy is made of moisture-resistant canvas that will last for years.  This collapsible tote contains three deep main compartments and eleven more outside pockets for all of your crafting needs.


Item #EVM9885-8  Retail $22.99

The Tinker Tote has built in handles so you can take your supplies everywhere!  It features three expandable main pockets; two external pouches and nine pen/scissor size pockets.  It lays flat when stored – but you won’t be able to live without it so it will ALWAYS be full.


Item #EVM9887-4  Retail $19.99

The Wampus Caddy is the perfect size for a designer tool box.  Fill with a hammer, picture hangers, screw drivers, duct tape, WD40….you get the idea.  Wouldn’t this be a great Christmas or housewarming gift for anyone – including children who have just left the nest?


Item #EVM9886-2  Retail $27.99

The Tag-Along Tote is a versatile and attractive way to store and carry your next do-it-yourself project. Designed as the take-anywhere bag for the creative type who’s on the move, this tote includes two deep, expandable main compartments with 12 pen/scissor loops, and 7 additional outside pockets. Finished in durable, moisture-resistant polyester and complete with lay-flat design for easy storage


Item #EVM9944-1  Retail $24.99

Any of these totes would be a great first sewing kit filled with seam rippers, needles, threads, pins, scissors, etc.  Why not set up a display in your store and fill one with tools and one with sewing supplies?

To see the entire collection, visit our website. Many of these totes are now in stock.  Others will be arriving soon so make your selections now!

Terry Atkinson joins the Creative Grids Design Team!

Exciting news!  Terry has created her first Creative Grids tool!  This super simple tool will become your go to for a multitude of uses!


Item #CGRATK1  Retail $22.45

Watch this video to see the true genius of this tool:  //

This  will become a staple in your sewing room!  No need to try to cut around a plate every again!  Check out your options:

In this Cut Loose Press Drunkard’s Path Table Runner, Terry cuts quarter-circles and fuses them to squares to create an intricate pattern that no one would like to piece!  Using Terry’s technique?  It is an afternoon project!  The quarter circles seem to float and give the illusion of stained glass – in sea glass colors.


Item #CLPTAK002

Using the petal shapes on the tool, Terry created a fast and simple Cut Loose Press Orange Peel pattern in a matter of minutes – and repeated the curves on the outer edges.  Once again, the shapes float on the background for a clean, crisp look.  Simply stunning!CLPTAK001

Item #CLPTAK001

Krista’s Kitchen Hot Pads are perfect hostess gifts that can use up your stash and personalized to match anyone’s kitchen.  These eight inch hot pads are chenilled with the Olfa chenille cutter (Item #CHN-1) for added thickness – and protection.


Item #ATK183  Retail $9.50

Terry’s Table includes three different styles of place mats – and once again the curved edges make binding a piece of cake!  There is plenty of room to personalize them for your favorite hostess or holiday!


Item #ATK184  Retail $9.50

Triplets – A Trio of Baby Quilts, is a perfect way to experience the potential of this tool.  These quilts will become your go-to quilt as soon as you hear the news….


Item #ATK185  Retail $9.50

All of these projects can be done in an afternoon – plenty of time for the gift giving season!  The template and CLP are in stock now.  The patterns are arriving this week so place your orders now.

Mini & Sassy with Sassafras Lane – Part One

The gals at Sassafras Lane are creating cutting edge designs that bridge the gap between traditional and modern quilters.  What is not to love????

They have now taken some of their favorite patterns and miniaturized them for fans like me!  Once your customers have experienced the joy of creating these quilts in miniature – and have the techniques down pat – they will want to make them in larger sizes.


Item #SASSLN0033  Retail $6.50


Item #SASSLN0032  Retail $6.50


Item #SASSLN0035  Retail $6.50


Item #SASSLN0036  Retail $6.50


Item #SASSLN0031  Retail $6.50


Item #SASSLN0034  Retail $6.50

They have even created a shop guide so you can start a club today.



What are you waiting for???  The patterns are due in this month!

Sassafras Lane – Their New STUNNING Diamond of the Month Program

Empire Place is designed to work as a nine month paper-pieced diamond of the month program – or complete it all at once!  After all, once you start working on a Sassafras Lane pattern, it is hard to stop!


Item #SASSLN0029  Retail $24.00

Whether you choose A white or a black background, it is stunning!  Suck your customers in – one diamond at a time!



No need to copy the foundations out of the book – they are available on foundation paper…(Item #SASSLN0030  Retail $12.00).

Row by Row for 2016….

The theme for 2016 is…..drumroll please…..Home Sweet Home.  To view the video announcement from Janet and Debra:  //

Once again Debra will be designing fabric with Timeless Treasures which includes a line of wonderful basics which you will love – but more about that after the official launch at Market!

To follow everything “Row by Row”  follow them at the Row by Row Studio:  //

This immediately brought to mind the possibilities with the Creative Grids Log Cabin series.  Why not piece your log cabin blocks using one of the rulers – and applique a house on the row.  Or why not design a project based on your row – and incorporate a log cabin border into the quilt?

Whether you choose a traditional log cabin – or the curvy – we have the tool for you!

The Log Cabin Trim Tool creates eight inch traditional log cabins in a matter of minutes:


Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $19.45

The Log Cabin Trim Tool Two creates two sizes – six inch or twelve.


Item #CGRJAW2  Retail $24.95

The Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool creates eight inch log cabins that create movement by sewing wide strips to two sides and narrow to the other.


Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20.95

It also comes in a six inch size:


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

Why not start designing your row today????

Strippy Stars that Float!

It has never been easier – and more accurate – to make star points in eight different sizes – from 1″ to 4 1/2″ finished squares..  Use the Strippy Stars Tool to mark the sewing lines on the back of squares.  Then place the marked squares over a strip of fabric to chain these units in a matter of minutes!  Since the tool is designed so that the points “float”, the completed blocks are perfect every time!



Item #CGRDH2  Retail $17.95

Her book is arriving any day – and incudes seven quilts and four other projects.


Item #DH151001  Retail $19.99

Deb is known for taking a technique and using it in unique ways.  This is my favorite quilt in the book.  Look how the border – created with the star point units – showcases the blocks in the quilt!







This quilt has the look of a pinwheel but are oh so easy with this tool!  The setting creates movement.



Deb did a fantastic video overview of this book:  //

She also has designed three Cut Loose Press patterns that feature this tool.  This mini quilt showcases the traditional stars created with this tool – but look how perfect they are in miniature.  Each star measures 3″!


Item #CLPDHE006

This mesh bag is a perfect class to teach your customers how to use the tool AND how to work with mesh.  Once they learn how easy it is, they will be making these bags to store all of their projects – and giving them to friends.  This is a perfect Christmas gift that can be made in an afternoon so add it to your class schedule!


Item #CLPDHE004

This pillow wrap shows the diversity of the tool.  Showcase a three inch block in a nine inch star – so simple.


Item #CLPDHE005

I just love the colors in Washday Blues.  By setting the blocks on point – and setting with plain squares – it goes together very quickly.  The setting squares is also a great place to show off machine quilting!


Item #DH81401  Retail $9.50

Fiddle Faddle combines both of Deb’s best selling tools – the one showcased here plus the Cat’s Cradle Tool (Item #CGRDH1).


Item #DH081403  Retail $9.50

The patterns and tool are in stock now.  The book will arrive any day so order now!

Creative Grids from over the Pond

Pam and Nicky Lintott are coming to Quilt Market and Festival!  Not only are they coming – they are having a booth at both events.  They will be demonstrating how to use Creative Grids to create these striking quilts.  Stop by for a visit.

Northern Lights

This charming quilt reminds me of a variation of a Storm at Sea.  The fabrics highlight the design beautifully.


Item #QRP1503  Retail $10.00

Barn Dance

I love how this quilt gives the illusion of curves by sewing straight pieces – and the border is charming!


Item #QR1501  Retail $10.00

These quilts features the Two Peaks in One Creative Grids ruler (Item #CGR2P1) and can be cut from 10″ squares.

Hens and Hearts

This charming pieced quilt combines two of quilter’s all time favorite designs.  These quirky chicks have tons of personality.


Item #QRP1502  Retail $10.00

Manor House

This quilt was written as a traditional pattern but could easily be taught as a 12 month block of the month program.


Item #QR1506  Retail $20.00

Both of these quilts are created with the 45/90 Multi-Size Triangle (Item #CGRMS4590).

Tea for Two

This quilt puts a novel spin on the traditional hexie quilt – all created with Creative Grids most popular triangle – the 60 degree (Item #CGRT60).


Item #QR1504  Retail $10.00

Cottage to Castle

This heirloom quality quilt was once again written as a stand alone pattern but could easily be adapted into a six month block of the month program – perfect for those snowbirds!


Item #QR1505  Retail $20.00

This quilt features both the Creative Grids Multi-Size 45/90 ruler (Item #CGRMS4590) AND the Flying Geese ruler (Item #CGRMSFG4590).

These patterns are due to arrive in our warehouse next week so order now for your after Quilt Market events!

Square on Square – Size Two

I can’t really call this Part Two – because you need this size as well!  This one makes a four inch finished or eight inch finished size.


Item #CGRJAW8  Retail $19.95

Sew Many Snails features an hour-glass center but the fabric placement creates an intricate design that was previously difficult, but with Jean Ann’s tool is now child’s play!


Item #CLPJAW041

Debby Kratovil uses three fabrics to create interlocking snails starting with a four-patch.


Item #CLPDKR014

Penny Candy features the Square on Square block in all its glory!  This pattern is the perfect choice to show the traditional pattern that this tool creates.


Item #CLPJAW039

In Pinwheels on Parade Jean Ann combines pinwheels with 4″ finished square on squares – and then combines them with 8″ finished blocks, with pinwheels in the middle!  You can’t get any more versatile than that!


Item #CLPJAW040

These blocks are the perfect setting squares for other pieced blocks as well.  Everything is in stock so start designing your masterpiece today!

Jean Ann Wright’s Square on Square 6 Inch Trim Tool

I have been a fan of everything Jean Ann since I used the first Log Cabin Trim Tool – and thousands of you have had the same experience.  They all follow one basic concept:  Cut the pieces slightly larger and trim them to size.

This latest addition – the Square on Square 6″ Trim Tool – incorporates that proven concept as each round of setting triangles are added.


Item #CGRJAW7  Retail $17.95

Start with a square ( or pieced) and add triangles to each side – then trim.  Add another round of triangles to create a 3 1/2″ square.  We call this size the “A’ bonus block.  I love working in miniature so I was instantly hooked – and had to design around this size alone!

Four-Patch Squared showcases these A blocks with a pieced four-patch in the middle.  And guess what!  You can piece four-patches; quarter-square triangles; or pinwheels and square them up to the perfect size by using the center trim tool printed on the corner of the ruler.  I used this feature to trim the four-patches used in the cornerstones as well.  You know when you can create miniatures this perfect, adding two more rounds is a piece of cake!


Item #CLPPHA005

In Lots of Dots, Debby Kratovil starts with a 3 1/2″ square and adds two “B” rounds to create a perfect 6″ finished square.  This is the perfect opportunity to showcase a conversational fabric for an I Spy quilt or fussy cut your favorite fabric.


Item #CLPDKR013

Jean Ann uses color placement to create this Little Widget design:


Item #CLPJAW046

In Team Colors, Jean Ann starts with a nine-patch measuring 3 1/2″ and adds two sets of triangles to create a perfect six inch finished block.  Then she sets half-square triangles on point – and appliques a circle to create a very masculine quilt which would be perfect in YOUR team colors!


Item #CLPJAW037

In Fussy Cut Squared, I centered an 3 1/2″ embroidery block by Bird Brain Designs into the center of a 6″ finished block.  The corner posts are four-patches trimmed to the perfect size before adding two rounds of triangles.



Item #CLPPHA006

In La Petite Fleur Jean Ann combines six inch log cabins with the Square on Square Trim Tool.  These log cabins were created with the CGRJAW1 – two rounds were added so that it measures the same size as the six inch trim tool.


Item #CLPJAW038

See why I love this tool???  The versatility is amazing.  And you haven’t seen anything yet!  Check out the alternate size:  the eight inch version to see how to create a Snails’ Trail block with this tool.  The design potential is endless.  Everything is in stock, so why not start creating your own masterpieces today???

New Items by Clover are Go-Tos

Clover produces quality products that stand the test of time – and their releases for Fall Market are no exception.

Their new iron – The Wedge – features a narrow tip which gets into all of those hard to reach places.  It is lightweight and the perfect portable size.  This iron packs the punch of traditional irons.  The highest temperature  is 390 degrees!


Item #9200CV  Retail $49.98

This is not a steam iron.  A small spray bottle is included when steam is needed.  Or, use the newest scent by Best Press, Winter Magic:


Item #60095  Retail $7.95

The Junior Iron Caddy is the perfect companion:


Item #SCT10114  Retail $15.00

Inserting ribbons in casings has always been a problem.  Not any more!  In their words: The Flex ‘n Glide Bodkin is a long flexible bodkin featuring an elongated “eye” with grippers. The elongated eye accommodates ribbons and trims up to 1-1/2″ wide. The “grippers” hold trims and elastic in place while pulling through the casing. The handy length and flexibility allow for a smooth passage—even along curves.


Item #9582CV  Retail $6.25

The Elastic Lock Set includes the Elastic Lock and Flexible Bodkin. The Elastic Lock firmly holds elastic or trim ends and prevents the end from slipping into the casing. The Elastic Lock is also ideal for securing multiple rows of elastic. The flexible bodkin features a 1″ eye with grippers.


Item #9583CV  Retail $5.50

The irons are in stock.  Their other new products are coming soon so order now for your post Market events!