Creating Eye Candy – Part Three

You already have displays in your store.  And in most cases, they are quilts – just quilts.  Look at your store through new eyes.  Turn each quilt into a statement.  Add fabrics, patterns, notions, and books that have a similar feel.  Don’t make your customers search for what they need!

The Shannon booth featured Cuddle fabric on a Bosal chair.  What grandma wouldn’t want this for their favorite princess?

2015-05-16 14.14.56

An adult version is masculine and sleek…

2015-05-16 14.14.51

This display makes a statement.  It shows that Cuddle can be used as more than backings for quilts – but display a quilt with Cuddle on the back as well.

Stacy of Buttermilk Basin created a display that was so inviting you wanted to stay and browse – after all, you don’t want to miss anything!  She sprinkled fat quarter bundles, threads, and patterns throughout – displayed in baskets, bowls, and tin containers that fit the theme beautifully.

2015-05-16 10.56.16

Terry Atkinson’s booth made everyone smile.  She created the perfect backdrop for pictures.  Why not create one for your summer Row by Row Experience or Shop Hops?  Invite customers to share their pics on Facebook.  

2015-05-16 14.09.52

Not only does this create a party atmosphere, your customers will leave with a warm, fuzzy feeling – and want to come back for more!

Start summer by viewing your store through a new set of eyes.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to enhance the projects you already have on display.  Make sure you have everything you need to create the quilt in stock – and displayed with the quilt!  If it uses a Creative Grids ruler, for instance, display it by the quilt.  You can have merchandise displayed in more than one place!

Be creative and make YOUR shop shine!

Creating Eye Candy – Part Two

Window dressing!  Remember the days when you walked by department stores to see these displays?  At Christmas, it was a tradition. Why not re-create some of that magic in your store?  A charming vignette will draw your customers in.  They will want to recreate your display in your own home.

Bird Brain Designs booth always makes me want to go home and start stitching!  Robin is wearing her own stitched personalized apron – that is stitched on a towel.  Wouldn’t these look great for your staff?  And, when they are not working, they can hang on the wall as a display.

2015-05-16 14.01.12

Her smile is so inviting!  Here’s hoping your employees look this happy to see YOUR customers – a friendly face makes all of the difference.

One striking quilt – or block of the month – can create the mood.

2015-05-16 14.00.26


But don’t stop there.  Display some smaller projects around it to enhance the theme.2015-05-16 14.03.24

And don’t stop there!  Robin designs fabrics – and has a new line coming out this summer:  //

With Bird Brain Designs, you score the trifecta – she designs fabrics and patterns which are supported by notions so every display should include embroidery hoops; needles; pearl cottons; hand towels, etc.

Make YOUR shop a one stop shop!

Quilt Market – Creating Eye Candy Part One

Tim Holtz won a booth award for a reason.  His booth reflected everything great about his new fabric line – Eclectic Elements.  He did a great job of creating eye candy – and his techniques would make a great display for your store as well.

His fabric lines recreate memories of times gone by:  //,%20Tim&collection_num=50164

He showcased these prints in a scrappy quilt – which highlights the muted tones.  I would have never thought that these prints would be so dramatic chopped up into little pieces – but now I want to make this quilt!

2015-05-17 09.37.33


Upholstering a couch is a little extreme, but a tuffet or bench would be charming as well….

2015-05-17 09.37.37

The individual fabrics were displayed on rows of clipboards.  To enhance the vintage look, he displayed vintage yardsticks below them.

2015-05-17 09.37.05

Why not make a wall of these in your store?  Clip the latest fabrics, patterns, and whatnots to showcase your latest arrivals.

2015-05-17 09.37.29

These nooks and crannies are the perfect setting for smaller projects.  And all of this was in just a ten foot space.

Bottom line?  Commit!  If you love something, your customers will too.  Make a statement and everyone will see your vision.

These Templates truly ARE the Cat’s Meow

We are on a roll!!!  The latest releases from Creative Grids are literally flying off the shelves so I can’t wait to share the last Spring Market release!

Deb Heatherly has designed the Cat’s Cradle Template.  Click on the item number below to take you to the Checker website where you can watch a video showing you just how easy it is!


Item #CGRDH1  Retail $17.95

I love tools that make it possible for me to look good without the work – and that is exactly what this tool does!  Make two Cat’s Cradle blocks at one time with sets of squares and rectangles.  That’s right – the designer, Deb Heatherly makes it so easy, your never have to cut a triangle!

These Cat’s Cradle units replace the half square triangles in this shoofly table runner.  Once you recognize the block, you will see if everywhere!  Your customers will love learning how to use the tool by completing this Cut Loose Press pattern.


Item #CLPHE001

Or center them on a flap of a notebook designed to hold your Cut Loose Press patterns.


Item #CLPDHE002

Combine units to make star points in a pillow or table topper…


Item #CLPDHE003

Once you start making them, you will not be able to stop!  I am telling you, these blocks are addictive!  Luckily this tool has plenty of support!  Deb also wrote a book with several designs.  Use this unit anywhere you would use a half-square triangle; star points; or in log cabin settings.  The possibilities truly are endless!


Item #DH1501  Retail $18.00




This woman KNOWS this technique – inside and out.  And you will too. The cutting instructions are right on the ruler!  Check out these patterns!

Blackberry Cobbler provides a perfect backdrop for embroidery – by machine or by hand…


Item #DH1404  Retail $8.00

Kitty Cornered shows how any log cabin setting is striking in this block as well – the scrappier the better.


Item #DH1551  Retail $8.00

Summer Breeze combines individual blocks into an eye popping table runner.


Item #DH1552  Retail $8.00

This template will be the star of your next demo day!









Summertime and the camping is easy….

Amy Bradley has done it again – and just in time for the summer season.  “Campers” includes patterns to make your own templates for a variety of campers.


Item #ABD269  Retail $29.00

The pattern includes instructions for personalizing your wall hanging by choosing 10 different family members including a cat and dog.









What a perfect gift for a friend who loves their “Glamper”!  Or why not commemorate a memorable family vacation?  This pattern is so freakin’ cute, you may want to RENT a camper to create those memories now!!!

Information at your Fingertips

When three pocket guides by the same publisher are all in the top 25, you need to sit up and take notice!  These guides are the perfect register display!  They are literally pocket sized, pack full of information, and written by designers who are experts in their fields.

Know Your Needles by Liz Kettle includes everything you need to know about needles – all needles!  Embroidery, hand sewing, quilting, and machine needles are all covered.  Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a chenille needle and an embroidery needle?  Do you buy universal machine needles for EVERYTHING because you don’t know what all of those numbers mean?  With Liz’s guidance, you will pick the right needle every time.


Item #L113275  Retail $8.50

Janice Vaine has included 30 of the most popular embroidery stitches in this pocket guide.  Or, combine the stitches to create a multitude of designs.  This pocket guide also includes quick references for threads and needles.  Keep it on hand with your next embroidery project.


Item #L113213 Retail $8.50

No Math Quilt Charts & Formulas includes everything you need to figure yardage, borders, and backings for your next project.  Need to set quilt blocks on point?  No problem.  Need to know the sizes of mattresses?  That’s in here too!  And, it can all be available – right at your fingertips!


Item #L112988  Retail $6.95

All of this information is available for the price of a pattern!  Who can resist that???

Strip your way to Success

Gudrun’s Stripology ruler has been flying off the shelves since its release last Market – and sales will continue to climb with the release of her new program – Stripology 2!

Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

This book includes a host of strip friendly projects that are easy to cut, easy to sew, but have tons of personality.  You will want to make them all….in multiples….Just warning you because once you see the samples at Market (sneak peak in pics below) you will be adding several more projects to your bucket list!  Fortunately, Gudrun makes it sew easy that you can cross most of them off in an afternoon!


Item #GE510  Retail $16.00




This book comes with a Shop Program with lots of class ideas and tips to turn a class into a series that your customers will love.


Item #GE511  Retail $8.00

She is releasing some new patterns as well – and one will have every OSU fan drooling.  Make a shop sample, and you won’t be able to keep red and gray fabrics in stock.


Item #GE169  Retail $10.00

Display some of these 2 1/2″ strip packs beside them to get your customers started.  Each pack includes 24 strips.


Item #Q819-3-819

We no longer have to take a back seat to those “I” states that she highlighted last year!


Item #GE166  Retail $10.00

Sorry Michigan – maybe next year…..

“X” marks the spot takes on a whole new look in Strip Plus.


Item #GE168  Retail $10.00

Make these the showcase of your after Market party.  All of these items are due to arrive this week so place your orders now.









Farm Girl Vintage

There is a reason that Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt is the top selling book at Checker.  The versatility of the book makes it a must have for every quilter.


Item #ISE906  Retail $29.95

Farm Girl Vintage includes complete instructions for 45 sampler blocks in six and twelve inch sizes so they can be mixed and matched in a sampler quilt.  Throw in three farm blocks and a bumper crop of projects and you have a book that everyone will love! The fourteen projects include ten quilts, two table runners, a table topper and a potholder.

What farm would be complete with out a bevy of adorable chicks and roosters?



What little boy wouldn’t love to take a nap under this tractor quilt?



Commemorate cherry picking with this adorable quilt.


Decorate the kitchen with an assortment of pot holders…


Combine them into an old fashioned quilt.









Make the perfect picnic throw….


Or celebrate the holidays…


Why not visit this farm today??

The Animals have Taken over the Kitchen!

Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy has a whimsical sense of humor which is evident in her new line of Mug Rug patterns.  Whether you want to use them as small place mats or coasters, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Commemorate a trip to the Zoo with these fun loving guys – a monkey, a hippo, a tiger and a giraffe could be gracing your table by this afternoon!


Item #EPQ145  Retail $9.00

Or take a trip to the farm….if that farm raises pigs, goats, roosters and ducks….


Item #EPQ144  Retail $9.00

Or why not some of each????


Item #EPQ147  Retail $9.00

All of these patterns are designed to work with the Bosal Mug Rug packages – which come four to a pack.


Item #MRS12CIRCLE  $5.99

What a great summer mother/daughter class!  This is the perfect opportunity to play with all of those decorative stitches on their sewing machines. They could make one start to finish and complete the entire menagerie at home.

Or, get them started with the Cut Loose Press pattern….


Item #CLPMTR011

Once they see how easy these are, they may want to move onto a car organizer….


Item #EPQ142  Retail $9.00

This pattern uses the Bosal rectangle place mats as a base.


Item #PM-1B  Retail $9.72

Who could stop at just one?