A Trunk Show of Itty Bitty’s – Part Two

You may have noticed that there are a lot of triangles in many of Lisa’s mini quilts.  Why not create them with her specially designed triangle paper.

My favorite?  She designed triangle paper for Charm squares!  If you sell 5″ pre-cuts, you NEED to have these displayed right next to them – along with some of the patterns that support them!  She even adjusts the width of the seam allowance for the smaller sizes.  That is when you know you are working with a true professional!  When quilting products are designed by quilters – for quilters everyone wins!


1/2″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-228  Retail $7.00
3/4″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-227  Retail $7.00
1″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-226  Retail $7.00
1-1/2″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-225  Retail $7.00

Prefer to work with larger pieces and strips?  Lisa has that covered too!


1/2″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-212  Retail $7.00
3/4″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-213  Retail $7.00
1″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-214  Retail $7.00
1-1/4″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-215  Retail $7.00
1-1/2″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-216  Retail $7.00
1-3/4″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-217  Retail $7.00
2″ Finished Triangle Paper – Item #PRI-218  Retail $7.00 

Don’t miss these add-on sales!  Display them with your pre-cuts and they will sell themselves!

A Trunk Show of Itty Bitty’s – Part One

When Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings said that Spring Market should be called “Mini-apolis”, she wasn’t kidding!  Her Itty Bitty rulers are selling like hotcakes and we now have all of the patterns that support them in stock.


Item #CGRPRG1  Retail $14.95


Item #CGRPRG2  Retail $15.95

If you are trying to choose which one your customers will choose, don’t!  Everyone is buying both – and not blinking an eye!  And when you see the miniature patterns that support them you will see why!  Just look at these….

Four Dozen


Item #PRI450  Retail $8.00

Primitive Star


Item #PRI358  Retail $7.00



Item #PRI359  Retail $10.00

Snowball Table Runner


Item #PRI369  Retail $6.00

Great Grandpa


Item #PRI377  Retail $8.00

Back in Time


Item #PRI382  Retail $8.00

Penny Candy


Item #PRI393  Retail $9.00



Item #PRI396  Retail $9.00

Summer Love


Item #PRI439  Retail $8.00

Tutti Frutti


Item #PRI444  Retail $10.00

Tiny Tears


Item #PRI449  Retail $9.00

Little Buds


Item #PRI188  Retail $8.00

Sue’s Stars


Item #PRI199  Retail $8.00

Broken Dishes


Item #PRI308  Retail $7.00

Lisa’s Flower Garden


Item #PRI316  Retail $25.00

Pinwheel Garden


Item #PRI331  Retail $8.00

Garden Baskets


Item #PRI319  Retail $14.00

Colfax County


Item #PRI354  Retail $10.00

Set up a display of rulers, patterns and triangle paper.  Yes – she has triangle paper too.  Read on….

The Quick Trim just got a Big Sister!

The original Creative Grids Quick Trim & Circle ruler measures 3 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ and has become a staple in every sewing room.  It draws circles up to 22″.


Item #CGRMT1  Retail $17.45

We have had many requests for a larger version with the same classic features.  The Quick Trim & Circle Ruler XL is now in stock and available!


Item #CGRMT5  Retail $24.95

This XL version measures 4-1/2″ x 24-1/2″ and creates circles up to 46″.

Both rulers include our patented Turn-a-Round feature as well as all of the markings of a traditional Creative Grids ruler. White 45 degree angle lines cross at the 1/4 inch line, and are printed on both sides of the ruler. Use these lines to cut binding and border strips perfectly as well as cut and trim flying geese units. Use the holes drilled in the center to draw circles.

“Eclipse” is the perfect companion pattern.  Create a dramatic impact in just a few hours.


Item #TQC337  Retail $8.50

I love this quilt and immediately started thinking of additional possibilities.  Why not do a version in the new Frozen fabrics?  Can you just picture Olaf peaking out of that circle?  Or why not make it for a wedding gift and frame a picture of the bride and groom within the circle?  It measures 60″ x 72″ so it is destined to be the go-to cuddle quilt!

“Radiance” is created with 8″ x 16″ flying geese units.  Talk about being able to make a quilt in an afternoon!  And you actually get a bonus quilt.  Use the cut-aways to create a unique quilt back (pattern included).


Item #TQC339  Retail $8.50

Or, refer to this Cut Loose Press pattern to sew together angled strips to create a unique shower curtain.


Item #CLPKMO008

Or, sew Baby Diva…


Item #CLPKMO007

Or, make a striking table runner with either ruler…


Item #TQC338  Retail $8.50

Or, use this ruler in its simplest form and cut 4 1/2″ strips to sew to the strip sets created with your 2 1/2″ pre-cuts.  However you choose to use it, it will become a staple in your sewing room as well.

Creative Grids Itty Bitty Eights are here!

You asked – we answered – well, actually Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings answered…but we were smart enough to listen….so here goes….

Many of you were looking for a ruler with defined eighth inch markings.  And you wanted to be able to cut precise pieces when working in miniature.  When Lisa approached us about doing a ruler series for minis, she provided the perfect solution – Itty Bitty Eights!

A 3″ x 7″ Rectangle:


Item #CGRPRG1  Retail $14.95

A 6″ Square:


Item #CGRPRG2  Retail $15.95

The eighth inch lines are represented with dashed white and black markings – which show up on light AND dark fabrics.  The whole inch markings are dashed as well so you have total visibility when placing the ruler on the fabric.  Precision cutting is guaranteed.

Lisa has designed two miniature quilts as CLP’s that are darling – and are a great way to introduce your customers to the new markings on these rulers!


Item #CLPLBN001


Item #CLPLBN002

Lisa has over 20 patterns that use mini blocks that work beautifully with this ruler.  Here is just a taste:

Tackle Box Mini


Item #PRI471  Retail $7.00

Anchor Point Mini


Item #PRI475  Retail $7.00

Or why not host a charm square exchange and demonstrate Camp Randall.  This is a full sized quilt that is fun to make and your customers will love it.


Item #PRI386  Retail $9.00

Cam, a member of the CGR design team, is obsessed with this quilt and can’t wait to start it!

We now carry ALL of the Primitive Gatherings patterns and triangle paper.  Visit our website to see the entire collection:  //www.checkerdist.com/search/ALL?link=1&vendor_num=B045

There is simply too much for one article so look forward to next week…

Geese Migrations – In Stock Soon

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the release of the first book by Quiltworx – and saying that Judy and Judel nailed it is an understatement!


Book:  Item #JNQ150P  Retail $34.95
Foundation Papers:  Item #CJNQ001P  Retail $32.00

As a coffee table book, the photography is perfection!

geese migrations 4


But, let’s face it, we are quilters – and dream of making every project in the book!  The concept is simple.  Quiltworx designed several 6″ paper-pieced foundations – including stars and flying geese.  Then, they asked their certified shops to design a project using them.  The result?  27 breathtaking quilts designed by shop owners and 2 by Judy and Judel.

The book includes layouts, yardage requirements and general paper-piecing instructions for all 29 projects.  Then Quiltworx created foundation packages for each one.  These are already in stock – the book is at the printers and will be available before Market!

Here are more sneak peaks:

Swirling Geese 


Item #CJNQ027P  Retail $14.00

Cabin Comforts


Item #CJNQ008P  Retail $34.00

Circling the Sun


Item #CJNQ007P  Retail $14.00


Southern Comfort


Item #CJNQ026P  Retail $30.00

These six inch foundations are the perfect way to introduce customers to Judy’s techniques.  She doesn’t just paper-piece.  She has devised methods to make her quilts easy to attain – even for beginners.  But, as a shop owner, you have to make your customers BELIEVE that they can do it.

Visit our website to see all of the foundation projects:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/JNQ150P?

Since this book is not going to be re-printed, we want to make sure we order enough copies to meet your needs.  Please pre-order so our buyer can fill your order immediately!

Clothing with a Bohemian Style

Striped Swallow Delights creates fashions straight out of the 70’s.  For those of you who did NOT experience that generation first hand, there is a reason that these styles are experiencing a resurgence in popularity.  They are flirty and fun!

These Coachella shorts are available in adult and children sizes.  The adult version includes sizes from XS to XXL; two lengths; and three waist options – low, mid, and high.  The children’s version includes sizes from 6 months to 12 years.

Item #SSD002  Retail $12.00


Item #SSD001  Retail $10.00

Your little princess will love these trimmed in rickrack, lace, or any other trim on the market.  Changing the trim changes the look of the outfit in an instant!

But every princess needs a gown – and this one includes instructions for knee-length as well as maxi.  Change the bodice – or add texture with a product like Texture Magic to create a new look in minutes.  And, in this case, the back is as pretty as the front.


Item #SSD003  Retail $10.00

If you start now, your princess could be rocking this maxi tonight!





Its all about the Strips, bout the strips…

Strips come in other widths besides 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″.  But no matter what width the strip, sewing strip sets and then cutting them into units reduces sewing time drastically – and after seeing these quilts, what is not to love?


Item #B1266T  Retail $24.99

The cover quilt is easy to piece – and looks like a modern stained glass.  The crisp, clear lines are simply beautiful!

Treble and Bass is a great masculine quilt – but if you change the colors, it could be feminine and fun.  Why not continue the piano key look into the machine quilting?



Rogue also has a masculine flair that could be pieced in a day.


Journeys would make any puzzle enthusiast smile…


Flair and Crooked Path  show how Susan’s designs look in bright, crisp colors….



Asian fabrics are beautiful as well….


Why not expand your horizons and cut some strips up to 10 1/2″.  It’s a brave new world…..

Modern Paper-Piecing at its Best

I LOVE this book!  This is a new, refreshing approach to paper-piecing.  Paper Pieced Modern has complete illustrated instructions for 13 paper-pieced quilts which will knock your socks off!


Item #11088  Retail $26.95

Sometimes I just need to keep my mouth shut and let the pictures speak for themselves – and this is one of those times….









Does this look like any paper-piecing you have ever seen???  And, look at this one – it would be a great quilt – and a spectacular surprise on the back!


This book is arriving this week so order it now.

Mug Rugs – Part Three

Buttermilk Basin offers a mug rug of the month pattern series that are simply adorable – and affordable!  Why not display these patterns with the book and mugs? Better yet – why not kit them?  Measuring 8″ x 13″ – and priced at just $6 per pattern, they could be kitted for the price of a standard pattern!  Why not include a collection of the flosses that Stacy uses?



Item #BMB1133  Retail $6.00


Item #BMB1098 Retail $6.00



Item #BMB1099 Retail $6.00



Item #BMB1100  Retail $6.00



Item #BMB1101  Retail $6.00



Item #BMB1102  Retail $6.00



Item BMB1103  Retail $6.00



Item #BMB1104  Retail $6.00



Item #BMB1105  Retail $6.00



Item #BMB1106  Retail $6.00



Item #BMB1107  Retail $6.00



Item BMB1108  Retail $6.00

Why not display a sign offering to ship them each month?  These would be great Secret Sis gifts – or suggest giving a mug, cookbook and a mug rug for a gift.  Then mail the next seasonal edition each month?  What a wonderful way to stay in touch!

Mugs as Gifts- Part Two

Why not display the Mug Meals (Item #071522) with a collection of mugs designed with quilters in mind?  We have several to choose from….

These 16 ounce spatter ware versions from Quilt Happy come in five different colors.


Item #QH115-GR  Retail $12.99
Item #QH115-RE   (Red)
Item #QH115-PU  (Purple)
Item #QH115-BA (Black)
Item #QH115-BL (Blue)

Who doesn’t love this sentiment?


Item #SCM001  Retail $16.00

Or these more whimsical versions….


Item #SCM002  Retail $16.00  (Teal)
Item #SCM003  Retail $16.00 (Magenta)

These mugs are do to arrive this week so order them now!  Wouldn’t these mugs look great on a mug rug?  We can make that happen too….