Fabric Photo Transfer – the Perfect Way to Personalize a Project

C. Jenkins – the folks that supply us with quality freezer paper – have introduced Miracle Fabric Sheets.  The newest member of the fabric photo transfer family sounds like a winner.


Item #MFS05  Retail $21.49

The 100% cotton thread has a 200 thread count so it is the highest quality imaginable.  This high quality fabric is backed with a heavy paper comparable to card stock.  This paper stabilizes the product so it runs through a printer perfectly with no curling or wrinkling.

The fabric is treated so 99% of the ink stays in the fabric.  And, you can’t beat the price!  There are 10 – 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets in each package.  It comes in Natural as well.









Item #NMFS05  Retail $21.49

Fit as many images as you can on each sheet – but don’t forget to leave a seam allowance around each image.  And, make sure that all of the ink cartridges are full and run them on a high quality setting.

T-Shirt Quilts have never been Easier

I gave lectures this week-end on how to make a T-Shirt quilt.  The audience had several questions so I thought I would share the answers here with you.  I designed this Cut Loose Press pattern so that even beginners can be successful.









Item #CLPPHA004  

This quilt consists of five rows of five blocks.  What makes this pattern unique is that ALL of the T-Shirts are sashed to 16 1/2″.  The sashings vary in width depending on the size of the T-Shirt which just adds personality to the quilt.

The term T-Shirt is misleading.  Sweatshirts, football jersies, and lycra can all be stabilized with a knit tricot fusible interfacing and included in the quilt.  This product comes in both white and black.  Just make sure the setting on the iron is adjusted to the proper heat setting.  Placing a pressing cloth over the shirt when ironing helps if there is a lot of ink or paint on the shirts.







Item #328B-WHT  25 Yard Bolt   $4.31 a yard

Once the backs of the shirts are stabilized, center the design using the Creative Grids Square It Up and Fussy Cut ruler.










Item #CGRSQ16  Retail $38.45

If you would like to have friends and family sign the quilt or personalize plain squares, use a Pigma Pen size 08.  These pens come in four primary colors – red, green, blue, and black.









Item #XSDK0849  – Black – Retail $2.89

Item #XSDK0836  – Blue – Retail $2.89

Item #XSDK0829  – Green – Retail $2.89

Item #XSDK0819  – Red – Retail $2.89

Make a memory today.  You can make this queen size quilt in 12 hours or less!

Slow Sew includes Hand Quilting

There is a resurgence in what my generation called handwork.  Embroidery, working in wool, English paper-piecing, and now hand quilting are gaining in popularity.

At a recent show, many of the new generation of quilters wanted to know how to get started.  In the “old” days, I was considered an expert hand quilter because I could quilt 12 to 15 stitches per inch.  These are my favorite tools and hints….

If you want to achieve tiny stitches, use a light weight polyester batting.  Cotton batting is thicker and is harder to quilt.

I never learned how to use a traditional metal thimble.  I prefer leather thimbles because they mold to my finger.  Goat skin thimbles are virtually indestructible.  The finger tip version comes in several sizes.









Item #FTMD  Retail $17.40 (Medium)

If thimbles tend to slip off of your finger, try this version….


Item #KT-1SZ  Retail $19.00

Start with a 17″ Q-Snap frame.  An entire 12″ block can be quilted without moving the frame – and can be quilted in an evening.  It is easy to manipulate and turn as needed.  Most people can only quilt in one direction so floor frames are limiting.


Item #SF17QS  Retail $18.75

There is an old adage – The smaller the needle, the shorter the stitch.  I have found that I can get perfectly small stitches with a size 9 Colonial Between needle.  This needle has a larger eye so it is easy to thread and is strong enough so that it doesn’t break when quilting.


Item #CB120-09     Retail $2.03

Quilting thread is a cotton thread that is coated to give it strength and make it easier to glide through the fabric without fraying.  It is only used for hand quilting – not piecing.  It comes in a variety of colors.






Item #201M-0928  Retail $4.19

My suggestions?

Consistency is more important than the number of stitches per inch.  In the beginning, use a water soluble marker to mark dots every eighth inch.  This will give you a “target” for your needle.

Use a print for the backing.  A print hides any uneven stitches while you are learning.

Choose a quilting thread that matches the fabric.  Wait until you have perfected the stitch before moving on to an accent thread.

Rock the needle until you have three stitches on the needle.  More than that makes it difficult to pull the needle through the fabric.  After you are more experienced, you can increase the stitches.

Avoid seams when possible – and when you can’t, stab stitch through the bulk.  This is when you will LOVE a thimble!

Start now!  Many of us can no longer hand quilt because of carpal tunnel, arthritis, and eye sight issues.

On the Go Projects Kitted for You

Customers are looking for fast and easy hand projects for summer – and if they can be used for gifts later in the year, even better!

Luminaris produces pre-cut wool felt kits that include everything needed for the stitcher on the go.

Who doesn’t love this penny garland?  The kit includes enough “pennies” for a 6 foot garland.  Talk about a portable project….


Item #2032021LUM  Retail $32.09

There are also kits with enough materials to make three ornaments.



Item #2032025LUM  Retail $8.52


Item #2032026LUM  Retail $8.52



Item #2032027LUM  Retail $8.52


Item #2032028LUM  Retail $8.52


Item #2032030LUM  Retail $10.66

There are candle mats, table runners, and a multitude of other ready to go projects.  To see the complete collection, visit our website at:  //www.checkerdist.com/search/all?link=1?&vendor_num=L930


On the Run – Table Runners that is…

On the Run Again is the sequel to Anka’s Treasures best seller, On the Run (obviously!)  Once again these projects can be finished in an evening or an afternoon.  Quilters are busy so why not choose a project that you can finish in one setting?



Item #ANK312  Retail $18.00

This book has FIFTEEN projects – that is less than $2.00 a pattern and you will want to make them all!



What a variety….


Five of these patterns feature the Creative Grids 60 degree triangle.  Either size works.

The 12 1/2″ size….


Item #CGRT12560  Retail $26.45

Or, the 8 1/2″ size…







Item #CGRT60  Retail $18.95

If you missed the original, you will want that as well.










Item #ANK294  Retail $15.00


Yoko Saito’s Designs Bag with Style

I love everything this renowned quilter does!  The quality of her work – and her eye for detail make everything she touches a work of art.

Her current book is quickly working its way into the top 10.




Item #14QM07  Retail $27.99

Her choice of fabrics adds a depth and texture to this Tailgate Tote – you provide the wine and cheese….


The Sun Burst Tote has the flair of the American Southwest…



This Confetti Purse is an instant classic!



Here is a sneak peak of her upcoming book.  It features even more projects (21).




Item #YSBFEU0414  Retail $34.95

My absolute favorite….the shape, the pieced background, the applique…a classic!


A simple cosmetic bag becomes a work of art…



A computer bag – the flap displays a mini quilt to perfection….


A pocket for everything….


A carry all featuring one block.

The classic shapes and styles of these bags lend themselves to any medium.  Why not use them as a starting point?  The applique bags would be beautiful in silk with wool.  Batiks would be exotic.  Embroidery – endearing….Personalize them with your own style…

Wool – the Perfect Project for Summer!

Summer is the perfect time for handwork – and the perfect time to introduce your customers to the joy of combining wool stitched on cotton backgrounds.  Leonie Bateman and Deirdre Bond-Abel are Australian designers who add their own quirky style to what many consider traditional patterns.  Not any more!  Introduce everyone to their current book – so they will be ready for the new book arriving in September.  (A sneak peak follows.)


Item #B1116T  Retail $26.99






Wool adds texture and depth – and the edges do not have to be turned to create heirloom quality projects!

The new book – due out in September – features amazing projects.  Some even include reverse applique…


Item #B1237T  Retail $26.99








Pre-order your copies now….


A Notion for the Register

This one is short and sweet!  Why does every quilter need a Gum Eraser???  To clean a rotary cutting mat of course! Who knew….the reason that self healing mats don’t heal is because threads are stuck in the cuts. Running a gum eraser over the mat pulls the threads out and allows the mat to then heal.

They are available in two sizes – square and rectangle – and are latex free for those who have allergies.


Item #136E  Retail $1.05 (Sold in Box of 12)










Item #137E  Retail $.58  (Box of 24)

At this price, why not give one away with the purchase of a new rotary cutting mat or rotary cutter or rotary blade or….you get the picture…

These are flying off the shelves but are expected in any day so order them now!!!  Every customer is going to want one.  I almost forgot – they erase too…..

Summertime….and the jammies are easy….

A classic is re-born!  Taylor Made Designs has revised the best selling Sew Easy Pajama Pants book.  This is the perfect mother/daughter; grandmother/granddaughter class – and a great way to use the fun, funky fabrics that are so popular.










Item #TMB163  Retail $15.00

The book includes full size patterns from X-Small to XXX-Large – and a variety of options to personalize every pair.  Talk about getting your money’s worth!  But Cindy doesn’t stop there.  She also includes a tote pattern and pillow case – perfect for every slumber party.


Why not have each member of your staff make a pair in their favorite size and length – and personalize with buttons and trims.  Not only will you have lots of samples – and a great display – they have the perfect jammies to wear for a jammie event.  Why not offer a discount to those customers who buy the book, make a pair, and WEAR them to the event???  Talk about a win/win!  And, who can stop at just one???

But we don’t want to leave out the younger set…our fairy princesses who love to dance and twirl….


Item #TMB169  Retail $15.00

You can’t get any cuter than this – or easier.  All of these treasures have an elastic waist and are made from strips of fabric – so fitting is easy and no pattern is required.  Embellish with rickrack and trims.  Add and underskirt with a tulle ruffle for added fun!



Spend an afternoon with your favorite princess and make a memory!

“Swirly, twirly, girly-girl skirts…that’s what little girls like and that is what you will find here. Make your skirt simple or add some details like piping, ruffles or rick-rack. Did you notice that some of the skirts have an underskirt with tulle ruffle? This is a detail that is sure to please your little princess. And with elastic waist, the skirt is easy to fit and comfortable to wear.” There is NO “master pattern” template for the skirt pattern as it utilizes strips of fabric of specified width and length.

Cute new products by In the Patch Designs

In the Patch Designs over-dyes the most beautiful wool!  But the packaging makes a great product irresistible!

The latest addition to the line are called “curlers”.  These three packs consist of 4″ x 16″ rolled pieces in coordinating colors.  Who can resist???  Twenty different packs were released at Market.  At this price, why choose?  Order them all and let your customers choose their favorites.  Here are a few of mine….



Item #WCL2230  Retail $13.95











Item #WCL2231  Retail $13.95










Item #WCL2229  Retail $13.95










Item #WCL2239  Retail $13.95

To see the complete collection, visit our website at:  //www.checkerdist.com/search/all?link=1?&search_string=Curlers

Phyllis has also added hand dyed 12 weight wool blend thread that does not shrink – and is a perfect compliment to all of your wool projects.  It has the muted look that we love….


Item #WFL8204  Retail $4.00

These threads come in a variety of colors as well – and you can even order a display rack(Item #8199-RACK)!  Visit our website to see the complete collection:

//www.checkerdist.com/search/all?link=1?&search_string=Wool Thread 12wt 10yds

Phyllis was in our booth at Spring Market and wowed everyone she talked to!  In fact, she was so popular that we have re-ordered FIVE times since Market.  If the items you want are not in stock, they will be arriving any day so place your orders now!!!