Notions that should be on your Top 10 List

The inventor of the Steady Betty product line will be at the Open House.  Come and learn from the expert why these are the best pressing products on the market!  Remember – every seam that is sewn on those state of the art sewing machines is then pressed!  Why don’t we encourage our customers to purchase quality pressing notions as well.  It really does matter!

Welcome the newest member of the family – the Flat Iron…









Item #SBBBF  Retail $38.95

This product joins the ever popular Pressing Mats – which are available in several sizes.











Item #SB12  Retail $38.00

See why your customers will love the Press & Pin series as well….











Item #SB12PP  Retail $48.00

And the Foot Pedal will never move if you use this product….












Item #PD1216  Retail $28.00

To see the complete selection of her products, visit our website:  //

Karen Kay Buckley

Talk about quality products!  Karen’s scissors and heat resistant templates have become the standards in the industry.  All sizes of the scissors are now available.  Learn why your customers will love them – all it takes is one cut to feel the difference!  Come see for yourself!

These scissors are available in four types and sizes.












Item #KKBPSM  Retail $25.95

Learn how to create heirloom quality applique with her heat resistant templates for stems, ovals, and circles.  There is a reason Karen wins best of show consistently!

This circle set, for instance includes circles in multiple sizes from 2 1/4″ – 4 1/2″!


Item #95088  Retail $14.95


Valdani meets In the Patch Wool

In the Patch

I love the In the Patch wools for a multitude of reasons.  These felted wools are top quality and feature charming packaging.  They are available in a variety of sizes that are easy to display – and afford.   

These wools are available in 50 different colors.  Shops can order a packet of all 50 colors so they can plan their next project – and kits.











Item #WS5572

You can purchase each color individually in 16″

Chubbies or buy 5″ charms in coordinating five color packs…Notice how cute the packaging is….


Item #WC5647

Or choose the 9″ x 10″ packages of 5.  These assortment packs are color coordinated to meet all of your kitting needs.  Again, who can resist the packaging?


Item #WCNK5130

When you need backgrounds, they also have half yard cuts in ivory, oatmeal, and black….












Item #WH5128

To see the entire line of wools, visit our website at:  //

Their booth will be right next to Valdani at the Open House.  What a combination – my favorite wool with my favorite pearl cottons and three strand floss.

These sampler packs will give you an idea of how gorgeous these threads are:

Accents 2 Autumn – 12 weight












Item #A2PC12SMPLR  Retail $63.00

Joy to the World 8 weight












Item #A1PC8SMPLR  Retail $63.00


Time Goes By – 3 Strand Floss












Item #TGB33STSMPLR  Retail $46.00

Come and talk to the experts and learn which threads to use when.  And see how to add decorative stitching with these threads to your next wool project.  You will be glad you did!

Learn from the Legends

We are so excited that 30 vendors are coming to share their talents and knowledge next month!  Over the next few weeks, I will give you a glimpse of the diverse techniques that they are willing to share with you.

Patterns by Annie

Annie Unrein – developer of Soft and Stable – now has packages of latches and closures for her gorgeous totes and bags.  Come meet the master and learn how to turn homemade into boutique professional!  Your customers will love learning the tricks of the trade….

Cosmetics Clutches












Item #PBA217  Retail $9.95

Carry On!  Travel Bag













Item #PBA215  Retail $9.95

Travel Essentials


Item #PBA201  Retail $9.95



Item #PBA190  Retail $10.00

This is just a sampling of her designs that feature her assortment of closures.












Item #PBA5N3500  Retail $11.00

To see all of her products, visit:  //

Eazy Peazy Sew so Easy

Margaret Travis is the queen of developing patterns that use the pre-cut Bosal products as a base.  Stop by and visit with Margaret to learn how to turn each of these patterns into a sold out class.  You may want to wear your sunglasses because her personality is as bright as her samples!

Pozie Placemat


Item #EPQ128  Retail $9.00

Stripy Stripey Placemats



Item #EPQ130  Retail $9.00

These placemats use the round Bosal fusible placemats:

Item #PM-3B  Retail $9.00

The Piece O’ Pie Placemats use the Creative Grids 60 degree Triangle (CGRT60) and the new hexagon placemats…


Item #EPQ134  Retail $9.00










Item #PM-5B  Retail $12.99

Check out all of her patterns before the Open House:  //

Expand your Holiday Color Scheme

Amanda Murphy has made Christmas decorating bright and cheerful again!  The dark country cottage look has been transformed into light, airy and happy!  Martha Stewart would love the photography – your customers will love the vignettes!

Item #10910  Retail $23.95

Add a few pillows to any bed to give a cheerful holiday look to every bedroom!  Notice the simple ornaments hanging in the window – simple touches that add maximum impact!

Winter designs can fit into any decor.  It doesn’t have to be the one time of year that red clashes with your orange decor!  Look how elegant this pillow looks and adds a gentle reminder of the weather outside…

Add a burst of color in a neutral room.  What an impact this quilt makes….

You don’t have to scream Christmas to enjoy and decorate for the holidays.  Sometimes a gentle touch is all you need!  Draw inspiration from this book and expand your holiday color palette.   Who would have thought that spring and summer lines could add interest to Christmas???  Display the fabrics with the book so your customers will expand their horizons as well!


Yes, I know!  You just celebrated Fourth of July and I am going to  talk about Halloween!  But, let’s face it, Halloween is the second biggest holiday – and all of those fabrics are sitting in your shop!  And one of my favorite designers is releasing a new book this month that should be the showcase of your fall display!

Item #Q27  Retail $25.00

This book has it all – rustic Halloween motifs, contemporary projects that transcend any one season, and a variety of mediums that add texture and interest to everything!

Your biggest problem is CHOOSING what projects you are going to make!  And, don’t forget kits!  You may want to order additional fabrics now…..

The Entire Package is Arriving on Your Door Step This Summer

Welcome Adornit!  Checker is pleased to announce that we have added this new fabric line – and the books that support them!  You will love them too.  This is a case of a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll keep my mouth shut and let these amazing lines speak for themselves.


Item #306A  Retail $17.00

There are even a variety of ribbons and trims to coordinate with the fabrics:

Item #58995A  Retail $1.00 a yard

Item #58999A  Retail $1.00

To see the entire collection, visit:  //

The wide variety of projects in the supporting, reasonably priced books make these fabrics a no-brainer! To view the fabric line visit our website at: //


Item #321A  Retail $12.00

To view the entire fabric line, visit: //

The coordinating trims are just icing on the cake….

Item #59013A  Retail $1.20 a yard

Item #58961A  Retail $1.00

View the trims at:  //

Rev ‘Em:

Item #383A  Retail  $12.00

View this fabric line at:  //

Item #58957A  Retail $1.00 a yard

Item #58958A  Retail $1.00 a yard

To view the complete line of trims, visit:  //

When is the last time a vendor provided you with the entire package – and a beautiful package it is!!!!

Quilt Labels – The Final Step Made Easy

If you think your quilts are done when you add the binding, think again!  LABELING your quilt is so important – and can add the awe factor to any gift.  Judy Haughton has developed a complete line of quilt labels which makes that step so much easier.

Whether you want to add a touch of whimsy or a touch of humor, she has a label for you!  Each pack includes two labels.

Item #QLHVD  Retail $5.95

Item #QLIRIS  Retail $5.95

Item #QL2LEAVES  Retail $5.95

Item #QL25M  Retail $5.95

Item #QL3HRTS  Retail $5.95

Item #QLDRA  Retail $5.95

Item #QLGIR  Retail $5.95

Item #QLEL  Retail $5.95

Item #QLFAITH  Retail $5.95

Item #QLSOQ  Retail $5.95

Aren’t they darling???  They are so cute you may want to put them on the front of the quilt as well!  Many finish to 6″ so they could be incorporated into a block!

But it gets even better!  This company also has a complete line of magnets and gift cards.  All of these items make great little gifts, stocking stuffers, and impulse buys so keep an assortment right by your register!

Visit our website to see the complete collection:  //

Expanded Videos for Creative Grids Part Two

At Spring Market, Karla showed me how easy it is to use this ruler – and I fell in love!  Cutting the units from squares guarantee that the outside edge will be on the straight of grain – no bias edges.  Then square them up and everything fits perfectly together!  A perfect beginning project that will take their breath away!

The Straight Out Of Line Ruler

Item #CGRKA3  Retail $19.45

This is the latest addition to the supporting patterns – easy and awesome due to the addition of a simple 1″ strip!

Item #SSQ500  Retail $5.00

I love the red strip added to this Cut Loose Press pattern as well….

Item #CLPKAL001

This Twister Cut Loose Press pattern is fast, simple and easy.

Item #CLPKAL002

This quilt creates an optical illusion….

Item #SSQ401  Retail $9.00

Item #SSQ408  Retail $9.00

Item #SSQ420  Retail $9.00

Item #SSQ421  Retail $9.00

Watch this video to see how easy it is to add movement to your quilt projects:  //  And, this ruler is a great way to use up scraps!

Expanded Videos for Creative Grids Part One

Karla Alexander visited recently and shot expanded videos for several of her rulers.  These new videos are formatted so you can share them with your customers.  Whether you have an e-store or a blog, your customers will love them!  Knowledge is power!

These rulers have lots of pattern support so they are great demo rulers – and Karla shows you how…..

The Curves for Rectangle ruler turns any rectangle in any block into a gentle, pieced curved unit.  Add motion and interest to any pieced block with one easy curved seam!

Item #CGRKA2  Retail $26.45


Item #SSQ400  Retail $9.00

Zippety Do Da

Item #SSQ415  Retail $9.00


Item #SSQ405  Retail $9.00

View the video to see how easy it is to turn traditional into spectacular:  //

Karla used her slotted curve ruler to create my favorite border!

Item #CGRKA4  Retail $35.95

This darling quilt is in her book, Dynamic Quilts with easy Curves….

Item #B1121T  Retail $24.95

There are also several individual patterns that support this ruler….

Item #SSQ407  Retail $9.00
Item #SSQ403  Retail $9.00
Item #SSQ402  Retail $9.00
To view this video, go to:  //

New Books for All Generations

There are several new books that have recently been released – or arriving shortly.  Here are some of my favorites….

When I travel and teach, many quilters are hesitant about color – and choosing fabrics for their quilts.  “Colorific” has excellent lessons that are easy to read and easy to translate into your current projects.

Item #10853  Retail $23.95

The projects and quilts feature the colors that are popular NOW – like poison green!  These quilts are striking – and in color combinations that I would not have necessarily considered.  Look how the poison green makes the black and red pop in this quilt!

Each block in this quilt is its own study in color.

The blue pieced border adds the jazz to this quilt.  This is NOT your usual book on color – and may help you put together kits in a whole new way!

Heather Pederson loves to work with angles and has followed up the success of her book based on 60 degree angles with a book on 45 degree angles!

Item #ANK306  Retail $17.00

Cut diamonds, trees, kaleidoscopes, tumblers all with 45 degree angles!  Fast, fun and easy!

Brenda Henning continues her Strip Therapy series with #11.

Item #BPP610  Retail $20.00

Look at these quilts – made with 2 1/2″ strips – but each has a more modern touch!

Sue Spargo’s quilts are simply amazing – and the way she embellishes her wool appliques is spectacular.  She has a new book that showcases her own style which adds dramatic texture to all of her work.  This book is a must for any quilting library.  She shares 50 of her favorite stitches – and since I only know about five, I have a LOT to learn!

Item #SS67  Retail $32.00

Have these newest additions available for summer sales, demonstrations, and shop hops.  Your customers will be glad that you did!