Creative Grids was Everywhere!

It was so much fun to walk the floor and see CGR all over Market!  They are simply the best product – and more designers are discovering that every day!

Judy Niemeyer designed her Double Wedding Ring templates last year and released a pattern that uses the templates in their simplest form.  No pieced arcs – but her color choices make it dramatic and attainable for everyone.

Item #CGRDWR  Retail $33.45


Item #JNQ110P  Retail $12.00

Maywood featured a new fabric line using Karla Alexander’s Creative Grids Split Second ruler and her Giant Waves pattern….

Item #CGRKA5  Retail $32.95

Giant Rail Waves

Item #SSQ410  Retail $9.50

The Quilt Branch featured their House Ruler in three new patterns…

Item #CGRQB1  Retail $25.95


Item #QB153  Retail $9.00

Pieced Borders….

Item #QB154  Retail $9.00


Item #QB155 Retail $9.00

Phyllis Anderson participated in Island Batiks Operation Homefront and created Stars of Glory with her CGRPA2 template set.  It was hanging front and center in their booth!

We are so proud of her!  The pattern is available exclusively through Checker – Item #NBD29.

Item #CGRPA2  Retail $18.45

Cindi McCracken featured the CGRT45 in two of her patterns.  I love her stuff – she bridges that gap beautifully between traditional and modern!

Item #CGRT45  Retail $17.95

Item #CMD31  Retail $9.00

Item #CMD32  Retail $9.00

I will talk about fabric lines and notions next week – but wanted to feature CGR before the price increase that is effective June 1.  Enjoy – and happy ordering!

Creative Grids – Showcase of after market events – Part 2

Here are the remaining three Creative Grids rulers – and their companions – that are in stock and available….

The Pineapple Trim Tool is already in the top 20 – and a must have for every shop that loved Jean Ann’s two log cabin rulers….

Item #CGRJAW3  Retail $22.95

And, once again, there is Cut Loose Press patterns to support it!

Pineapple Salad is a truly scrappy version of this classic…

Item #CLPJAW006

Pineapple Playtime is a planned version – each fabric appears in the exact same place in each block.

Item #CLPJAW007

Tropical Fruit features  the most popular layout of a pineapple block – scrappy lights and darks on opposite sides…

Item #CLPJAW008

Pineapple Salsa features alternating fabrics in adjoining blocks…

Item #CLPJAW009

Karla Alexander created the Creative Grids Spider Web ruler to produce a traditional pattern or add her own twist.

Item #CGRKA6  Retail $20.95

Vertigo is a Cut Loose Press pattern that is quick, easy and striking!

Item #CLPKAL003

Karla has also designed several more involved patterns under Saginaw Street Quilts.  In Marco Polo, the border is created within the block design.

Item #SSQ423  Retail $9.50

Junk Jewelry alternates the dark and light fabrics to create a totally different design

Item #SSQ424  Retail $9.50

Tango “floats” them…

Item #SSQ422  Retail $9.50

The Creative Grids Flying Geese and 45 degree and 90 degree triangle ruler is quite a mouthful – because this one tool does a multitude of tasks.  Many of you have embraced the CGRMS4590 – meet the bi sister.

Item #CGRMSFG4590  Retail $27.95

Lynne Edwards design this Swirling Geese Cut Loose Press pattern – which is a great way to demonstrate the ruler!

Item #CLPLED001

Basket Weave – by Pam and Nicky Lintott is fast and easy when strip pieced – and a great technique!

Item #QR202  Retail $9.00

But that had so many ideas that they wrote a booklet!

Item #QRCG003  Retail $15.95

Their latest Jelly Roll book also features quilts using this ruler….

Item #U4817  Retail $24.99

Don’t forget!  The CGR price increase goes into effect June 1st so order the rulers and companions now!!!

Book Signings at Market

Checker is sponsoring several book signings during Market.  Come visit with these talented artists who will share their incredible talents!



Kay Whitt will be sharing and signing her new book – Sewing with Serendipity!

Item #V7974  Retail $22.95

12:30 p.m.

Nancy Halvorsen will showcase Ho Ho Ho, Let It Snow Here

Item #ATH548B  Retail $19.00


Margaret Travis is sharing projects from her book – EZ Peazy Gifts and her Cut Loose Press patterns.
Item #151052  Retail $9.95

Join your favorite Swirly Girls as they share their newest book – Sew Sweet….
Item #SGDSS01  $21.95

Pam Lintott  will be signing the latest addition to their ever popular Jelly Roll series – Dessert Roll Quilts.
Item #U4817  Retail $24.95
Kathy Brown   is sharing her new book Fat-Quarter Quickies  – based on her Fat Quarter Creative Grids ruler….
Item #B1171T  Retail $16.99


Joan Ford is signing her new book – Scraps Plus One!
Item #071430  Retail $24.95
First come, first served!

Join Us at School Houses at Market

Checker is presenting two school houses at Spring Market on Thursday, May 16th.  That is right – this week!!!
See the Latest Additions to the Creative Grids Family

Room A103/1043

3:10 – 3:40

We have developed a wide variety of templates and rulers to spark the creativity in everyone. Whether you love crazy quilting, machine embroidery, piecing circles, kaleidoscopes or piecing pineapples – we have you covered – and more!

We have the most outstanding line up of new rulers that we have had in years – and we have pattern and/or book support for every one of them!!!  Everything is in stock and ready to ship so feel free to feature them in your after-Market events!  (Feel free to copy and paste these banners to advertise the event!)

Karla Alexander has created a Spider Web ruler that will have your customers coming back for more!

Item #CGRKA6  Retail $20.95

Carolyn Griffin has designed the Single Strip Tumbler for those who love to work with 2 1/2″ strips!

Item #CGRSRTUMB  Retail $24.45

Jean Ann Wright expanded on the same concept that made her Log Cabin rulers so popular to create pineapples:

Item #CGRJAW3  Retail $22.95

Karen Montgomery shares her three template set that will have you “Crazy” about Creative Grids:

Item #CGRMT4  Retail $22.95

The new 30 degree triangle by Swirly Girls Design is  so new that we don’t yet have a banner – but it is in stock with pattern and book support!

Item #CGRSG1  Retail $25.95

And, see the real deal – all of the quilts and projects that support them!

A Pattern Series Designed to Sell Notions!

Room A103/104

3:45 – 4:15

Combine Cut Loose Press patterns with your favorite notions to create the perfect demo and class schedule.  Learn how to up-sell by educating your customers – and have them coming back for more!
We will explain why Cut Loose Press patterns should be displayed in a place of honor in your shop – and why they give you limitless support for all of those demos.  We all know demos sell product, so come and learn how it works – and watch an actual demo featuring four different quilts from four different designers – all using the same tool!!!
Item #CGRT90  Retail $18.95
Ojo de Dios by Rita Fishel:
Item #CLPRFI006
Key Lime Star by yours truly:

Item #CLPPHA001

Catch Me if You Can by Renae Allen:

Item #CLPRAL001
And this pattern by Karen Montgomery for The Quilt Company which features all of the rulers in the triangle series:
Item #TQC331  Retail $14.00
Cut Loose Press is a Checker exclusive – and will never be sold in chains!  We strive as a company to provide you with quality products at a reasonable price.  And, in this case, they are printed on demand – so they are personalized with your name on them!  And protected paper distorts the copies on most printers so customer copying is minimized!  You will love it!
Checker is also sponsoring a school house for the amazing designers behind Sew Kind of Wonderful! This is at 2:35 room #1A103/104.   We fell in love with their patterns and the template that created them – and wanted to share them with you!  Come meet Jenny Pedigo and her sister – Helen Robinson – and see their latest offerings!  Jenny is also a long arm quilter – and the quilting on these is worth coming to the school house!
Item #SKW100 Retail $22.00
It is hard to believe that these quilts were all made with the same tool!!!
Item #SKW401  Retail $10.00
Item #SKW402  Retail $10.00
Item #SKW403  Retail $10.00
Absolutely breathtaking!  Can’t wait to see you at Market!!!

Experience Creative Grids at the Checker Booth

The Creative Grids Booth – within the Checker booth – is the place to be this Market!

Experience Creative Grids is our mantra – and you will be able to actually cut out a block with many of the new rulers!  That’s right – the designers will not only show you how to use them and share their expertise – you will take home a fabric sample!

The most diverse ruler line in the world has many features that will have you coming back for more:

  • They are only available through Independents like you!  They will never be sold in chains!
  • The gripper embedded on the back of every ruler holds the fabric in place while cutting – so accuracy is ensured!
  • The Black and White markings are easy to read.
  • An MS Tag is printed directly on the acrylic so a video tutorial of every ruler is right at your fingertips.
  • Lost the instructions?  No problem – downloadable versions are available at: //

Friday, May 17, 2013

10:00 – 11:30
Karla Alexander demonstrating the CGRKA6 Spider Web ruler

Item #CGRKA6  Retail $22.95

11:30 – 1:00
Kathy Brown demonstrating the Fat Quarter Cutter (CGRY1) and Double Strip 90 (CGRDBS90) rulers

Item #CGRY1  Retail $25.95

Item #CGEDSB90  Retail $26.95

1:00 – 2:30
Karen Montgomery demonstrating her new Scrap Crazy Template (CGRMT4)  and the Triangle series (CGRT45; CGRT90; CGRTKAL45; CGRMT2; and CGRMT3)

Item ECGRMT4  Retail $22.95

2:30 – 3:30
Jean Ann and Carolyn Griffin have plans, so I am demonstrating the Pineapple Ruler (CGRJAW3) and the Single Strip Tumbler Ruler (CGRSRTUMB)

Item #CGRJAW3  Retail $22.95

Item #CGRSRTUMB  Retail $24.45

3:30 – 4:30

Swirly Girls Design demonstrating the new 30 degree triangle (CGRSG1) and how to combine it with the Circle Savvy ruler (CGRSAV1)

Item #CGRSG1  Retail $25.95

4:30 – 5:30

Janice Pope demonstrating her Bias Binding Tool (CGRABB1) and the Log Cabin templates by Jean Ann Wright (CGRJAW1 & CGRJAW2)

Item #CGRABB1  Retail $18.95


10:00 – 11:00
Karla Alexander demonstrating the CGRKA6 Spider Web ruler

11:00 – 12:00
Jean Ann and Carolyn Griffin have plans, so I am demonstrating the Pineapple Ruler (CGRJAW3) and the Single Strip Tumbler Ruler (CGRSRTUMB)

12:00 – 1:30
Karen Montgomery demonstrating her new Scrap Crazy Template (CGRMT4)  and the Triangle series (CGRT45; CGRT90; CGRTKAL45; CGRMT2; and CGRMT3
1:30 – 3:00
Kathy Brown demonstrating the Fat Quarter Cutter (CGRY1) and Double Strip 90 (CGRDBS90) rulers
3:00 – 4:00
Swirly Girls Design demonstrating the new 30 degree triangle (CGRSG1) and how to combine it with the Circle Savvy ruler (CGRSAV1)

4:00 – 5:00
Janice Pope
demonstrating her Bias Binding Tool (CGRABB1) and the Log Cabin templates by Jean Ann Wright (CGRJAW1 & CGRJAW2)
10:00 – 11:30
Karen Montgomery demonstrating her new Scrap Crazy Template (CGRMT4)  and the Triangle series (CGRT45; CGRT90; CGRTKAL45; CGRMT2; and CGRMT3
11:30 – 1:00
Karla Alexander demonstrating the CGRKA6 Spider Web ruler
1:00 – 4:00
Jean Ann and Carolyn Griffin have plans, so I am demonstrating the Pineapple Ruler (CGRJAW3) and the Single Strip Tumbler Ruler (CGRSRTUMB)
I will be in the booth most of the time as well so if you have any questions about the entire line, we will be able to answer your questions!  Come by and CUT!!!

Its Sew Emma has it All

Simply Fat Quarters by Its Sew Emma features 10 quilts that are ALL made with fat quarters.  They add their own sense of style to some traditional blocks that are almost unrecognizable in their hands!  To me, that is a true artist.  Taking patterns and designs that have been around for 100 years – and creating an entirely new look is a talent that can’t be ignored.  These gals are here to stay!  But in their case a picture is worth a thousand sales, so lets get started….

Item #ISE901  Retail $19.95

We are thrilled that they are also designing for Cut Loose Press.  Since all of their patterns are pre-cut friendly, they are your perfect choice for kits.  Reasonably priced patterns make them affordable.

Charm Pack Stones

The name says it all – this is all cut from 5″ squares….

Item #CLPISE001

Go Bananas

This quilt is darling – but the pattern is actually a setting for ANY panel!  Once your customers understand the concept – and make one – you won’t be able to keep panels in stock!

Item #CLPISE002

Moon & Stars Crib Quilt

How cute is this?  For those of us who grew up on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star….

Item #CLPISE003

Walk in the Park

What a great way to showcase a gorgeous print!  The flying geese border is a great way to use those coordinates in the line – you know the ones that are left after the main print is gone!!!!!

Item #CLPISE004

They also are releasing new patterns – and they are stunning!

Item #ISE142  Retail $9.00

I love the setting on this Heirloom Kansas Troubles Block of the month….

Item #ISE144  Retail $29.99

I love these Little P patterns.  At just $5.99, they are charming AND reasonable!

Item #ISE505  Retail $5.99

Item #ISE506  Retail $5.99

Item #ISE507  Retail $5.99

Item #ISE508  Retail $5.99

Item #ISE509  Retail $5.99

To see the complete line of their books and patterns, check out our website:  //

They will be arriving any day…….

Atkinson Designs – And Then There are Quilts – Part Two

Then there are quilts!   I love these quilts – and even better – so does my daughter!  Terry designs projects that appeal to both audiences without forcing either one of us outside of our comfort zones.

Stash Stars

This quilt incorporates a technique that makes this the perfect beginner quilt.  The flying geese star points “float” – so all of them are perfect.  The blocks are all trimmed to 10 1/2″ after they are sewn.  As long as the seam allowances are consistent, the quilter will be successful – and come back for more!!!

Item #ATK174  Retail $9.50

The blocks are all trimmed to 10 1/2″ – simple with the Creative Grids 10 1/2″ square.

Item #CGR10  Retail $19.95

Morning Noon & Night

You have to love the name as well….I want to make this one in king size.  Look closely and you’ll see that it gives you the feel of a bargello quilt – but the seams don’t match from row to row.  There are two different layouts for this quilt – but Terry says the block is the same!  I can’t wait to get the pattern because I can’t figure out what the block is!!!!

Item #ATK173  Retail $9.50

These blocks are trimmed to 12 1/2″, so once again it is the perfect beginning quilt – but everyone will love it!

Item #CGR12  Retail $23.95

Hexie Garden

Hexies are everywhere – but this one has it’s own sense of style!  Terry uses the EZ International #882670181A which cuts hexagons in sizes from 1 1/2″ – 5 1/2″.  She also uses a 60 degree angle – and since we are the home of Creative Grids, the CGRT60 is our ruler of choice!

Item #ATK172  Retail $9.50


But when just a little splash of color is needed – especially for a round table – why not make this simple table runner.  The instructions show how to cut the hexies with a 60 degree ruler (CGRT60) – yes, another teaching opportunity or demo.  It is easy to kit – four fat quarters are all you need for the hexies, binding AND backing!

Item #ATK169  Retail $6.50

These will be arriving any day so place your orders NOW to make sure that you get yours from the first order!  Be a good “scout” and be prepared!  You know they are going to be hot so order all of the companions as well.  Your customers will be glad you did!!

Atkinson Designs – The New Projects – Part One

As I write this, I am smiling because Yellow Brick Road is #3 on the Checker website’s top 20 patterns!  And with that pattern, a legend was born!!!  Sewers learned to quilt with that simple pattern – and then looked for other patterns by her because they are so easy to read and understand.  After all, the cover catches your eye – but it is the content that keeps us coming back.  And, Terry has the whole package!

Bucket Brigade

These buckets are simple to sew, have optional handles, and offer teachable moments!

Item #ATK170  Retail $9.50

Stabilizers and interfacings matter!  In this case, Terry used several products that give these buckets their shape – and keeps their shape – and they can even be washed!  Sew Lazy Face-It ad Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff add body to the buckets and is easy to sew.

Sew Lazy Face It

Item #SLG103  Retail $5.79

Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff

Item #SLG107  Retail $5.29

We all love Steam a Seam – and Terry prefers their quarter inch version for this project, but unfortunately the manufacturer is having paper issues so it is not available right now.  So, until that product is available, she suggests Stitch Witchery.

Item #227  Retail $2.29

And who would have thought that boning would stage a comeback???  Thank God it isn’t for its original use!!!  This time, Terry uses it to create the bucket rim.  And, it is so reasonably priced, one package makes tons!!!  And you know, once they make one, they are not going to be able to stop!

Item #572-9  Retail $2.99

Knit, Purl, and Roll

Quilters are creative – and have more than one hobby.  In fact, many “quilt” shops are yarn shops as well.  If we don’t knit, we certainly know people who do!  And, this is the trendiest case I’ve seen!  And look at her fabric choices!  Grey is the new black – and zig zags are hot!!!

Item #ATK171  Retail $6.50

She uses Sew Lazy Fusible Fleece in this project to give it body…

Item #SLG106  Retail $8.59

Printed Treasures is used to make tabs for needle sizes.

Item #PT-100  Retail $24.62

These are both fun projects that can be made in an afternoon – and offers lots of opportunities for teachable moments.  They will come to make the projects – learning about interfacings and photo transfer will have them coming back for other classes!  Add these to your shop hop samples and demos!  You will be glad you did…..

Item #ATK169  Retail $6.50