Sunday Morning at Market….

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Penny Haren 8:00 – 9:30 Creative Grids + Cut Loose Press = Perfect Demo
Join me to learn how to combine two Checker exclusives – Creative Grids and Cut Loose Press – and make them the foundation of your class and demo schedule.
Creative Grids is the most complete ruler line in the world – but is made right here in the USA!  Once you “Experience CGR”, you will never go back.  Our rulers feature Non-Slip grip which stops the rulers from slipping on the fabric when pressure is applied.  And, these rulers are not – and will never be – sold in chains.  They are exclusively sold to Independents like you!
Item #CGRTKAL45  Retail $17.95

Cut Loose Press are reasonably priced patterns that are, again, only available through Independents.  These patterns are printed on card stock on protected paper which makes it difficult to copy.  Since they are printed on demand, each pattern comes imprinted with your business name – and therefore, are always in stock.  Each pattern showcases four notions to encourage additional sales.
Surf and Sand
Item #CLPPHA003
This pattern features the ruler above.  The Dresden Plates are created with the CGRTKAL45.
Three other notions are featured:
The Creative Grids 8 1/2″ Square It Up and Fussy Cut Ruler is used to square up the blocks after the Dresden Plates are appliqued.
Item #CGRSQ8  Retail $22.45
The Hole Thing is used to trace the templates for the center circle on the Dresden Plate.
Item #CGRTPHT  Retail $5.95
This template is created with freezer paper….
Item #FREPA8112  Retail $8.49
One simple pattern gives you the opportunity to share four different quality products with your customers!  And, once they like the technique – and are comfortable with it – they can move on to other projects – a few are featured in this book:
Item #L113008  Retail $24.95
Kathy Seal has written three CLP patterns that support the Creative Grids Double Strip 90.
Item #CGRDBS90  Retail $26.95
These patterns all feature a specific technique using the ruler:
Tropical Blues:
Item #CLPKSE003
Hot Cross Stars
Item #CLPKSE002
Mirrored Tiles
Item #CLPKSE001
All of these blocks have bias edges, so it is a great opportunity to share the benefits of Best Press.
Item #560032  Retail $3.99
Janice Pope – Bias Binding Simplified
Janice designed the Bias Binding Ruler for Creative Grids and has made me a believer!  I had always heard that you should use bias binding – but never thought it was worth the time – until I talked to Janice and watched her video!
Item #CGRABB1  Retail $18.95

This is the first CGR ruler that illustrates how to cut bias binding right on the ruler and the video shows the entire process:  cutting the bias, turning the corners and joining the sides!
She even designed a quilt made with 2 1/2″ strips cut with this ruler and the 45 degree angles that are cut from the ends.
Item #ABB1207   Retail $8.00
Creative Grids designers love Creative Grids and are very supportive of each other.  So when Janice tried Jean Ann’s Log Cabin Trim Tools, these two Southern gals clicked!  Janice designed a quilt that uses all three sizes of the Log Cabins – 6″; 8″ and 12″!  And, yes, she will be sharing this quilt with you too…..
Item #CLPJDP001
These are demoes so no supplies are required.  Just show up and be ready to learn!  Then come to the booth to “Experience CGR!”

Saturday Morning at Market

Saturday, May 18, 2013
8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
Karla Alexander

Spider Web with Attitude
Start the week-end with a bang!  Join Karla Alexander as she shares how to use her new Creative Grids Spider Web ruler.
Item #CGRKA6  Retail $20.95
This spider is revolutionary – for the first time, you can “float” the webs – and Karla will show you how to do it!  The lines are incorporated into the ruler!
Item #SSQ422  Retail $9.50
The same ruler was used to create Marco Polo for a totally different look.  This one showcases the stars.  And don’t you love the inner border?
Item #SSQ423  Retail $9.50

In Junk Jewelry, the Spider Webs really do look like faceted jewels but there are half and quarter webs on the edges of the quilt.  Yes, she will show you how to do that too!
Item #SSQ424  Retail $9.50

Or why not use a wonderful Paula Nadelstern print and fussy cut the segments in this table runner?  This is a Cut Loose Press pattern so it is a great one to showcase in a demo
Item #CLPKA003
Kathy Brown

“Cut ‘Em Quick” with Creative Grids & Take 5 Chubbies

Kathy used to be a kindergarten teacher, so she is a morning person!  By the time you get to class, she will be ready for her mid-morning snack so she will be raring to go!  Kathy will show you how easy it is to cut all of the pre-cuts on the Market with her Fat Quarter Cutter.  This will become your simple, go to ruler!
Item #CGRY1  Retail $25.95
Her new book – Fat-Quarter Quickies – is being launched at this Market.  Kathy has outdone herself!  This book includes 14 different patterns that are all cut with the ruler!

Item #B1171T  Retail $16.99

These are a collection of fast, fun, and easy quilts that are ideal for a series of classes.  Why not host a “quilt league”?  Members come once a month and sew for two to three hours.  In that amount of time they will be able to complete four quilts in a year!  We are so scheduled these days – so why not schedule some time for quilting???

These quilts are simple enough that they will be able to finish one each quarter with no homework!  Our families understand if we have an appointment – so let’s add a “mental health” appointment today!
This adorable table runner also uses the ruler to stunning effect!
Item #TP011  $5.00

And Kathy will be premiering a couple of Cut Loose Press patterns as well….Can’t wait to see them…..And then come to the booth to “Experience CGR”!  These rulers and patterns will be in stock for your after Market shows.  Kathy’s book is due June 15th!  Remember, this is a lecture only – no sewing machines are provided so all you have to bring is YOU!

Friday Morning at Market….

Come and join some of our favorite Creative Grids designers during Take and Teach sessions at Spring Market!  Meet the ladies who created your favorite rulers and learn how to use their creations to the max!  We have two sessions every day so come join in the fun!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Swirly Girls Design
30 Degrees of Fun!

8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

Join your favorite Swirly Girls as they launch their new book and ruler.  The 30 degree triangle ruler stands alone.  12 segments create a complete circle.  This baby is so new that we haven’t released the images yet but it will be available by Market!  There will also be a couple of CLP patterns to support it.  The ruler can be combined with the ever popular Circle Savvy ruler.  You may have noticed that the Circle Savvy has 30 degree markings on it – now they will show you what to do with them!  Just picture piecing segments – and then cutting them into arcs!  Need I say more???

Item #SGDSA01  Retail $21.95

Item #CGRSAV1  Retail $35.95

Karen Montgomery
Get to the Point!

Start your morning with Karen Montgomery as she shares how to use the Triangle Series by Creative Grids.  Following the success of the popular 60 degree triangle, there are now five new angles to choose from!

Karen designed “To the Point”  as a row of the month program so you can teach all of your customers how to use them too.

Item #TQC331  $14.00

The 8 1/2″ – 45 Degree Triangle…..

Item #CGRT45  Retail $17.95

There are also individual patterns and Cut Loose Press to support them! I like to use these eight to nine inch triangles   to cut strip pieced units.  Complicated blocks can be made in a matter of minutes!  I sewed four 2 1/2″ strips together and then cut them all at once to piece this table runner in just a few hours!  And since it is a Cut Loose Press pattern, it is soooo affordable!

Ring Around the Ruler

Item #CLPPHA002

The 8 1/2″ – 90 Degree Triangle….

Item #CGRT90  Retail $18.95

In this case I sewed together 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ strips before I cut the units to create 16″ quarter square triangle blocks!  Nine blocks make the entire 56″ quilt!!!  Once again, it’s a CLP….

Key Lime Star

Item #CLPPHA001

Kathy Seal designed Sherbert Punch.  What a great strip pieced setting block for this quilt!

Item #CLPKSE004

Rita Fishel Designed Ojo de Dios for a totally different look – and don’t ask me what it means….but setting the blocks on point and using solids adds a dramatic touch!

Item #CLPRFI006

Renae Allen features great places for her signature machine quilting in this quilt…

Item #CLPRAL001

The 9 1/2″ Triangle Squared….

Item #CGRTMT2  Retail $19.95

Karen has developed several patterns that feature this ruler…

This Triangle in a Square Baby Quilt is absolutely adorable and goes together very quickly.  Don’t you love the mitered borders???

Item #CLPKMO001

The 9 1/2″ Perfect Rectangle…

Item #CGRTMT3  Retail $17.95

“Any 12 Will Do Runner” is a setting for any 12″ block – but the star that is shown is included in the pattern just in case you don’t have any orphan blocks in your stash!

Item #CLPKMO003

Stars on Checks combines four-patches and perfect rectangles to make a quilt that is quick and easy!

Item #TQC330  Retail $8.50

These patterns use the CGRTMT2 and CGRTMT3. Keystone is available in a table runner size as a Cut Loose Press pattern or in a quilt size from The Quilt Company…

Item #CLPKMO002

Item #TQC329  Retail $8.50

The 8 1/2″ Dresden Plate and Kaleidoscope Ruler ….

Item #CGRTKAL45  Retail $17.95

I love to use this ruler to create eight petal Dresden Plates.  Surf and Sand goes together very quickly with strip pieced sashings and borders.

Item #CLPPHA003

Several patterns in my new book also feature this ruler…It will be shown at Market – and available June 15th!

Item #L113008  Retail $24.95

These school house sessions do not include sewing machines so they will be lecture only.  You don’t have to bring anything – just show up with a smile and be prepared to have a good time!

Then, “Experience CGR” at the booth during the entire show!

Nancy Halvorsen Brings Joy to the Holiday Season

Her unique style crosses all generations and appeals to everyone.  She has created her own signature in every piece she designs.  When you can instantly look at a project and know it is a Nancy Halvorsen design, you know you have just met a legend!  But with every fabric line and every boo that showcases it, she continues to grow and keeps her finger on the pulse of what is trending.

Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow is no exception.  I noticed a few weeks ago that round pillows were turning up in patterns and home dec magazines.  What is on the cover of Nancy’s new book????  Round pillows with the most adorable snowflake designs.

Item #ATH548B  Retail $19.00

Geometrics and quilts with no defined block patterns are the rage – and look at this feature quilt!  How does she constantly stay ahead of the trends???

Fonts are cutting edge….and look at the lettering on these pillows!

And what adorable ornaments that are showcased on a wire tree!

These little quilts make the perfect gifts – whether you choose to hang them or use them as mug rugs…..

And this is the panel from the fabric line that is featured in the book:  //

We posted the book on our website as soon as we got pictures because we just couldn’t wait to share!  Our buyers are working frantically to get in all of the buttons, hangers, and other notions that you will need to finish all of the projects in the book.  But pre-order the book now so you will have plenty in stock when the fabric arrives.

And, Nancy, thank you for making us smile once again!

Printed Burlap is Everywhere for Spring

Burlap has become the newest fabric trend – and printed burlap has created a craze that has the fabric manufacturers scrambling to keep up!  This jute fabric is approximately 48″ wide and comes on 8 yard bolts.  Spring has finally sprung in the mid-west so it is time to recover that lawn furniture, make picnic tablecloths. etc.  And what could be better than this???

Item #46065110038

Item #45937110038

Item #45934110038

Item #45935110038

To see the complete collection – and some that will soon to be released, visit our website:  //

We have over 900 tote bag patterns in stock – incredible, isn’t it???  This is the perfect choice for your favorite “Go Green” Market Bags….

Item #20111138  Retail $10.00

Item #SWP143  Retail $6.50

Item #ATK153  Retail $8.00

Why not make a pair of matching flip flops?  Burlap is the latest trend in footwear so why not create your very own???

Item #AT214  Retail $5.00

Let us know what you and your customers are doing with it.  Post pictures on the Checker Distributors Facebook page!  We would love to share them.

Eazy Peazy Gifts in Less than Two Hours

This is one of those books that should be on the shelf in every quilter’s library!  It is the perfect source for patterns for those times when you just want to give “a little something” – and no matter what the occasion, Margaret has the gift!

Item #151052  Retail $9.95

Give your favorite shut-in this “Stow It”.  Include some tissues, hand sanitizer, and a little light reading – and they will love you for it!

Or celebrate any occasion with a bottle of wine or champagne.  This wrapping even includes a pocket for a note or a gift card.

Or turn any sweatshirt into your favorite jacket.  Who doesn’t love pockets and embellishments!

I don’t have pictures of everything – but one of my favorites is a garment bag!  What a great shower gift for a special wedding.  Why not make matching sets for all of the bridesmaids?

And, then there is the small zippered clutch that is featured as a first aid kit – right down to the appliqued band-aid!  How cute is that???  These would be perfect stocking stuffers for every child on your list.  Everyone needs to have a first aid kit handy in their car – and this one definitely has style!

Or give someone a basket for a home spa experience complete with flip flops, eye mask, and scrubber – but you’ll have to buy the book to see the rest….Believe me this teaser is worth it!

Summertime – and the Classes are Easy

Summertime….and the quilting is easy….

Let’s face it – in the summer, our customer base changes.  School teachers are home – along with the students.  Snowbirders have returned to their nests, etc. so you need to plan some classes that provide instant gratification.

These top 20 patterns meet that requirement…

Why not switch gears and teach a clothing class?  This jacket comes in sizes 8 – 24 and two different lengths.  It has a wonderful drape.  Three quarter length sleeves are supposed to take 10 pounds off and the slight flare at the waist gives you a waist – even if you don’t have one!  How great is that?  It accents all of the positives and down plays all of the negatives.  And, as a summer jacket, it would look great in batiks.

Item #CNT2501  Retail $11.98

This Barbados Bag is fat quarter friendly and includes six pockets.  Four of them are on the outside of the bag so your sunglasses; keys; cell phone and I.D. are easy to find and easy to reach!  Why not do it in fabrics that match the jacket above?  You have just given BOTH projects that awe factor!  And no one will be able to resist making both!

Item #PSB120  Retail $10.00

If you choose to attach the strap with swivel handles….

Item #PSB220  Retail $3.59

And, why not go to those picnics and summer reunions in style?  Hot Stuff is just the ticket – and can be made in an afternoon….in two different sizes…..

Item #ATK163  Retail $9.00

Everyone wants to go to the beach….or the pool….and Aunties Two provides the perfect bag – which also features a new technique….

Item #AT244  Retail $9.00

Once you have made the samples, these classes are a piece of cake – there is very little prep time.  With the onset of Social Media, why not offer impromptu classes on rainy days?  If your customers know that you are the go to place when plans change, they will love you for it!

10-1/2in wide x 10in tall x 2in deep. Stylish bag is great for traveling. Six pockets – 4 outside, including one for cell phone. Easy zipper top closure. Fat quarter friendly. Full color instructions with pictures. Optional Swivel Hook & D Ring #PSB220

Bobbin, Bobbin, Who Hid the Bobbin???

It is rare that a new product has the staff at Checker running down the halls to share with everyone!  This is the case with this new thread line:  Smartneedle.  These spools come in beautiful thread sets and have a hidden bobbin in the base!

How cool is this – bobbin storage in every spool!

These reasonably priced thread sets are absolutely beautiful and should be a promotional gift for every shop that sells machines!


Item #SBOXPA8-A  Retail $26.99


Item #SBOXBR8-A  Retail $26.99


Item #SBOXEA8-A  Retail $26.99

There are bobbin assortments to go with each collection so you can buy additional bobbins at a reasonable price….

Item #SPASTEL12-A  Retail $8.99

Or, get a 50 spool collection:

Item #SBOXT50-A  Retail $129.99

I have not gotten to actually try this thread because I don’t have an embroidery machine but I have seen the spools and “felt” the thread,  It has a beautiful sheen and a wonderful, smooth finish.  The cones hold 1100 yards of 40 weight polyester thread.  The bobbins hold 132 yards of 60 weight polyester.  The items numbers above are for collections that feature A bobbins.  All of these collections are also available with L bobbins.  Just change the A in the item number to an L.

Smartneedle also has a wonderful line of embroidery patterns:

Item #SCDCOLL04  Retail $24.99

Check out our web site to see the entire collection:  //

They will be arriving in our warehouse by the end of the month!

Primitive Gatherings Celebrates Summer

I love everything that Lisa Bonjean of Primitive Gatherings does – and her new book is no exception!  My personal rule of thumb is that I buy a book if there are at least four projects that I like.  This book blew that theory out of the water!  A picture is worth a thousand words….

Summer Gatherings

Item #PRI208-1  Retail $28.00

I love old fashioned four-block quilts – and this one is spectacular!

The framed daisies in a mason jar…

Mini baskets in reds….

Who doesn’t love geraniums???

A traditional sampler….

And a quilt with intricate piecing….

I am guessing you can already name the customers that will buy this – so why not send them a note and let them know you have it in stock?  They will be glad you did!

Notions Creating a Buzz

I have not tried any of these notions – we haven’t even been sampled on them yet – but if the initial hype is any indication, these are going to be the stars of your summer shop hop – and everyone is going to want them!

The Quick Ripper

The Quick Ripper is an electric seam ripper which operates on just one AA battery (included).  It fits in the palm of your hand and makes fast work of something we all dread!  Machine quilters and sergers will love it – tear out those close stitches in a matter of minutes – not hours!  I’ve been doing a lot of paper-piecing lately and would have loved to have this – no more torn foundation papers!  After all sometimes we’re the princess….and sometimes we’re the frog.  So when rip-it; rip-it; rip-it is the only word in your vocabulary pick up this tool and you’ll be done in no time!

Item #QRIPPER  Retail $21.95

Web Bond

Web Bond by Mettler is the newest – and most reasonably priced – addition to the spray adhesive family.  Spray this product on batting, backing, paper-piecing foundations, patterns, and templates – any time you need a temporary hold!  This web bond reduces over-spray so there is less mess and better coverage – with minimal odor.  It is acid-free and transparent so it works for scrap booking and mounting pictures as well!  Don’t forget this is an ORM-D item so there are some shipping limitations.

Item #WEBBOND  Retail $14.99

Bohin Extra Fine Chalk Pencils 3-in-1

Many of you love the Bohin chalk pencils.  Now they have combined three colors in one so you will definitely have the color you need to mark your project!  The pen is filled with three colors of lead:  dark, pink, and white.  The standard refills work:  91474 (pink); 91475 (grey); and 91478 (white).  We are expecting them to arrive by Memorial Day – but don’t make any promises!

Item #91472  Retail $19.89

Why not showcase an area of “new” products at your shop hop – you’ve got to get their attention!