Summertime and the Reading is Easy…

I love books!  Spending a lazy evening dreaming about quilts and projects in my future is always time well spent!  There are several books coming out this Spring that you may want to order now so you get them in as soon as they are available!  These could be the basis for some summer classes…

Urban Views by Cherri House has 12 fun and modern designs that would be great fast and fun summer classes which will appeal to everyone including the younger crowd that may be on summer vacation!

Item #10863  Retail $23.95

Sew a Backyard Adventure includes 21 projects for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.  Teepees, sleeping bags, water bottle covers, sun hats, and back packs are just a few of the fun items that would be great parent/child classes

Modern Holiday includes 18 projects that are absolutely adorable and don’t scream red and green!  You may want to take her color palette into consideration when choosing fabrics for your holiday displays.

Many of you are planning your schedules now so keep these books in mind.  They will all be out by early summer!

The Critters have entered the Building!

The Teacher’s Pet booth at Quilt Market was the hit of the show!  Kathy Brown was in one of our school houses and stole the stage with her Alligator Tales fabric line and the quilts she designed around it.

The foundation of these quilts is created by sewing strips together.  The pattern includes the alphabet so they can be personalized for the “critter lover” in your life.  Let them play peek-a-boo with their favorite animal.

Item #TP2000  Retail $12.00

The fabric line – Alligator Tails – includes fun prints that will make you smile…

The panel…

Item #23346-MUL1

The stripe….

Item #23347-MUL1

Item #23348-BLU1

Item #23349-MUL1

The swirls…

Item #23350-BLA1

Item #23350-WHI1

Bees and Swirls…

Item #23351-GRE1

Item #23351-ORA1

Item #23351-YEL1

Animal Skin Prints..

Item #23352-BLU1

Item #23352-LTGRE1

Item #23352-ROS1

Item #23352-YEL1

Frog Toss…

Item #23353-BLU1

Item #23353-ORA1

This fabric has been so popular that it has been re-printed over and over again – and should be in stock by the end of February.  The pattern will be available mid-February.  These are so darn cute you’ll want to have a stack on hand for every baby/child on your list!

McKenna Ryan is the Cat’s Meow

McKenna Ryan fans will be thrilled to know that her new block of the month series – Wind in the Whiskers – will be arriving this month.  These miniatures are works of art and are sure to make you smile.  Many of them have embellishment kits to add that

Laundry Day…

Item #WIW01  Retail $12.95

Embellishment Kit – Item #WIW12  Retail $11.95

I Spy….

Item #WIW02  Retail $12.95

Embellishment Kit Item #WIW13  Retail $3.95

Tiny Tim….

Item #WIW03  Retail $12.95

Embellishment Kit Item #WIW14  Retail $4.95

The Local Branch…

Item #WIW04  Retail $12.95
Embellishment Kit Item #WIW15  Retail $4.95

Best in Show….

Item #WIW05  Retail $12.95

Embellishment Kit Item #WIW16  Retail $3.95

Kitten Kaboodle….

Item #WIW06  Retail $12.95

Don’t be Koi….

Item #WIW07  Retail $12.95

This new series will be arriving the middle of next month so order them now so you are included in the first shipment!

Simple Patterns with Learning Opportunities

Cut Loose Press prints affordable patterns that all have one thing in common – they showcase specific notions and products so that you can feature them in demos and classes.  Your customers can then take the tool home and make something with it that they will absolutely love.  For shop owners, these patterns have the additional bonus of being printed on paper that isn’t readable when copied, are printed with the shop contact information on them, are never sold in chains, and since they are printed on demand – are guaranteed to always be in stock!

This revolutionary program is now running like a fine tuned machine!  Think about it – nothing like this program has ever been possible…..until now!  This is a perfect example of using the latest technology to everyone’s advantage – and the response has been amazing!

Many of your favorite designers are submitting patterns every day.  Here is an example of the latest offerings…

Karla Alexander created Against the Rails to feature her Straight Out of Line ruler by Creative Grids.  I love the touches of red that make this simple quilt a show stopper.  To watch Karla demonstrate the ruler, visit our website at:  //

Item #CLPKAL001

Item #CGRKA3  Retail $18.95

Kathy Schmitz is a featured artist at Quiltcon in Austin next month.  For this design, Kathy uses a 2 ply – 12 weight Sulky thread to do her embroidery (Item #712-1005).  It is reasonably priced and comes on a spool so it doesn’t have to be wound from skeins.  Aren’t you curious???  Satisfy your curiosity for a suggested retail of $1.69.  Now that’s a no-brainer!

Item #CLPKSC001

This embroidery design showcases the frixion pens.  They are a great way to mark embroidery designs since the markings are removed when pressed!  Since Kathy is known for her blackwork, she uses a black pen so it matches the embroidery thread.

Item #FX7BLK  Retail $2.63

And, this embroidery design fits in a standard 5″ x 7″ frame!

Kathy Seal designed Sherbert Punch with the Creative Grids CGRT90.  Kathy sewed strips together to create the alternate blocks in this quilt….

Item #CLPKSE004

This new addition to the CGR line is 8 1/2″ high – which means you can sew together strip sets to measure up to 8 1/2″ and cut them into quarter-square triangles.  When sewn these strip pieced units will measure 16 1/2″!  Again, there are videos on our website to teach you how to demo the tool:  //

Item #CGRT90  Retail $18.95

Larene Smith created this heart wall hanging or small baby quilt just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Item #CLPSM001

This quilt features the Lil Twister, which is featured on Checker You.

Item #LILTWISTER  Retail $9.85

Our favorite Swirly Girls created this banner that is fat quarter friendly to showcase their new buttons by Dill.  The center of these buttons feature nine holes so they can be embroidered with any letters or designs.  What a sweet baby gift!

Item #CLPSGD002

Visit our website to see the entire collection of buttons:  //

Sometimes we need a quilt that is quick, easy and fun – and is the type of quilt that your customers will make again and again.  American Hopscotch is such a quilt.  Feature it in your next Quilts of Valor day.

Item #CLPRFI005

This quilt is cut with the CGY1 ruler.  With so many quilts featuring pre-cuts – and those sizes, why confuse beginners with all of the other markings???

Item #CGRY1  Retail $25.95

These patterns have become very popular and new ones are being added each week.  Therefore, we have added a new feature to our home page.  On the left hand side, you can push a button to go directly to the Cut Loose Press section of the website or click a button that will take you to the ones that have been added in the last 30 days.  Check back often!

New Books Hit the Top 20 – Part Two

The cream has risen to the top.  These are books that have now consistently appeared in the top 20 since their releases.  These top sellers should be in your shop as well.

Barbara Brackman is first and foremost an historian.  Her expertise is world renowned so I am thrilled that she came out with this Civil War Sampler book.  It is one of those books that belongs on everyone’s book shelf.  There are 50 archival blocks that can be created in two different sizes.  The stories and photography are a spectacular bonus!

Item #10874  Retail $29.95

Lynette Jensen has released a Block Party book that features twelve months worth of projects and recipes.  There is a reason that her works are considered classics!  Classic quilts from a classy lady!

Item #BK440  Retail $ 29.95

Jo Morton has a huge following and this book is a must have for everyone of them!  She shares 10 pieced and applique projects in her very recognizable style.

Item #PHBK22  Retail $25.00

Cheryl Phillips has released the 20th anniversary edition of her book – Quilts Without Corners.  I can’t believe that it has been 20 years since Cheryl changed the shape of quilting!  This book includes the 10 degree mini template as well as the extension.  There are two new patterns as well.  Cheryl knows how to celebrate a milestone in style!!!

Item #QWCPLAT01  Retail $22.98

Two of our favorite Brits – Pam and Nicky Lintott have released their latest jelly roll book that pays homage to antique quilts.  I just heard this week that they will have a booth at Spring Market in Portland!  Stop by and meet them – you will be glad you did!

Item #V7941  Retail $24.99

Who could resist????

New Books by New Authors Hit the Top 20 – Part One

I love finding new authors!  These gals have been in the top 20 for a month now so they have proven their worth.

Sunday Morning Quilts – don’t you just love the name?  Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkinson have done themselves proud!  This book features 16 modern scrap quilts…

Item #10828  Retail $22.95

Now many of the books feature additional images on the website so you can see what is inside.  This one photo explains why this book is so popular….

You no longer have to judge a book by its cover….or its back cover….

The table of contents is also just a click away….

Angela Walters has gained a reputation for thinking outside of the box when machine quilting.  These designs can be duplicated on a long arm machine or a domestic machine – and Angela shows you how!

Item #10860  Retail $22.91

Again other images showcase the book….

Right click on any image on our website to save it and use it in your own blog or website!  We call this value added service – anything we can do to make your life easier, we will!

Cut Loose Press Works for You

Since Cut Loose Press was released at Fall Market, over 10,000 patterns have been sold!  And it is only getting bigger.  We are adding new patterns every week – and all I have to say is WOW!!!  To see the current selection, visit:  //

Here is one of the new patterns – and how it could work for you!  Kathy Seal designed Nested Gems.  The cover photo shows this quilt done in multiple shades of mocha.

Item #CLPKSE005  Check Website for Pricing

An alternate color way is shown on the back:

Click on this pattern: //  Four companions are recommended.

This reasonably priced pattern features the Creative Grids Rhombus.   You can’t make the quilt without the template set – which makes a great demo or class.

Item #CGRPA1  Retail $17.45

Since this template needs to be trimmed on all four sides, it is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate one of the turning mats.

Item #01-00059F  Retail $35.69

Two of the edges will be cut on the bias so Mary Ellen’s Best Press is in order.  Why not use this as an opportunity to share the latest quilter’s perfume:  Peaches and Cream?  For $3.99, who could resist???

Item #S60133  Retail $3.99

Since these blocks have two bias edges, a bias binding is in order.  This laminated sheet shows how to cut it, attach it, and join the ends where they meet!

Item #QPBS  Retail $5.99

Now, you COULD stop there and have a great demo and class – but WHY????  The rhombus template set is required – and you have now taught them how to use it!  Click on the template set:  //  More patterns and a book appear.  They have invested in the technique when they bought the template, so give them the patterns and book to support it!  Sweet and Sassy Diamonds is a book written by P.J. Anderson – the woman that designed the template set so you know it is good!

Item #L11274  Retail $27.95

There are 12 patterns in this book including these:

When you make the Maddie Bea throw, you can make a miniature version from the scraps.

Saer-Bear goes together very quickly and is a great backdrop for appliques.

Remembering Julia is an opportunity to teach them how to insert pieced rows in a quilt top.  And, sell additional yardage buy teaching them how to make a bed skirt!

Cotton Candy features four-patch diamonds.

There are also several patterns that feature this template, including this tote bag by Eazy Peazy…

Item #EPQ117  Retail $10.00

Or show them these home dec patterns:

Item #EPQ119  Retail $9.00

Item #NBD28  Retail $10.00

Now click on the other companions.  A companion to the laminated binding card is the CGRABB1 – a binding ruler that includes all of the cutting instructions right on the ruler.  You get the idea!

And, since these patterns are printed on demand, the name of your shop is printed on them!  Your customers will know where to come when they are ready for their next project!

Wonder Clips on Steroids

When a new product hits the door and everyone cheers, you know it is going to be big – and not just because it is a bigger size!  The Jumbo Wonder Clips are in the building!  These beauties are 2 1/4″ long and include 7 different markings for seam allowances.  The base is flat so your sewing machine can run right next to the clip.  There  are 24 to a pack – plenty for whatever you need.

Item #3157CV  Retail $24.95

It isn’t often that I can tell you that these are guaranteed sales – but with the original 10 and 50 packs both in the top 20, this is a no brainer!

10 Pack

Item #3155CV  Retail $6.95

50 Pack

Item #3156CV  Retail $32.95

I love to “kit” blocks as I cut them.  These new longer clips are perfect!  I cut out all of the pieces for a specific block and then just clip them together – everything in one place and no risk of rusty pins!  The longer size is also perfect for hems, marking curtains, tote bags, etc.  Sometimes bigger is better!

Beginning Quilting Classes Honor New Year’s Resolutions

Three simple and easy quilts are in the top six this week for a reason – everyone who made a New Year’s resolution and wanted to learn how to quilt, wants a tried and true pattern.  These three fit the bill!

Yellow Brick Road is the #1 pattern this week!!!  This classic has paid the rent for a lot of shops over the years.  It is the perfect beginner quilt since it is a great opportunity to teach how to use a ruler and rotary cutter.  And, since it is fat quarter friendly, you can teach them about color as well – in whichever size they need.

Item #ATK126  Retail $8.00

The Take 5 – Fifth Anniversary Edition is also a popular favorite for the same reason!  It is well written, it works, and anyone can be successful!  And all they need is five fabrics!  Let them pick out a focal fabric and then choose four fabrics to support it.  This edition has been expanded to include additional sizes, color options, and tips!

Item #TP200  Retail $8.00

Just Can’t Cut It is a quick and easy quilt that includes setting squares so the piecing is reduced by half.  Instant gratification for beginners is always a good thing!

Item #AWU01  Retail $8.00

When teaching beginners, make sure they start with quality tools.  If they start with the right tools, they will last them a lifetime!  These are all number 1 in their fields:

Item #RM-SG  Retail $32.99

This rotary cutter protects the blade unless the blade is in use by squeezing the handle.  The blade can be switched for a right or left hander.  And, the handle is ergonomically correct which reduces carpel tunnel.  It is the top selling rotary cutter for a reason!

Item #RTY2DX  $31.49

The top selling basic ruler is the Creative Grids 6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″.  It is the length of the mat so the entire surface can be used.

Item #CGR24  Retail $23.95

Once they take their first class, they will be hooked for life so make sure you have several options for additional classes at your fingertips.  Don’t wait for them to ask!

Log Cabins are in the House!

Thousands of you have fallen in love with the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tools released last year.  After making hundreds of log cabin blocks over the last six months, I can’t imagine sewing them any other way.   That is when a tool becomes a classic.  And every classic deserves a book!  Log Cabin Quilts arrived this week and includes patterns that use both rulers.

Item #L112964  Retail $27.95

Log Cabin Quilts is part of the Basics and Beyond series by Landauer Publishing which means it includes everything you ever wanted to know about log cabin quilts and how to set them.  This book features log cabins, half log cabins, courthouse steps and brand new contemporary designs.  The possibilities are endless.

This quilt combines six inch and twelve inch blocks created with the Item #CGRJAW2.

This Half Log Cabin features the original eight inch version – CGRJAW1 in a contemporary setting.

But, these tools have it all – a book, Cut Loose Press patterns, and other notions to include in a demo!

Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $18.95

Since these tools are used to trim two adjoining sides, rotating mats are a great companion sale.  Jean Ann suggests this one by Fiskars for the eight inch version.

Item #01-0059F  Retail $35.69

This ruler is featured in several Cut Loose Press patterns that showcase the most popular classic settings.  Lickety Split Log Cabin is a log cabin block set in a traditional furrows pattern.

Item #CLPJAW004

A Half Log Cabin builds off of two adjoining sides of the square instead of all four sides.

Item #CLPJAW001

A Courthouse Steps block is created by adding “logs” to opposite sides of a center square.  In this pattern two whites were added and then two reds.

Item #CLPJAW003

The Autumn Table Runner features a traditional log cabin with a twist – corner posts are added to the logs.

Item #CLPJAW002

And all of these variations can be made with the same tool.

“Wings” uses the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two that uses the same technique to create 6 and 12 inch blocks.

Item #CLPJAW005

I love mini’s so this version has quickly become my favorite and is a great way to use up skinny strips that are at least 1 1/4″ wide.

Item #CGRJAW2  Retail $24.95

There are even Checker You videos to show you how to demo it!  This one is a no-brainer!