Christmas Quickie Gifts

Gift cards are always popular so why not make the wrapping part of the gift???  These “Little Wallets”  by Valori Wells are sure to please.

Item #VWD52  Retail $3.00

These “Snap Happy” purses come in three different sizes….

Item #53SH  Retail $7.50

Whether you sew or not, we all could use some little storage containers.  These are great to carry in your purse for make up, coffee and tea, pens – you name it!  Why not add a few goodies as a part of the gift???

Item #ATK162  Retail $6.50

Are you looking for a great teacher’s gift?  Why not make this “Classmate”  by Terry Atkinson?

Item #ATK164  Retail $9.00

Both of these patterns use a sew-able vinyl….

Item #20176  Retail $11.95

Sometimes your friends appreciate a little organization – and these all fit the bill!

Christmas Kitchen Quickies

Six patterns for kitchen accessories hit the top 20 this week – interestingly enough – no aprons!  Place mats and hot pads are the favorites!

These “Take Four” place mats use four fabrics which appear in each place mat in a different place – kind of like a stack and whack!  How easy is this???  Do them in Christmas fabrics and they look like Christmas presents!  Why not use the Soft and Stable place mats as a base?  Then they don’t even have to be quilted.  Use a basting spray to hold them in place and showcase the stitches on your sewing machine.  Soft and Stable (white:  #PBASS20PP; black:  #PBASS10PP) does not have to be quilted at all so this is just a decorative touch – but a great way to demonstrate how to use metallic threads, etc.

Item #CF224  Retail $9.00

Hot pads are great gifts – and great decorations!  What an easy way to brighten up a counter – everyone loves cupcakes!  Be sure to have fat quarters of stripes and polka dots nearby.  And Insul-Bright is the perfect batting (Item #6345WN).

Item #ST935  Retail $5.95

Owls are incredibly popular now – and these hot pads are absolutely adorable…

Item #ST1107  Retail $5.95

The Caddy Pad is a great way to carry an iron – but it is also a great lunch bag!  When opened, instead of an ironing surface, you have a placemat!  What a great gift!

Item #SCT10103  Retail $17.00

Or, why not make friends and family a casserole cover and enclose a container of goodies?  What a great hostess gift!

Item #ATK163  Retail $9.00

This table runner only has six pieces – you can’t get any easier than that!  Make sure you have the Creative Grids 60 Degree Triangle in stock as well.  It comes in two sizes – 8 1/2″ (CGRT60 – Retail $17.95) and 12 1/2″ (CGRT12560 – Retail $25.95).  Many of the new stripes are 10″ so your customers may need the wider size….

Item #TQC272  Retail $8.50

The holidays are also a perfect time to share your passion with your friends who love crafts – but don’t necessarily sew.  Why not expose them to the joys of quilting by NOT making a quilt?  The gratification of creating is just as sweet!  And, we all need simple, easy last minute gifts….

Christmas Quickie Quilts

When you need a quick quilt, why not return to an old favorite?  I wonder how many people have bought this pattern two or three times???  It is once again, in the top 20….This pattern includes instructions for several sizes.

Item #ATK126  Retail $8.00

Labyrinth is created with half-square triangles – and includes instructions for all sizes….

Item #CCQD141  Retail $9.00

Sometimes, a little quilted project is a great Christmas gift…This one is quick and easy with the Lil Twister (LILTWISTER Retail $9.85).

Item #STD102  Retail $8.50

This quilt comes with a template for a miniature Twister.  This template is a great size for Christmas stockings or a mini quilt for a friend.  It goes together easily – and looks like you worked really hard!

Item #pRI946  Retail $12.00

Or go Itty Bitty with this version….

Item #PRI321  Retail $10.00

Sometimes, quick and easy just won’t do.  An heirloom quality quilt is a perfect gift.  This one, by Crabapple Hill features “Vintage Tin” – a wonderful project for that man in your life…

Item #CAH274  Retail $27.00

We love quilts so why not share them with our friends and family???

Top Notions since Market

January 1, 2012 was the launch of new art work for all of the Creative Grids squares and rectangles.  Many shop owners commented that their customers were in the process of replacing their old rulers with the new ones.  They love the grip around the entire outside edge of the rulers, the larger numbers, and the horizontal and vertical centering lines.

That explains why there are EIGHT Creative Grids rulers in the top 20.  These are the most popular sizes – and would be great Christmas gifts.  Tell your customers that men understand tools – and these tools are the best!

To make your job even easier, we have added a ruler listing to the Creative Grids USA website:  //

Have them on hand so your customers can mark the ones they want – and keep track of the ones they already have!  Make sure they let you know what is on their wishlist so you can have it in stock when their favorite gift giver arrives!

Item #CGR24  Retail $23.95

Item #CGRT60  Retail $17.95 (In Stock Soon)

Item #CGR12  Retail $23.95

Item #CGR6  Retail $12.95

Item #CGR824  Retail $28.95

Item #CGRT12560  Retail $25.95

Item #CGR4  Retail $8.95

Item #CGR612  Retail $17.45

Did you know these were the top selling rulers?  Next week we will talk about the top specialty rulers and how you can bundle them with the top books and patterns…

Sometimes a pattern shoots a ruler into the top 20.  In this case, a great partnership was born!  Margaret Travis of Easy Peasy uses the 10 degree ruler by Phillips Fiber Art to create her Suns Up Place Mats.  You will love it!

Item #EPQ126  Retail $9.00

These place mats can be made in a matter of minutes with the Bosal fusible place mats….

Item #PM-1B  Retail $9.00

But you can’t make them unless you have the right tool…

Item #10WR  Retail $19.98

Why not bundle the pattern, ruler, and place mats as a Christmas package???  They will be making them for everyone for Christmas next year – and what a great way for them to use up their scraps?  (Fat Quarters make great backings!)

Best Patterns since Market

This time of year, you have two types of customers – those who quilt and those who don’t!  Obvious, isn’t it???  But, in this case, the quilters are looking for quick, easy gift ideas that they can make in an afternoon.  Check out the Top 20 patterns on our website:  //

Order in a supply of them now and set up a display.  Have a ready answer – and supply of products when your customers come in looking for that last minute project idea.

Consider kitting them as well.  The greatest gift you can give your customers this time of year is the gift of time!  Many of them are simple hot pads, table runners, etc. so save your customers time by pulling appropriate fabrics and fat quarters.  And don’t forget the Insul-Bright – they will need the correct batting!

But, for those customers who want to try something new, Poorhouse Quilt Designs released several patterns that feature a mold-able stabilizer, Inn-Spire.  These are fast, easy and fun – and not your grandmother’s quilt project!

These leaf bowls are a great way to start…

Item #PQD176  Retail $9.00

Then, why not have a class or sample of the pointsettia?  T’is the Season…

Item #pQD178  Retail $9.00

Butterflies are not just for Spring!  My granddaughters would love these all over their room…

Item #PQD181  Retail $9.00

There are two types of this moldable product available: Inn-Spire Plus (Item #IC4350) and Bosal Heat Moldable Double Sided Fusible Plus Stabilizer (Item #491B).  Both retail for $19.99.

Why not kit the pattern and stabilizer for quick Christmas gifts?  Offer a class after the first of the year that can be purchased now as a gift certificate.

The folks at Quilt in a Day have hit the top 20 with their new pattern – Braid in a Day.  The template is included.  She did a video for Checker You at quilt market.  I haven’t seen it yet, but have heard that this video is so good that this pattern is going to go through the roof!!!  It will be up very soon – and when you see how easy it is, you will definitely add it to your class line-up.

Item #1282QD  Retail $10.00

These new patterns are perfect gifts for customers who are shopping for the quilters in their life!  Offer them something so new that they won’t have to worry about duplicates!

Best Books from Market

It has been a few weeks since Market and several new books have hit the top 20.  Order them NOW so you have them in stock for those last minute gifts.

Homestyle Quilts by Kim Diehl and Laurie Baker includes  quilts that combine applique with piecing.  Consider adding touches of wool – always a good thing!  What is not to love???

Item #B1142T  Retail $26.99

Tricia Cribbs of Turning Twenty fame has three books in the top 20 – Turning Twenty, as well as two additional entries…

Item #FF125  Retail $10.95

Turning Ten combines ten fabrics with spectacular results…

Item #FF126  Retail $10.95

It’s Sew Emma has self published a book of Fat Quarter projects – Simply Fat Quarters – the perfect name for the perfect book!

Item #ISE901  Retail $19.95

For all of the Bonnie Hunter fans, she has a new book that you will love – String Fling…Scrappy, Happy and Loving it!  This will be on everyone’s list!

Item #KCS047-7  Retail $25.95

Since these are new, your customers are pretty much guaranteed not to have duplicates – always a good thing!  Many of these are easily kit-able with fat quarters.  Why not have some appropriate bundles nearby?  Let’s face it – most of the Christmas shoppers are men – and they need all of the help they can get!

Get to the Point with Creative Grids

Get to the point with Creative Grids new Triangle series that just arrived!  That’s right – they are all in stock and ready to ship… Karen Montgomery designed two of the rulers in this series, and over-achiever that she is, designed a row a month sampler so you can teach your customers how to use them!

Item #TQC331  Retail $14.00

Karen’s program begins with four- patches so you can cover basic rotary cutting and piecing with your customers.  This also gives you an opportunity to explain the program to your customers.  Notice that she used solids from Timeless Treasures.  Solids are so popular right now – and an added bonus is that many of you already have a collection of solids in your store!  Isn’t it nice to have a program that isn’t tied into a fabric that could be discontinued tomorrow!  That is what happens when you have a program designed by a shop owner FOR shop owners!  Karen knows what you need – and what your customers want! But, feel free to put your own twist on it.  I can see this in prints as well. The pattern comes with instructions for all of the rows on individual sheets.  This gives you the opportunity to spoon feed the rows and ruler demos to them in kit form.

By the time the program is ready to launch in January, there will be a series of Cut Loose Press patterns to support the rulers as well.  (For more on CLP, read the companion article.)

This 90 degree ruler is 8 1/2″ high – which means you can make quarter-square triangles that measure up to 16″!

Item #CGRT90  Retail $18.95

This quilt will be a CLP pattern as soon as it is quilted.  (CLP patterns are always tested – no virtual patterns allowed.)  This quilt was created in a day from nine 16″ finished quarter square triangles which were cut from strip pieced units.  How easy is that???  I simply sewed a strata of 1″ finished green strips and 2″ finished white and black strips.  The seams were pressed in one direction so they nested together beautifully!  You will love it!!!

To see a video showing how to use the ruler, visit:  //

The same technique can be used with any of these rulers.  Wait until you see what we have planned for the T45!

Item #CGRT45  Retail $17.95

To see a video showing how to use the ruler, visit:  //

The Triangle Squared ruler by Karen Montgomery is already featured in two CLP patterns.

Item #CGRTMT2  Retail $19.95

This darling Triangle in a Square baby quilt can be made in a matter of hours.  I especially love the mitered border.

Item #CLPKM0001  Retail $3.99

To view a video of this ruler, visit:  //

Karen also designed the Perfect Rectangle.

Item #CGRTMT3  Retail $17.95

This ruler is featured in this darling table runner that features any 12″ square, but the instructions include cutting requirements for the Ohio Stars.  The name “Any Twelve Will Do” is definitely appropriate!

Item #CLPKM0003  Retail $3.99

Karen also designed a quilt for The Quilt Company featuring this ruler. Stars in Check uses the entire 9 1/2″ of the ruler to create large blocks so this queen size quilt goes together very quickly.  This tessellation is fun, easy and fast!

Item #TQC330  Retail $8.50

To view a video of the ruler, visit:  //

The Keystone Table Runner combines both rulers – the CGRTMT2 and the CGRTMT3.  This pattern would be just as stunning in two colors – and oh so easy to kit!

Item #CLPKM002  Retail $3.99

The Keystone quilt under The Quilt Company name is striking in shades of blue and is so fun, you will want to make more than one!

Item #TQC329  Retail $8.50

I am writing a book with Landauer that features Dresden Plates that will be out the beginning of next year.  I can’t wait to share the patterns using this ruler.  I can make 20 round or pointed Dresden Plates in less than five hours – you will love it!

This 45 degree Kaleidoscope and Dresden Plate ruler rocks! To see a preview of some of the quilts, visit:  //

Item #CGRTKAL45  Retail $17.95
The rulers are available now as well as Karen’s CLP patterns.  The more complex patterns by The Quilt Company will be available by the end of the month.  And, by the first of the year, the entire series will be in place.  Prepare your demo schedule accordingly!

Cut Loose Press is LIVE

Cut Loose Press is alive and well – and blew the socks off of everyone at Quilt Market!!!  Our baby has launched to rave reviews and we couldn’t be happier!

This is how it works.  Top designers create quick and easy patterns that showcase a notion and up to three additional products.  These patterns are reasonably priced at just $3.99 Retail and come printed with your store name and information.  They are also printed on secure paper which turns black if copied – the glories of modern technology.  You must order a minimum of 12 – but can order any number over that, 13, 14, 15, etc.  And since they are printed on demand, they are always in stock!

Take a look at the possibilities….


Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool (CGRJAW1) and Log Cabin Trim Tool Two (CGRJAW2)

I am really excited because many of you have been waiting for support patterns for the Creative Grids Log Cabin ruler.  The designer of that ruler, Jean Ann Wright, has created three patterns that support the 8″ finished version – the CGRJAW1.

Half Log Cabin

Item #CLPJAW0001  Retail $3.99

Autumn Table Runner

Item #CLPJAW002  Retail $3.99

Courthouse Steps

Item #CLPJAW003  Retail $3.99

Licketty Split Log Cabin

Item #CLPJAW004  Retail $3.99

This one supports the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two – CGRJAW2.

Item #CLPJAW005  Retail $3.99

Visit the Creative Grids or Checker Distributors websites to watch videos demonstrating how the rulers are used.

The Log Cabin Trim Tool:  //

The Log Cabin Trim Tool Two:  //

Then, make sample blocks of all three sizes of all three varieties:  Half Log Cabin; Courthouse Steps; and a traditional Log Cabin.  Your customers will want to see the blocks in actual size and these blocks can be the basis for your demo.  Use them to show your customers how the squares on the ruler move down the block as each round of logs are added.  The light bulb goes off immediately.

You don’t have to actually make the quilts – the patterns are enough.  You may want to kit them, however.  They will be so excited they will want to go home and start right away!

Creative Grids Double Strip 90 Ruler (CGRDBS90)

Kathy Seal has written three patterns based on the Creative Grids Double Strip 90 degree ruler (Item #CGRDBS90).

Item #CGRDBS90  Retail $26.95

All of these patterns use the same technique – 4 1/2″ strip sets are sewn together into tubes – and then cut into squares.   Why not demo this technique and offer the patterns as companions?

Mirrored Tiles

Item #CLPKSE0001  Retail $3.99

Hot Cross Stars

Item #CLPKSE0002  Retail $3.99

Tropical Blues

Item #CLPKSE0003  Retail $3.99

How could squares cut the exact same way, look totally different???  Your customers will be amazed at well.

This ruler is consistently in the top 20 – along with the book that supports it:  Strip Smart Quilts.

Item #B1097T  Retail $24.99

Why not make a sample of blocks created with these 90 degree units that are included in the book?  Once they have committed to the ruler, they will want all of the patterns and book that support it.  And, if they already have the ruler, the additional patterns will appeal to them!

But there are a multitude of other patterns that support it as well…visit:  //

to see the all of the companions.

See how Cut Loose Press can be the beginnings of your next demonstration???

Batting is Beautiful!

The Fairfield booth at Quilt Market was the talk of the event and definitely was worthy of the “Most Creative” award!  The staff created a fantasy garden made entirely of batting – a quilter’s version of the Rose Parade!  Enjoy a tour in pictures.  The first pic is the entrance – which begins the magical tour….

It’s hard to imagine that this “garden” was totally made from batting!  Talk about creative???

This beautiful backdrop created the perfect setting to showcase the winners of the “Catch the American Spirit” Calendar Contest. The calendar commemorates the anniversary of the launch of Fairfield’s American Spirit Batting line, which is made in the USA. Each quilt was made with one of the 4 varieties of ASB batting, which is sold exclusively through independents.

Here is a sampling of some of the entries.  The first quilt was the Grand Prize winner.

How inspirational is this???

Quilt Market in Pictures Part Three

Houston – Thanks for the memories….

Janice Pope of Anything but Boring

Karla Alexander’s Quilt in Maywood Fabrics

Poorhouse Quilt Designs

Rachel’s of Greenfield

Serendipity Studio

Story Quilts

Studio Kat

Suzn Quilts

Swirly Girls Design

The Teacher’s Pet

Tiger Lily

Trish Stuart Designs


Whistlepig Creek

Wooden Bear