New Line introduced at Houston: Mourning Grays

Mourning prints are part of Victorian fashion in the post Civil War Era. When a woman became widowed, fashion dictated that she wear all black, without ornament and a crepe weeping veil for a year and a day. Beyond the first year, tradition stated that the widow should wear half mourning for a period of at least 6 months. This was called Mourning Grays, or sometimes called Shaker Grays,. The fabrics were finely printed black on a white ground that appeared to be gray. Gradually colors were added, starting with more somber colors such as deep purple, burgundy and brown. Purples from this era are often called “Fugitive”, because over time the purple coloring faded to a soft brown. The first stable purple dye wasn’t widely used until the 1920’s or 30’s. Prior to that time, the purples were produced by using natural dyes such as madder and logwood. Placing metal salts, or mordents in specific areas of the fabric would produce different colors of purple, red or brown. It must have been fun experimenting and coming up with such beautiful results!

The release date is end of April 2013

Information is compliments of Newcastle Fabrics

School Houses are a Must See!

School houses are scheduled the day before Market officially opens and are a great source of product information for shop owners.  These 15 minute to 30 minute sessions are opportunities for manufacturers and designers to showcase what’s new and share why you should carry it in your shop.  These sessions are a great way to choose classes and demonstrations for the next year!

We  have  a star studded cast – why not learn from the BEST???  I have spoken to all of these ladies – and been involved in the development of the topics – and they are absolutely awesome!  This is simply the best use of your time – bar none!!!

Rita Fishel
2:35 – 3:05 (Room 352F)
See the newest generation of Creative Grids Rulers
Meet the designers and the quilts that inspired the latest additions to the CGR ruler line.  Learn how to demonstrate each one and how to turn these demonstrations into sold out classes!
Rita Fishel
3:10 – 3:40 (Room 352F)
Turn those specialty rulers into maximum sales
Join the designers that make Creative Grids famous – and learn how to use their rulers as a basis for your next class!  See the latest books and patterns by these talented ladies.  Teachable moments included!
Karen Montgomery
3:45 – 4:15 (Room 352F)
“Demo Do’s and Don’ts”
Demo’s can bring dollars that have a hefty impact on your bottom line.  Learn what it takes for a successful demo and what pitfalls to avoid.
Hosted by Penny Haren and Kathy Seal
4:20 – 4:50  (Room 352F)
Class See 5 – Five Minute Demos that will increase sales and Inspire classes
Learn how to give this series of 5 minute demos in your shop – and turn those demos into classes.  Your favorite notions can now be your favorite classes!
Kathy Brown
4:55 – 5:25 (Room 362 E & F)
A New Pattern Series designed to Maximize Sales
Join Kathy Brown of The Teacher’s Pet as she shows you how to complete the sale – classes based on a pattern…including a notion,..,and made from simple pre-cut fabrics for fast and simple kitting!  Door prizes!
Penny Haren
4:55 – 5:25 (Room 352F)
Quilt shop only exclusive patterns to support the notions you love.
Cut Loose Press – developed for shops to promote and support notion sales.  Provide the complete package for demos – notions + reasonably priced patterns + shop friendly fabric cuts = increased sales.
Kathy Brown
4:55 – 5:25 (Room 362 E & F)

A New Pattern Series designed to Maximize Sales

Join Kathy Brown of The Teacher’s Pet as she shows you how to complete the sale – classes based on a pattern…including a notion,..,and made from simple pre-cut fabrics for fast and simple kitting!  Door prizes!

Joan Hawley
5:30 – 6:00 (Room 352F)
Stabilizers, Fusibles, Interfacings, Oh My…
Come learn about this Quilt Shop Only line of interfacings and take the confusion out of these products!

Sew Lazy Interfacing at Market and New Products

A Checker Distributors’ exclusive, Lazy Girl’s new Sew Lazy Interfacing line is going gangbusters! In fact, we have a couple of new items to tell you about since our introductory post here.  If you’ll be at Quilt Market later this month in Houston, you’ll have a few chances to hear Joan Hawley talk about this incredible line of new products and see the whole line in our booth.

New Products
– Slicker Tote pattern, LGD131, $5/ea retail
– Stiff Stuff 20 yd bolt, SLG10720, $5.29/yd + freight
– Sew Lazy sample card, SLGCARD, free, one per store

Perfect Kit Under $15
The Slicker Tote pattern, along with a cut of Slicker and Stiff Stuff creates a kit that comes in just under $15 retail.
The Slicker Tote is printed project-sheet style, available in 10 packs.

A pack of patterns, a bolt each of Slicker and Stiff Stuff will make 10 projects. Clover Wonder Clips work nicely with this project.
– LGD131 Slicker Tote (10 pattern pack)
– SLG102 Slicker Glossy Iron-On Vinyl (10 yd bolt)
– SLG107 Stiff Stuff Firm 10 yd bolt (10 yd bolt)

What you’ll learn in making the Slicker Tote
– Laminate your own fabric using Slicker Glossy Iron-On Vinyl
– Work with Stiff Stuff Firm interfacing
– Work with laminates including using clips instead of pins
– Make ‘wrap n fold’ handles the Lazy Girl way
– Box the bottom of a bag

At Market
SchoolHouse 5:30 – 6:00, room 352F

Demonstration: Sunday, 10:00 – 10:30, Checker Demo Table
Joan will introduce the whole line of 7 fantastic products as well as the new Slicker Tote pattern.

Checker You Video
Joan will be creating a video demonstration of the new Slicker Tote project to be available soon on Checker You.

Sew Lazy Products Click here to view Sew Lazy at Checker’s website.

Take and Teach Schedule for Market

Make and Take session are classes that begin at 8:00 every morning before Market.  I LOVE them!  Last Market, a shop owner stopped me and said that these classes were invaluable because they had “guts” to them!  How often do you get to spend an hour and a half with the designers who wrote the books, patterns and/or designed the rulers???  You talk about going to the source???

Saturday, Oct.27

Swirly Girls Design
8:00 – 9:30
Sassy Circles Made Easy
Item #SGD026  Retail $9.00
Susan and Christine designed the Circle Savvy ruler (Item #CGRSAV1) with Karla Alexander and this ruler is now in the top 20.  Frankly, with their creativity, the demand is so high, we have trouble keeping it in stock!!!  They have designed a multitude of patterns and are even featuring it on an upcoming cruise!  Come see how you can use it to not only cut 26 sizes of circles – but also rings, arcs, and anything else they can think of!  They have a knack for making everything fast, fun and easy so come and see why these techniques should be on your teaching schedule.
Jean Ann Wright
8:00 – 9:30
Lickety-Split Log Cabins x 3
Item #L112964  Retail $27.95
Jean Ann Wright’s Log Cabin Trim Tool (Item #CGRJAW1) was released at Spring Market and was an instant success!  We immediately got requests for different sizes – and when you talk, we listen.  So now we have added the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two (Item #CGRJAW2) with markings for both 6″ and 12″ finished blocks.  (The original finishes to 8″).  Her book based on this ruler will be available December 15th so come and see the advance copy and learn how to demonstrate both rulers.  We have found that approximately 75% of people that see the demo, buy it – now that is a must have!
Sunday, Oct 28

Karla Alexander
8:00 – 9:30
Curves Made the Easy Way!
Item #B1121T  Retail $24.99
Karla is a brilliant mathematician who designs her rulers with a “sweet spot”.  Her curves can be pieced into squares, strips and rectangles – and yes, even circles – and the points will match every time.  Her curves are so gentle that I can even piece them – and it only takes three pins!  She has designed a ruler of the month program around her books, patterns and rulers  and is going to show you how easy it is to take the fear out of curves.  Your customers will be glad you did!
Phyllis Anderson
8:00 – 9:30
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Item #L11274  Retail $27.95
P.J. has designed two rulers for Creative Grids (Item #CGRPA1 and CGRPA2) that take all of the math out of piecing diamonds – and a new book to show you 12 different ways to do it!  When you see her demo and the sample quilts, it will be a must have for your shop – it really is that good!  Her techniques have that awe factor that will have your customers coming back for more!
Monday, Oct. 29

Kathy Brown
8:00 – 9:30
“Cut It Out” with Creative Grids and Fat Quarter Quickies
Item #TP009  Retail $5.00
Kathy Brown of Teacher’s Pet is always the over achiever!  She designed the Fat Quarter Cutter with Creative Grids (Item #CGRY1).  This ruler has all of the lines you need to cut all of the pre-cuts on the market.  Cut your own and save big bucks!  Teach your customers how to manage their stash by cutting it into usable segments and stop feeling guilty about it!  Cut it up, use it up, and move on – that should be every quilter’s mantra!
But just in case they need help, Kathy has designed a whole new pattern line called Chubbies that can all be cut with this ruler in a matter of minutes.  Why not host a free stash busting party with the purchase of a ruler and have the patterns available to inspire them???
Rita Fishel
8:00 – 9:30
Creative Grids Can Entertain You!
Item #TCS013  Retail $10.00
Rita Fishel designs for Creative Grids as well as demonstrates them all over the country!  She has taken some of her favorite rulers and created patterns that have breathed new life into these specialty rulers!  I saw one quilt on Facebook and immediately told her to get the pattern written because she had another hit on her hands!  Come and see what all of the fuss is about – and how she has sold hundreds of rulers and patterns each month just by demonstrating it at shows!
Come visit with our ladies – you’ll be glad you did!

Log Cabins are Always in Style

I am SOOO excited about the release of this book because the rulers that inspired it have been top sellers!  This “Basics and Beyond” book explains the diversity of the Log Cabin blocks and why it is so popular.  Whether you choose the traditional log cabin, courthouse steps, or half log cabin, the setting can make the exact same blocks look totally different.  Playing with the dark and light fabric placement is just plain fun!

Item #L112964  Retail $27.95

The following ruler was used to create the following quilts…

Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $18.95

Woven Ribbons…..

Caribbean Candy

Southern Charm….

Sparkling Stars…..

The Log Cabin Trim Tool Two makes blocks that finish to 6″ and 12″…

Item #CGRJAW2  Retail $24.95

Look what happens when you combine the sizes!

Tweet with Me…..

This is the best demo I have seen in years and a great way for your customers to use up their stash!  Don’t miss out on this one!

My Favorite NEW Notions

There are several new notions coming out this Fall that have real potential to be the hot sellers for your after market demo.  They are not all in stock – but are expected to arrive any day so why not order them now so you will get them as soon as they are available???

By now, you all have tried Soft and Stable and absolutely love it in your small projects.  Annie now offers it in four packs cut to a place mat size.  Since this product does not have to be quilted, you can create  any table setting you want!  It even comes with a free pattern.

Item #PBASS10PP  Retail $12.95

Item #PBASS20PP  Retail $12.95

Did you know that Mary Ellen’s Best Press is now available in Peaches and Cream?  I can’t wait to try it!

Item #S60133  Retail $3.99

I love the Steady Betty line of products – and this stiletto should be a great addition to your notions collection.  The “spongy” tip holds the fabric right where you want it.

Item #SSP  Retail $12.95

This marking tool is something that we have carried for awhile.  It has been advertised a lot lately, so I thought it was worthy of a second look!  This tool shows up beautifully on dark fabrics and disappears when touched with a hot iron.

Item #UMP6  Retail $5.99

Remember, having the right tools makes the job sooooo much easier!

Embroidery is the new Handwork

I am THRILLED that Checker now carries Valdani threads because embroidery patterns are showing up everywhere – by several different designers.  Check out the entire line at: //

The variegated threads would be great for these versions of bluework; blackwork; etc.

Many of these patterns are not yet in stock – but will be arriving any day.

Twelve Days by Eagle’s Nest Design features a great setting.

Item #END002  Retail $10.00

Acorn Quilt & Gift Company has two new designs that are darling for the little ones in your life.  Betsy’s Closet features the vintage styles that every girl has worn at some point in her life.  And, sometimes adding a little color to the embroidery just makes me smile!

Item #AQG106  Retail $9.95

Little boys have their own sense of style….and toys….

Item #AQG107   Retail $9.95

Kathy Schmetz has brought embroidery front and center to home decor.  Her blackwork designs would shine in any room.  Don’t you love the setting of Blackbird Garden?

Item #KS1215  Retail $8.00

But sometimes a pillow is all you need to make a statement.

Item #KS1213  Retail $8.00

Hugs ‘n Kisses has designed a seven month block of the month quilt – Twas the Night before Christmas.  Dr. Seus would have loved it!

Item #HNK12  Retail $84.00
We always have great embroidery designs from Crab Apple Hill and Bird Brain Designs but now embroidery has hit the main stream.  It is hear to stay – and become the portable project for quilters.  Set up your display now!!!

Make these Books The Basis of your Winter Classes

I just returned from the AQS  show in Des Moines and got to see some of the new book releases from Landauer.  Not only did I get to see the books that are currently at the printers, I also got to see the actual quilts!  WOW!!!  Order now to guarantee that you receive the first run because re-prints on these books are a given!

Janet Pittman has done a fabulous job on a book of children’s book.  From princesses to construction, there is a quilt for every child in your life.  But, several of them are definitely wonderful choices for adults!  Sometimes changing the color way is the same as putting on your big girl panties!!!  The pre-sales on this book have been amazing so order now!

Item #L112933  Retail $24.95

Liz Kettle is an expert on threads and I am thrilled to announce that she has written a book on beading.  What better way to showcase threads???  There is a sampler project that is perfect for classes.  She has developed several beading techniques that I have never seen so this is a must have for everyone!

Item #L112957   Retail $24.95

Sandi Blackwell is releasing an sequel to her Square-agonals book.  Now there are 12 more blocks to cut and turn into beautiful quilts!

Item #L112971  Retail $16.95

All of these books would be the basis of great classes.  So order them now so they will arrive before you plan your winter classes!

New Patterns are Arriving Every Day

Did you know that our buyers have picked up 580 new patterns in the last 30 days???  You can tell Market is just around the corner!

To view the latest and greatest:

  • Click on the PATTERNS tab
  • Click on the Search Tab in the left hand column
  • Click the drop down menu for Date Range
  • And click on new in last 30 days

You can now view all of the patterns that have been added in the last month!  Many of them are by new designers.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Angels are always popular and this version would look great in hand dyed fabrics, batiks, or wool.  With such simple shapes, it would be the basis of a great applique class.

Item #FCP005  Retail $14.95

Hunter’s Design Studio has several new patterns that made me smile.  This baby quilt is paper-pieced and goes together very quickly.

Item #HDS-010  Retail $12.00

She takes a courthouse steps block to the next level by making an entire quilt from one block!

Item #HDS-004  Retail $10.00

To see the complete collection, visit our website at:  //

This 1847 Baltimore Bride’s Block of the Month quilt is elegant and sophisticated and would be easy to kit with tone on tone fabrics you already have.

Item #LVP713

You can tell there is a nip in the air and it is time to change purses.  This purse is fun to make and goes with everything.

Item #PPL086  Retail $10.00

And for those of you who love embroidery, these stockings are adorable.

Item #HNK35  Retail $14.00

Why not take a few moments to view our site so you know what to expect at Market.  Then you can make a list of booths that are must sees.  And, in some cases, buy the patterns in advance so you can choose fabrics to support them.  Many of these patterns are not in stock but will be arriving soon so get your orders in early!