Why Karen Kay Buckley Scissors SELL

Karen is world renowned for her exquisite applique work and spent three years developing the perfect applique scissors.

Her scissors feature one standard blade and one micro serrated one. The flat blade can be sharpened. The serrated blade stops the fabric from shifting by grabbing the fabric when cutting. Therefore, multiple layers can be cut at one time. The micro serrated blade is like cutting with a miniature pair of pinking shears – minimizing fraying.

Each pair of scissors comes with a protective plastic cover to protect the blades.

The 4″ size have very sharp points and are great for trimming individual pieces.

Item #KKBPSS Retail $19.99

The 7 1/2″ size have sharp points and are great for cutting multiple layers.

Item #KKBPSL Retail $27.95

The Perfect Curved Scissors have curved tips so you can cut threads very close to your work.

Item #KKBPSC Retail $22.95

All scissors have ergonomically designed handles which fit left and right handed sewers comfortably. Open a pair and leave them on your counter with some scraps of fabric. This is definitely a case of “if they try them, they will buy!”

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