Why Everyone Needs Terial Magic

This is one of those products that has taken on a life of its own!  Once quilters got their hands on it, they discovered its versatility – and it has been flying off the shelves ever since!


Item #TM1101  Retail $14.95 (24 oz.)

Item #TM11003  Retail $59.99 (Gallon)

A gallon treats approximately 20 – 24 yards of fabric.  Consider it a “super starch”.  When treated, the fabric holds its shape.  It stabilizes the fabric so fusibles are no longer necessary.  The treated fabric has additional body so appliques maintain their shapes and don’t fray.  Place with a dab of glue and stitch in place.  Terial Arts washes out so there is no bulk or stiffness usually associated with stabilizers!  Is that cool, or what!

I just got a Silhouette machine.  By treating the fabric before running it through the machine, the fabric cuts are perfect with no fraying – and they release easily from the cutting mat. Machine Embroider the shapes with no puckering or stiffness!

Want to create quilt labels on matching fabric?  Treat the fabric and run it through an ink jet printer.

My favorite use???  When creating story boards out of fabric, the step by steps are perfect and maintain their shape.  And, once again – NO FRAYING!  Unbelievable!

But for art quilters, this fabric can be manipulated into amazing shapes to create beautiful flowers!  Here is just a sampling:



Item #TM21016  Retail $12.95



Item #TM21015  Retail $12.95



Item #TM21018  Retail $12.95

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