Whisper Color Unlocks the Potential

The first time I saw a Silhouette Cameo demonstrated at Market, my head was spinning with the possibilities.  Laurel Anderson of Whisper Color put it all together to create these stunning works of art.

Each pattern includes a CD so that the pieces can be cut with the Silhouette.  Laurel treats the fabric with Terial Magic (Item #TM11001).  For those of you who are not familiar with this product, it is like starch on steroids!  When fabric is treated with this product, the cuts are precise with little fraying.

These patterns include fusible, turned edge and 3D effects created with the Terial Magic treated fabric.  This truly is a marriage made in heaven!

Geraniums measures 32″ x 44″.


Item #WC11126  Retail $19.99

Spring Bouquet measures 20″ x 24″.


Item #WC10945  Retail $21.99

French Doors measures 34″ x 64″.  Talk about making a statement!


Item #WC10976  Retail $27.99

Gladiolas measures an impressive 30 1/2″ x 72″.  What a great addition to a foyer or hall!


Item #WC10983  Retail $27.99

Since all of the pieces are cut out by the Silhouette (Item #CAMEO-CHECK2), these are works of art that you could actually complete!

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