USB Ports for the Sewing Enthusiast

Ladies and gentlemen take note! This is the first time I have EVER seen a new product introduced – and all seven versions reach the top 20 immediately! The demand for these USB ports has been so intense that the initial order has already been delayed to the end of April. That means that if you want these for shop hops this summer, order them now! When they are hot, they are hot – and these are hot NOW!

These USB ports hold 2 GB of storage and are both MAC and PC compatible.

These are listed in the order of popularity the first week:

#1 – Tape Measure

Item #E10201 Retail $17.99

#2 – Sewing Machine

Item #E10209 Retail $17.99

#3 – Spool

Item #E10204 Retail $17.99

#4 – Patched In

Item #E10205 Retail $17.99

#5 – Zipper

Item #E10202 Retail $17.99

#6 – Safety Pin

Item #E10203 Retail $17.99

#7 – Owl

Item #E10207 Retail $17.99

Gift items are always a big hit – and the perfect present so order accordingly!

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