The Trifecta: Creative Grids -Wilmington Fabrics – Cut Loose Press

We are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with Wilmington Fabrics to provide the entire package – their fabric, a Creative Grids® ruler, and a Cut Loose Press™ pattern!

The folks at Wilmington have recreated some of our most popular Cut Loose Press™ patterns in their brand new fabric lines.  Look for the Trifecta logo at the beginning of the fabric collection and click on it to download the images to display with the fabric, ruler, and Cut Loose Press™ pattern.

For the Isabella fabric line, for instance, we show three different Cut Loose Press™ patterns which feature Creative Grids® rulers:

This Way by Carl Hentsch

The original…


Item #CLPCHE003

This Way in Isabella fabrics….




The pattern features the Creative Grids Multi-Sized 45/90 ruler:


Item #CGRMS4590  Retail $25.45

Bloom by Christine Van Buskirk:

The original:


Item #CLPCVB005  

Bloom in Isabella fabrics….



The pattern features the Creative Grids 60 Degree Triangle ruler:


Item #CGRT60  Retail $18.95

Getting Zippy by Kathy Seal:

The original…

CLPKSE007 (1)

Item #CLPKSE007

Getting Ziggy in Isabella colors:




This pattern features the the Creative Grids Rhombus Too:


Item #CGRPA2  Retail $18.95

The PDF includes a fabric sheet:


Why not score the trifecta every time by providing a teaching opportunity with every sale?  Creative Grids provides that opportunity for your customers to learn a new technique with every purchase!  That is the Trifecta advantage!

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