The Cadillac of Notions

Clover produces classics – plain and simple. And the woman who has shared these with us for more years that I can count, will be at the Open House for one last time.  Come share some of Fran’s favorite things…..

Press Perfect Products

The Hot Hemmer Pressing Tool – my personal favorite – allows you to turn, measure and press a hem all in one step.  They recommend a dry iron…


Item #7806CV  Retail $17.95

The Touch Up Pressing Mitt is an ironing glove for your hand – perfect for pressing odd places like the base of a tote bag while protecting your hand.


Item #7808CV  Retail $18.95

Fran will be glad to share the benefits of the complete line of ironing products.

Clover has gone pink with two of their most popular products to support Breast Cancer research.

Wonder Clips


Item #3167CV

Needle Threaders


Item #4080CV

Nancy Zieman is a legend for a reason – she knows what she is doing!  Learn how she creates blocks with curves in three different sizes….


Item #9578CV  Retail $23.95

Everyone needs the basics – and this marking guide should be in every sewing bag.





Item #9579CV  Retail $17.50

Any questions on ANY Clover product?  Come talk to the woman who knows how to use them all and can help you choose the perfect demonstrations for YOUR shop!

Your Favorite Notions in Some New Sizes

Wonder Clips have become the quilter’s favorite “multi-purpose clip” for a reason.  We keep finding more and more uses for them – from binding clips to hair clips!  And, these do not put holes in the fabric so they are perfect when working with the popular vinyls that are on the market.

The new 100 pack is the most economical at just 60 cents a piece….

Item #3159CV  Retail $59.95

They are still available in the original 10 pack at approxiimately 70 cents a piece….

Item #3155CV  Retail $6.95

Or the in-between 50 pack size at 66 cents….you do the math!

Item #3156CV  Retail $32.95

And, don’t forget the larger size for those bigger jobs….

Item #3157CV  Retail $24.95

Meet the Bitty Bag – the baby sister of the Midi and Mondo Bags.  These bags are so popular because they are a great beginner project!  Iron the squares on to the gridded interfacing and then fold and sew!  The interfacing adds just the right amount of stability to the bag.

The Bitty Bag Fun Pack includes the pattern and interfacing for just $15.95.  This bag, made by Carolyn Griffin, gives you a visual for sizing…

Item #  Retail $15.95

But who can make just one????  Additional bolts of the interfacing panels are also available in 50 (Item #QS60054) or 25 panel (Item #QS65064) bolts.  Or, buy the pattern separately (Item #QS50039).

This purse is a great introductory class to prepare your students for the other two sizes.  The Mondo Bag is the original which is a great beach bag this time of year…

Item #QS10037  Retail $15.95

You can also purchase a bolt of 50 panels (Item #QS60039) or the instructions separately (Item #QS50037).

And, don’t forget the in-between size – the Midi Bag!

Item #QS10038  Retail $15.95

Buy a bolt of 50 panels (Item #QS60040) or the pattern (Item #QS50038) separately.  These are great classes for summer classes so stock up now!

Bobbin Savers have become a staple in every sewing room.  Meet the new size that is appropriate for M bobbins!

Item #GBSV  Retail $9.95

Try these other sizes of your favorite tools – you and your customers will love them!  They loved the originals, so these are sure to be a winner!

Wonder Clips on Steroids

When a new product hits the door and everyone cheers, you know it is going to be big – and not just because it is a bigger size!  The Jumbo Wonder Clips are in the building!  These beauties are 2 1/4″ long and include 7 different markings for seam allowances.  The base is flat so your sewing machine can run right next to the clip.  There  are 24 to a pack – plenty for whatever you need.

Item #3157CV  Retail $24.95

It isn’t often that I can tell you that these are guaranteed sales – but with the original 10 and 50 packs both in the top 20, this is a no brainer!

10 Pack

Item #3155CV  Retail $6.95

50 Pack

Item #3156CV  Retail $32.95

I love to “kit” blocks as I cut them.  These new longer clips are perfect!  I cut out all of the pieces for a specific block and then just clip them together – everything in one place and no risk of rusty pins!  The longer size is also perfect for hems, marking curtains, tote bags, etc.  Sometimes bigger is better!