Organize your Sewing Room by Going Vertical

These vinyl bags are incredibly popular.  They are clear so you can see what project
or supplies are enclosed at a glance.  The zipper closure keeps everything safely inside.  And, they come in multiple sizes so there is one to fit every project.


Item #CVB1  Retail  $5.00  6″ x 9″

Item #CVB2  Retail $5.50  8″ x 10″

Item #CVB3  Retail $6.00  8″ x 13″

Item #CVB4  Retail $6.50 10″ x 13″

Item #CVB5  Retail $7.00  13″ x 14″

Item #CVB6  Retail $7.50 16″ x 15″

Item #CVB7  Retail $8.00  17″ x 18″

Item #CVB8  Retail $8.50  18″ x 20″

Most patterns will fit in the 6″ x 9″ size, books in the 10″ x 13″ size with room for the fabric!

The best part?  The zipper pulls have a hole.  Most sewing rooms – including mine – include a closet complete with a rod.  Why not buy some S- Hooks or shower curtain hooks and place them on the rod. Hang these bags from the zipper pulls on these hooks.  Just think how many projects you can hang at eye level!  And they will not slip and slide around.

If you do not have a closet, hang them from a decorative curtain rod.  You can hang rods a couple of feet apart directly above each other.  The best part?  Each can be removed when needed individually without disturbing all of the other projects or supplies.  What a great use of wasted space!

Why not make a display with the bags in your store?  Once your customers see the display, they will see how quickly they can organize their space – and buy your kits already packaged in the appropriate sized bag.  Everybody wins.