The Newest Member of the Creative Grids® Family

Many of you have paid your rent by offering tuffet classes.  Erin Underwood’s round tuffet that can be made in an afternoon has been in the top 100 patterns since it’s release two years ago,










So when she came to us and wanted to do a 22-1/2 degree ruler so she could create a square tuffet, we were in!











This triangle has the same markings as her 15-degree triangle plus some additional angle markings which are referred to in patterns to create more intricate designs.










Sixteen triangles create a “circle” or Dresden.  Or use it to create a frequent bucket list contender – the Dahlia. Or create a quilt in an afternoon with Sassy Tumblers.











Or create a table runner and matching place mats with this Cut Loose Press™ pattern.










Karen Bennett of Nellie’s Needle loved it so much, she designed three patterns around it…

nn367 nn368

















The patterns are selling out quickly, but don’t worry!  More are expected any day!

Miss Muffet Would be so Proud!

This has been a true labor of love – and a study in perseverance!  Christine Van Buskirk is a Creative Grids designer who became a Certified teacher through Sharyn Cole of The Tuffet Source.  Whenever she posted a pic of the tuffets created by her latest students, I would literally drool!









Your drooling now too – aren’t ye!!!

These are upholstered pieces with paper-pieced foundations.  And did you notice that they ALL look perfect???  They were made by different students but they all came out beautifully.  Christine offers this class over and over again.  It is always sold out and their is always a waiting list!  Unfortunately, she didn’t have a class scheduled within 500 miles of me – and I am impatient so…..

Our buyers contacted Sharyn so we could carry the pattern and asked Bosal to create the foam (Item #186B Retail $17.49(since that was the hardest part for shops to find.  And, by the end of the month, you should be able to create these beauties in your shop as well!


Item #PPFP100  Retail $28.00

Then, independently, Erin Underwood developed a tuffet of her own!  Her version is not upholstered and is pieced with her Creative Grids 15 degree ruler.


Item #EUQ304  Retail $11.00


Item #CGREU1  Retail $23.45

Erin is also a Facebook friend – and has posted pictures as well!

Let the drooling begin!

1505530_432670803549715_4974918955408534168_n 1959709_10152791063696132_411672470084587075_n













Whether you choose to make an upholstered piece or Erin’s that can be made in an afternoon, you know you are going to be making them!  All of the pieces are on order and will be in by the end of the month so stock up now!

If you would like Erin or Christine to teach the class for you, contact them on Facebook!