Thinking outside the block!

Stephanie Prescott of A Quilter’s Dream designs quilts that are definitely outside of the box –  and designs quilts that vibrate with color.  Yes, she designs fabric for Fresh Water Designs as well.

Her lack of sashings and borders adds to the appeal….even when there are blocks involved.


Item #QDP110  Retail $10.00

Double Shot Star


Item #QDP098  Retail $10.00

Square Knots


Item #QDP119  Retail $10.00

Row quilts look totally different in Stephanie’s hands…

Oh Snap….Beads!


Item #QDP112  Retail $10.00

Beach Balls


Item #QDP118  Retail $10.00

Social Climber


Item #QDP108  Retail $10.00

Or no rows and blocks at all….


Item #QDP111  Retail $10.00

Right on Target


Item #QDP097  Retail $10.00

She doesn’t just do quilts.  Her purses are classic….



Item #QDP113  Retail $10.00




Item #QDP107  Retail $10.00







Item #QDP090  Retail $10.00

Come see Stephanie at the Checker Open House.  She can teach you how to look at batiks in a whole new way!

Color meets Style for All Generations!

Stephanie Prescott of Quilter’s Dream is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers.  She has that rare ability to create quilts that appeal to everyone – traditional and modern quilters unite!

The stars float and the pattern includes fabric requirements for all sizes from baby to king.  All you need is a ruler with 30 and 60 degree angles. Her favorite?  The CGRT60 of course!

QDP080 Item #QDP080  Retail $10.00

Zzyzx Road is very graphic and is easy to piece with the CGRT12560.  This 12 1/2″ version of our most popular 60 degree ruler is just the ticket for these larger triangles.  They can be cut with the 8 1/2″ size, but it is really close.  Sometimes bigger IS better!

QDP093Item #QDP093  Retail $10.00

Social Climber features the Perfect Rectangle – CGRTMT3.  This one reminds me of the Jacob’s Ladder that we played with as children.

QDP108Item #QDP108 Retail $9.95

Same ruler, totally different look…..

QDP111Item #QDP111  Retail $10.00

Visit our website to see all of her patterns:  //

But don’t you love her sense of color????  And, since she designs batiks for Fresh Water Designs, you can incorporate her colors into your quilts!  Check out her new collection – Funny Papers!


This collection is available in ten and fifteen yard case assortments or by the bolt!  Check out her fabrics on our website:  //

You’ll be glad you did!!!!