Tunics with Style and Comfort

There is a reason that both of these clothing patterns are in the top 100.  They flatter any body type comfortably.

The schoolhouse tunic can be worn as a dress, over jeans or as a shirt.  The pleated front and back adds that extra comfort.  The 3/4 length sleeves can drape or add elastic to keep them in place.  The open bodice is perfect for layering.  AND, the pattern includes sizes from 2 to 20.


Item #SL106  Retail $15.00

The Modern Medley Top and Tunic is constructed with a variety of fabrics to create this slightly over-sized, unique and stunning top, tunic or jacket with a shirt-tail hem. Choose from two lengths – both of them flattering to any body type.  The shorter version falls just below the hips and then dips lower in the front and back.  The tunic version is perfect over leggings.  The dolman sleeves provide ease of movement in the shoulder area. The pattern comes in multiple sizes from small to 2XL.


Item #IJ1113  Retail $16.00

These two patterns join these all time favorites on the top 100 list.  The Little Somethin’ Jacket sports a slightly flared 3/4 length or full length sleeve.  It comes in two different flattering lengths.  The front lapels are self-faced which makes this a three hour project.  The pattern includes sizes from 8 – 24.


Item #CNT2501  Retail $11.98

The Simple-Elegant Tee is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. The tee is a one-piece pattern! Three sleeve styles: Kimono, Cap & Dolman, two necklines: Scoop & V neck, and three lengths are interchangeable to create a simple key piece for all-day style and elegance! Once again, this is available in multiple sizes: 8-24.


Item #CNT2601  Retail $11.98

When four clothing patterns hit the top 100 patterns, it is time to sit up and take notice!  Why not order some rayon and knits?  Since these patterns all require multiple yards, a bolt will disappear on no time!

Clothes that Fit And Flatter

I love Karen Nye’s fashions.  She knows how to create styles that flatter women of every age – and size.  Each top can be made in a variety of sleeves and lengths.

This Simple-Elegant Tee is the perfect choice for summer.  This one-piece pattern couldn’t be any easier.


Item #CNT2601  Retail $11.98

Create your own look by combining your favorite neckline, sleeve style and length that will best compliment your figure.  Choose a beautiful fabric that drapes well – cotton and batik fabrics are perfect.

This swing jacket is so popular that shops can’t keep it in stock.


Item #CNT2501  Retail $11.98

Once again, choose from two different lengths of jacket and sleeve lengths to create your own flattering style.  Each pattern includes sizes from 8 to 24.

Introduce your customers to the job of sewing clothes that fit!  They will love you for it – and be able to make them in three hours or less!

Stylish Tee from a Top Selling Designer

Karen Nye’s “A Little Somethin’ Jacket” is so popular that many shops chose it as their first foray into fashion sewing.  And are they glad they did!  This figure flattering jacket has been the top selling clothing pattern since its release.


Item #CNT2501  Retail $11.98

Her new pattern has been worth the wait!  This simple T-shirt pattern comes in a variety of lengths; necklines and sleeve styles.  It drapes beautifully and flatters any body type.  This pattern, once again, comes in sizes 8 – 22.


Item #CNT2601  Retail $11.98

Talk about instant gratification!  These tops can be made in an afternoon.

Now that you are familiar with her newest selections, it is a good time to revisit her previous patterns.  After all, you know the quality is there, your customers know which size to make, and they are gorgeous as well!  And, they all have a variety of options…


Item #CNT2001  Retail $11.98


Item #CNT2401  Retail $11.98


Item #CNT1401  Retail $11.98


Item #CNT1701  Retail $11.98


Item #CNT901  Retail $11.98

This jacket works great in wool and fleece…






Item #CNT2201  Retail $11.98

Isn’t wonderful when someone designs clothing that actually fits a woman’s figure?  Why not be a walking mannequin and showcase these in your shop today?