Olfa has Revolutionized Cutting Mats!

This is the greatest innovation since the invention of the rotary cutting mat.  Olfa has created a folding mat – which makes your mat totally portable.  Reducing your mat to “half size” means you can take it to retreats and classes easily – and it is easier to protect it from temperature variations when traveling!


The 12″ x 17″ size – Item #FCM-12×17  Retail $49.99


The 17″ x 24″ Size – Item #FCM-17×24 Retail $69.99

The wavy edge interconnects and is seamless when opened.  I got to try one – and seriously – you can’t see it and the rotary cutter went right over it.  A piece of black tape runs the height of the mat so the two halves mesh perfectly every time.

These mats won’t be available until July but order them now so you get the first order.  I have a feeling these are going to sell like crazy to those quilters who travel and quilt!  How could they resist???