Sew Kind of Wonderful has all the Right Curves

Jenny and Helen – the sister duo who have added curves in all the right places – and many places we never considered – have outdone themselves!  For the first time, they are going to have a booth at Spring Market to celebrate the release of a new book, five new patterns and three Cut Loose Press patterns!

And it all began with this simple tool…


Item #SKW100  Retail $22.00

Metro Lattice reminds me of a combination of a pinwheel and double wedding ring block.  The fabric choices and quilting are an added bonus!


Item #SKW404  Retail $10.00

Metroscope frames a curved quarter-square triangle for maximum impact.


Item #SKW405  Retail $10.00

Metro Medallion looks like a modern mosaic.


 Item #SKW406  Retail $10.00

Metro Twist puts a whole new spin on a traditional cathedral window look.


Item #SKW407  Retail $10.00

This is the perfect demo opportunity.  And as always, they are one step ahead of us!  Curve it Up is a block of the month program that adds curves to your favorite blocks.


Item #SKW408  Retail $18.00

The perfect companion to a demo?  Cut Loose Press patterns of course!  This Dancing Churn Dash never looked so good…


 Item #CLPSKW001

Two-Step is a classy apple core….


Item #CLPSKW002

And, drum roll please, Dot to Dot…


 Item #CLPSKW003

Their first book features eight different projects that all use the same tool….


 Item #L112237  Retail $18.95

Checker is sponsoring a school house at Spring Market so be sure to add it to your schedule – Room 360 at 2:55 on Thursday.  And stop by their booth during Market – you will be glad you did!


Meet the Second Half of Sew Kind of Wonderful

Helen Robinson is the very talented sister of Jenny Pedigo and has used her Curve Ruler to create more traditional designs – that have a definite twist!  They both have totally different styles – so much so that I could look at all of the patterns and tell who did what!  That is the true test of talented designers!

Item #SKW100  Retail $22.00

What a difference a curve makes to a flying gees unit in Deco Shimmer.

Item #SKW201  Retail $10.00

This quilt reminds of a traditional Jacob’s Ladder.

Item #SKW202  Retail $10.00

Look at this great setting for a four-patch!

Item #SKW203  Retail $10.00

I love this scalloped border which adds the interest of curves with a straight binding.

Item #SKW204

What can be simpler than this simple quilt – what a great way to show off some great fabrics.

Item #SKW205  Retail $10.00

This reminds me of a trip around the world….

Item #SKW206  Retail $10.00

Quarter square triangles will never be the same…

Item #SKW207  Retail $10.00

And, if you are looking for a great class for the Christmas season that will attract the interest of young and old alike, check this out!

Item #SKW302  Retail $10.00

Don’t you love it when there is support for a new tool?  What a great demo item!

A New Talent Crosses Generations

It isn’t often that I am totally enamored by a new designer – but that is the case with Jenny Pedigo of Sew Kind of Wonderful!  Her quilts encompass all of the features showcased in this age of the “Modern Quilt” – large prints, solid colors, undefined blocks, movement, and larger pieces.  But the traditionalist in me is drawn to them because there is some “oomph” to these projects!  They are constructed with a new curved ruler which creates symmetrical curves – which fulfills my need for balance – and is a learning opportunity!  AND, my 24 year old daughter loves them as much as I do.

Item #SKW100  Retail $22.00

These patterns are beautifully done so I am going to shut up now and let her work speak for itself….

Urban Birthday…

Item #SKW101  Retail $10.00

Urban Abacus…

Item #SKW102  Retail $10.00

Urban Candy…

Item #SKW103  Retail $10.00

Urban Beads…

Item #SKW104  Retail $10.00

Urban Escape…

Item #SKW105  Retail $10.00

Urban Window…

Item #SKW106  Retail $10.00

Urban Chained…

Item #SKW107  Retail $10.00

Urban Pods….

Item #SKW108  Retail $10.00

Urban Nine Patch…

Item #SKW109  Retail $10.00

Your customers won’t know which one to make first!  Next week I will showcase the patterns designed by her sister.  Don’t you love it when there is this much support for a new product???  They are not yet in stock – but are expected in this week – so place your orders NOW!  These are going to be flying out the door!