Piece by Number Snack mats and Place mats

Kits by Carla has created these wonderful kits that make place mats and snack mats a quick and easy afternoon project – from start to finish.  Sew them this afternoon and gift them as a gift tonight!

Click on the product video to see how easy it is:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/PBNSNKMTR?

Piece by number is similar to paper-piecing – but on a grand scale.  The foundations are printed on full size pieces of interfacing which remain in the finished project.  Since the interfacing is placed on the backing fabric, the project is literally quilt as you go.

Why not teach a class on the snack mat projects?  The snack mat assortment consists of 25 kits with five different patterns and an assortment of fabrics.  That’s right – these 5″ x 8″ mat kits include the fabric as well so they are literally class ready!




 Order a display rack that includes a finished project.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!



 Once you have seen how easy this technique is, move onto place mats.  The kits include foundations for four place mats.  The kits are available in four different patterns as well.

Log Cabin


Item #PBNPLMT  Retail $22.85

Shown in different fabrics of your choosing….




Item #PBNPLMTBR  Retail $22.85

Consider the possibilities…







Card Tricks


Item #PBNPLMTCR  Retail $22.85





Snails Trail


Item #PBNPLMTST  Retail $22.85





The backing is cut larger and then wrapped to the front to bind and complete them.  These projects are a perfect beginning project or instant gratification for the more experienced quilter.  Your customers will love them!





















































Pre-Cuts are a Girl’s Best Friend

Many of you have fallen in love with the Craf-Tex placemats that are fusible on both sides.  These are great foundations because they don’t have to be quilted at all – talk about instant gratification!  Many designers saw the versatility of this product and have designed projects specifically for them.  To see the original and the patterns that support it, visit our website at:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/PM-1B

Craf-Tex has followed the success of their rectangle place mats with several other entries.  All of them are fused on both sides.

These round place mats are 16″ – the perfect size for a centerpiece for a round table.  Why not have your customers bring in some orphan blocks and show them how easy it is to add borders, fuse in place, and trim to size?  A fat quarter is the perfect backing!

Item #PM-3B  Retail $9.00

The oval version has much rounder corners – perfect for small tables and tight places.

Item #PM-2B  Retail $9.00

The coasters come in round and square versions.  Why not use these as a foundation for a quick Christmas Ornament?

Item #437B-6CR  Retail $5.99

Item #437B-7CS  Retail $5.99

Remember – this foundation washes well but don’t stick it in a dryer.  Let the project air dry and press if needed.  Fast, fun and easy!

Standing Room Only Classes – Part Three

In this class, your customers will learn:

  • Create a “Quilt as You Go” Placemat
  • Try the Pre-Cut Bosal Placemats
  • Learn How to Cut a Bias Binding
  • Hold that Binding in Place with Fusible Thread

Start with a great Cut Loose Press pattern by Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy Quilts….

Item #CLPMTR002  Retail $3.99

Use the fusible oval placemats by Craf-Tex.  These placemats are fusible on both sides so you may want to showcase the Applique Pressing Sheet that comes in an 18″ x 20″ size (Item #BTD209).

Item #PM-2B  Retail $9.00

Once the piecing is complete, show them how to use the CGRABB1 ruler to cut a bias binding.  They already have the ruler and the binding card (QPBS) if they took the previous class.  If possible, show them an old quilt that has a worn binding and explain that if they cut binding on the straight of grain, the same thread is being worn on the edge of the quilt.  When it wears out in one place, it wears out on the entire length.  By cutting the binding on the bias, 65 threads per inch are wrapped around the edge so if one thread is worn, there are 64 more per inch to preserve the integrity of the quilt!

Show them how to use fusible thread in the bobbin when attaching the binding.  Then when they fold the binding over to the back and press it in place, it can be positioned right over the previous stitching line.  Then, when your students stitch in the ditch from the front of their work, they are guaranteed to cover the stitching on the back AND catch the binding!

Item #12301  Retail $5.99

These classes all offer different techniques and can be taken independently of each other – but many of your customers will sign up for all three because they know they are going to actually learn something!!!  Once again, going home with a finished project is a bonus!  And, these projects are so easy to do that they will want to make several as gifts.  Talk about a win/win situation!!!

Standing Room Only Classes – Part One

Many  shop owners complain because they can not fill their classes.  It may all be in the presentation!  I am going to share three different classes based on very simple projects and turn them into a must attend class!  Don’t just tell them that they are going to make four place mats.  Why not spice it up like this:

Get a head start on your gift giving by making a set of four place mats in your choice of fabrics.  In this three hour class, learn how to:

  • Quilt as you go
  • Use Insul-Bright and see why it may be your batting of choice
  • Learn how to turn the binding by bringing the backing to the front
  • Press and glue the binding in place in one easy step

Item #PMFS  Retail $4.99

Go to Checker You to see Kathy Seal demonstrate how to teach this as a class.  (This is a site exclusively for shop owners that shares classes and videos from the designers.)

Kathy shows how to cut the backing one inch larger than the front and turn this fabric to create the binding.  Frankly, I was a binding snob and always used a double fold binding until I talked to Kathy.  In a very nice way, she said get over it!  It’s a place mat!  Not everything has to be an heirloom quality project – and sometimes quick and easy is best!  And using her method, the binding takes about 15 minutes!

Kathy uses Roxanne’s glue while pressing the binding in place.  The iron actually dries the glue and holds it in place so it can be stitched exactly where you want it!  Who knew????  If you didn’t know this trick, your customers won’t either!

Item #RXGL5  Retail $4.90

Use these classes as an opportunity to try different battings.  This time, feature Insul-Bright.  I love this product because you can then use the place mat as a hot pad on the table.  A nine x thirteen pan fits perfectly on a place mat.  I use the wrong side in case there is a spill – the front will still be pristine.

Insul-Bright has a reflective side that should be face up so the heat is reflected away from the table surface.  But if you are going to flip the place mat over when using it for this purpose, turn the Insul-Bright over when sewing it into the project.  Be sure to read the packaging.

Item #6345WN  Retail $7.65

Now for the presentation….Kathy shows how to set up a table setting that will make your customers drool.  Now complete a display by pulling focal fabrics that could be showcased in this design.  Showcase a completed place mat and display the class description and dates of the class.  Make every class – no matter how simple – a learning opportunity.  I have been quilting 30 years and would sign up for the class because I want to know the glue trick and haven’t bound quilts this way!  Be sure to have plenty of products available.  Kathy has eight different place mat patterns.  Once they know how to make one, they will want them all – but only if you have them available.  Don’t forget the Insul-Bright and Roxeanne’s glue.  The place mats are a bonus….

My Favorite NEW Notions

There are several new notions coming out this Fall that have real potential to be the hot sellers for your after market demo.  They are not all in stock – but are expected to arrive any day so why not order them now so you will get them as soon as they are available???

By now, you all have tried Soft and Stable and absolutely love it in your small projects.  Annie now offers it in four packs cut to a place mat size.  Since this product does not have to be quilted, you can create  any table setting you want!  It even comes with a free pattern.

Item #PBASS10PP  Retail $12.95

Item #PBASS20PP  Retail $12.95

Did you know that Mary Ellen’s Best Press is now available in Peaches and Cream?  I can’t wait to try it!

Item #S60133  Retail $3.99

I love the Steady Betty line of products – and this stiletto should be a great addition to your notions collection.  The “spongy” tip holds the fabric right where you want it.

Item #SSP  Retail $12.95

This marking tool is something that we have carried for awhile.  It has been advertised a lot lately, so I thought it was worthy of a second look!  This tool shows up beautifully on dark fabrics and disappears when touched with a hot iron.

Item #UMP6  Retail $5.99

Remember, having the right tools makes the job sooooo much easier!

Place Mats hit the Trifecta

Kathy Seal is a shop owner who has provided you with the means to create the perfect trifecta – class/demo/and kit!  These patterns are already into their second printing – and if you move now – will be kitted with a display sample by the end of the week!

The concept is brilliant!  Each placemat is a quilt as you go project so when they are done, they are DONE!  The backing is brought to the front for the binding so that will be completed too!  When is the last time you taught a class and they walked out with a gift ready to wrap???  These are so simple, they will want to make them for every occasion…

Framed Seasons has a perfect center section that can showcase great holiday prints or your customers can personalize it by adding a name or applique.

Item #PMFS  Retail $4.99

On the Side features a strip to place the silverware and has a more modern look….

Item #PMOTS  Retail $4.99

Picture Perfect…

Item #PMPP  Retail $4.99

Woven Wonder…

Item #PMWW  Retail $4.99

Kathy is coming down next week to do a demonstration of these placemats for CheckerYOU.  By the time you have everything in stock and pick out your fabric, you will be able to watch how to demo it to your customers.  Checker aims to please!  If you are coming to the Open House, Kathy will tell you exactly how she has sold hundreds of these kits and patterns in her store – learn from the best!!!