Round Robin Rebels Reunion at Open House – Part One

When Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches designed a ruler for Creative Grids, she called her quilting friends – better known as the Round Robin Rebels – and asked them to create a quilt showcasing the new Kite ruler.  The quilt can be created by your friends/customers in five rounds (Item #CLPGER006; #CLPKCA004; #CLPKCA005; #CLPTDE001; & #CLPTDE002).


Kari Carr, Gudrun Erla and Terri Degenkolb will be sharing a booth at our Open House to introduce their Round Robin Rebels program.  (Yes, they are willing to take this program on the road and lecture and teach at your event.)  This program is so successful because these ladies are renowned designers individually.

This quilt combines 15 degree (CGREU1); 30 degree (CGRSG1) and 60 degree (CGRKC1) angles.  Sew together a 60 and two 15’s to create a ninety degree with style!  But they didn’t stop there.  They have created an entire series of patterns that showcase these ruler combinations.

The Kite Ruler


Item #CGRKC1  Retail $24.45

All of these projects are made with this ruler:

Kite Runner


Item #CLPKCA002

Pieced Rose Star


Item #CLPKCA003

Candy Corn


Item #CLPKCA006

Striped Kites


Item #NLS141  Retail $6.50

Spring Sky

This project incorporates 30 degree angles as well (CGRSG1).


Item #NLS142 Retail $6.50


And look what happens when you add 120 degree angles (CGR120R) to the 60 (CGRKC1) and 30 (CGRSG1).


Item #NLS143  Retail $9.00

Tick Tock Clocks

Add some style to every room with Kari’s clocks created with 30 degree angles (CGRSG1).


Item #NLSB114  Retail $16.00

Come visit with Kari at the Checker Open House.