Adding the Awe Factor to your Quilts

Susan Cleveland is like a dog with a bone – and that is a good thing!  She creates quilting tools that allow you to incorporate the awe factor into every single project.  The tools themselves are wonderful – but then she took each one and experimented and tweaked them until they have become must haves for every quilter.

Perfect example – Piping Hot Curves.


Item #PHCB  Retail $24.95

This book introduces how to use a 1/16″ piping cord which is thin enough to add detail and dimension to your quilt.


Item #GPTTG  Retail $24.00

To achieve these results, you need the right tool.  This Grande Piping Trim Tool has grooves so the seam allowance can be trimmed to a perfect 1/4″ or 1/2″.


Item #GPTTG  Retail $24.00

Susan has also created a metal tool that creates perfect creased prairie points.


Item #PP  Retail $20.00

But, of course she didn’t stop there!  She wrote a book – once again showing multiple ways to include an all time favorite into your quilts.


Item #PRPABOOK  Retail $28.00

Susan provides techniques and tools that are great demonstrations.  After all, you need to continue to challenge your customers or they will become bored and move onto another hobby!  Come see Susan demo these tools at the Open House.  Why not learn from the expert – who has demonstrated her tools thousands of times!  Note:  The Open House is a wholesale show that is not open to the public.