Info at your Fingertips!

I was so excited to see my new Pocket Guide with Landauer on the Checker site today! Due out in September, it is a compilation of all of those helpful hints that I share when I am teaching and lecturing. Sue Voetglin – a dear friend and editor of my books – assisted in a class I taught in Des Moines a few years back. When the class was over, she said you need to write that stuff down – and a pocket guide was born!

When I am at shows, I am constantly asked about different interfacings as well. The product choices have exploded for a gal who remembers when they created Wonder Under! Kristine Poor of Poorhouse Designs is the gal the industry calls when they are developing new products. She creates new and dynamic ways to incorporate them into projects everyone loves. So, when Landauer was looking for someone to write a pocket guide in this specialty, of course they called Kristine!

Both of these guides will join the family in September and are great additions to their other titles:

These are available as counter displays as well. Check our website for details!

Make these Books The Basis of your Winter Classes

I just returned from the AQS  show in Des Moines and got to see some of the new book releases from Landauer.  Not only did I get to see the books that are currently at the printers, I also got to see the actual quilts!  WOW!!!  Order now to guarantee that you receive the first run because re-prints on these books are a given!

Janet Pittman has done a fabulous job on a book of children’s book.  From princesses to construction, there is a quilt for every child in your life.  But, several of them are definitely wonderful choices for adults!  Sometimes changing the color way is the same as putting on your big girl panties!!!  The pre-sales on this book have been amazing so order now!

Item #L112933  Retail $24.95

Liz Kettle is an expert on threads and I am thrilled to announce that she has written a book on beading.  What better way to showcase threads???  There is a sampler project that is perfect for classes.  She has developed several beading techniques that I have never seen so this is a must have for everyone!

Item #L112957   Retail $24.95

Sandi Blackwell is releasing an sequel to her Square-agonals book.  Now there are 12 more blocks to cut and turn into beautiful quilts!

Item #L112971  Retail $16.95

All of these books would be the basis of great classes.  So order them now so they will arrive before you plan your winter classes!