The Best Selection of Wool – Period!

I love In the Patch’s wool.  Phyllis Meering owns a shop so she KNOWS how to add eye appeal to every product she offers.  A display of her wools is affordable AND will soon have more options!

This month she is adding “Corders” – her version of a quarter yard of wool.


Item #WCY15907  Retail $24.95

This is the difference – Phyllis dyes the wool first, then felts it, THEN cuts it!  That means you get a full 9″ x approximately 50″.  We say approximately 50″ because depending on whether she is dying a heather, ivory or plaid base, the width could vary.  50″ is the LEAST that any will measure after felting.

Other companies cut AND then felt so you never know how much you are actually getting.

The basics are $24.95 a quarter of a yard.  The hand-dyes are $29.99.  The hand-dyed versions are available in three different variations.  Phyllis starts with a solid ivory, a heather, or a plaid.  That’s all you need to know!  We will change the images on our website as Phyllis submits them after she dyes each color.  In the meantime, the colors are correct – add a P for Plaid; an I for a solid ivory base; and an H for a heather base (which includes those little nubs and textures).

All of these colors are also available as Chubbies and Charm Pack.  Phyllis will have a display at Market showcasing everything.  Her booth is truly eye candy – why not add some eye candy to your shop today?

Valdani meets In the Patch Wool

In the Patch

I love the In the Patch wools for a multitude of reasons.  These felted wools are top quality and feature charming packaging.  They are available in a variety of sizes that are easy to display – and afford.   

These wools are available in 50 different colors.  Shops can order a packet of all 50 colors so they can plan their next project – and kits.











Item #WS5572

You can purchase each color individually in 16″

Chubbies or buy 5″ charms in coordinating five color packs…Notice how cute the packaging is….


Item #WC5647

Or choose the 9″ x 10″ packages of 5.  These assortment packs are color coordinated to meet all of your kitting needs.  Again, who can resist the packaging?


Item #WCNK5130

When you need backgrounds, they also have half yard cuts in ivory, oatmeal, and black….












Item #WH5128

To see the entire line of wools, visit our website at:  //

Their booth will be right next to Valdani at the Open House.  What a combination – my favorite wool with my favorite pearl cottons and three strand floss.

These sampler packs will give you an idea of how gorgeous these threads are:

Accents 2 Autumn – 12 weight












Item #A2PC12SMPLR  Retail $63.00

Joy to the World 8 weight












Item #A1PC8SMPLR  Retail $63.00


Time Goes By – 3 Strand Floss












Item #TGB33STSMPLR  Retail $46.00

Come and talk to the experts and learn which threads to use when.  And see how to add decorative stitching with these threads to your next wool project.  You will be glad you did!