Kari Carr Joins the Creative Grids Hexie Craze

I LOVE this ruler!  With Kari’s instructions, I pieced PERFECT inset points the very first time – and it is sooooo easy!  I have avoided them for 30 years – and it turns out, I just didn’t have the right tools!

The Kite Plus Tool cuts perfect kites that finish to 2″; 4″; 6″ and 8″.  Since there are holes drilled to mark the seam line, inset points are a piece of cake!  She has written precise instructions that will amaze your customers!  I can’t wait to demonstrate it!

CGRKC1 (1)








Item #CGRKC1  Retail $24.45

The secret behind this brilliant idea?  The combination of a 60 degree triangle and a 120 degree triangle creates 90 degree triangles on each side.  Sewing the 120 degree end of three kites together creates a perfect 60 degree angle!  And, since that is our number one selling specialty ruler, I can’t wait to see what happens when you all let your creative juices flow!

Kari has designed two Cut Loose Press patterns that are great demos.

Hybrid Hexie Kite Runner is created with a base cut on the fold – fast and easy the Kari Carr way!  And remember those 90 degree angles I mentioned?  She places a square of contrasting fabric on them – like you would to make a snowball!  It looks SOOO complicated but is actually so simple!  This entire table runner is only 12 pieced 60 degree triangles!









Item #CLPKCA002

Hybrid Hexi Pieced Rose Star once again eliminates a piece by cutting kites on the fold.  And, yes, following her instructions, you will piece them perfectly the first time!


Item #CLPKCA003

Striped Kites is actually just six fussy cut pieced 60 degree triangles.  This is so easy, you could make them as gifts for everyone on your list!  The fabric works for you…









 Item #NLS141  Retail $6.50

Spring Sky is very dramatic and combines the Kite Plus ruler with the 30 degree triangle (CGRSG1),  With all of the Christmas fabrics arriving next month, who pictures this as a great tree skirt!


Item #NLS142  Retail $6.50

Blacksmith is simply a show stopper!  I love the description on our website:

Bold and graphic anvils are forged in this dynamic quilt. Classic enough for the traditionalist, yet modernism at it’s finest.









Item #NLS143  Retail $9.00

This quilt combines the 30 degree triangle; the Kite Plus Ruler; AND the CGR 120 degree triangle – the triumvirate of triangles!









Item #CGR120R  Retail $26.45

Take any 60 degree triangle pattern in your store and spice it up by piecing some of the triangles!  Your customers will love it – and you will be demoing this ruler again and again!