Sunrise Studio – Pre-Engineered Fabric that Shines

Holly Holderman of Lake House Fabrics and Kimberly Jolly of It’s Sew Emma have teamed up to bring you Fabrics and Patterns that are any shop owners DREAM! They’ve taken all the thinking away… all the WORK away… and have created something new that you just HAVE TO SEE!

Everyone is familiar with panels – but this new fabric line, Sunrise Studio, takes that concept to a whole new level.  The design potential is limitless once you understand the basic idea.

Let’s look at some patterns to see how these darling, complicated looking quilts were engineered in just a few hours with this new line.  “Not your Grandmother’s Flower Garden” is created with just four fabrics:


Item #LHP1404  Retail $9.00

The center hexies are cut from a pre-printed fabric.  This photo shows the detail incorporated into this design.  The mini dots are all available separately because who doesn’t love dots???


Item #LH14027MLT

That scalloped border? Is sew simple when it is cut from this print.  Notice there are four rows of scallops – on for each side of the quilt and quarter circles so you can piece a perfect corner.  How easy is that???  The scallop adds the softness of a gentle curve – but you are still binding a straight edge!


Item #LH14023PERI

The inner check border is pre-printed as well.  Just cut it from this fabric:


Item #LH14025MLT

The middle periwinkle dot border adds interest and also acts as a “fudge factor”.  The size of the quilt can be adjusted at this point to fit the scallops.  Oh so simple….


Item #LH14029PERI

Four fabrics and less than four hours is all you need to finish this crib or lap quilt!

Flower Pot Garden is created by cutting the blocks from pre-printed panels as well.  It doesn’t get any easier than this – just six fabrics including the binding!


Item #LHP1407  Retail $9.00

The flower pots were cut from this fabric:


Item #LH14028MLT

The fencing blocks are cut from this print – which includes corners if needed – just like the scallop!


Item #LH14022LETT

The inner and outer border is created with the same check print above.  The scallop print is the same – but in a different color (LH14023LETT).

The multi-dot print is perfect additional borders and makes a great backing:


Item #LH14031MLT

This line includes lots of dots – and this one is the perfect binding…


Item #LH14029LIME

Hide and Seek is constructed like the quilts above.


Item #LHP1408  Retail $9.00

The nine-patches and an inner border are cut from:


Item #LH14021NVY

The alternate blocks are cut from a Pam Kitty print:


Item #LH14015ROW

The scallop is Item #LH14023CHRY.  Another fabric from the Pam Kitty line is used for the binding:


Item #LH14014RED

Four fabrics – including the binding – and you have a spectacular quilt – literally in an afternoon!  It doesn’t get any better than this!

Visit our website to see the entire collection:



Sunrise Studio will be arriving in January- just in time for your winter classes!

If you own a shop, you can watch a video of Kimberly and Holly explaining the program.  Login to with your Checker ID and password.  Then search for Holly Holderman.
















Lakehouse Patterns – Fun Projects for Any Fabrics

Holly Holderman of Lakehouse has her own sense of style and quality.  I can walk into any shop and pick out her fabrics instantly.  When you don’t have to look at the end of the bolt, you know you are dealing with a true artist.

LakeHouse has joined forces with It’s Sew Emma & Cut Loose Press to create eye candy for your shop. Learn how to choose LakeHouse projects & fabrics -or- bolts from your stock in our school house in room #360 at 4:40.

This Diamond Ring is a Cut Loose Press pattern that is a perfect Spring project.  It is deceptively simple – and looks great in other color ways as well.


Item #CLPHHD001

Duvet covers are a quilt shop’s best friend!  For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, a Duvet cover is a pillow case for a down comforter!  This Cut Loose Press pattern explains the technique.  A cover can be made in an afternoon – and talk about instant gratification!  It doesn’t have to be quilted so you can sleep under it that night!  Customers can afford to change them out for every season – or mood!


Item #CLPHHD002

Holly has also written a pattern for a pillow case – which is the perfect companion and class!  Coordinating pillow cases are also the perfect way to store quilts in your linen closet.


Item #LHP1207 Retail $6.00

Their patterns are great scrappy projects and a fun way to play with color.  Modern Butterfly is the perfect choice for a little girl – but in Red, white and blue fabrics would be a great addition to any picnic!


Item #LHP1205  Retail $9.00

Pennants is beautiful in rainbow colors – but picture it in your favorite school colors.  Personalize it by writing game scores on each penant – or have team members sign them!








Item #LHP1206  Retail $9.00

Lunch Boxes could also be the perfect graduation quilt.  Can you imagine this adorable quilt personalized with the school picture for each year on the front of each box?  The name of the school could be written on the handle.


Item #LHP1304  Retail $9.00 

Polka Dots & Pot Luck is simply squares set on point.  Playing with the placement of the darks and lights can create secondary star patterns.  It is plain and simple – a happy quilt that is a great way to use up scraps.  It looks just as inviting in country or reproduction fabrics – and would look very masculine.  30’s fabrics could be fussy cut for maximum effect!


Item # LHP1208 Retail $9.00

Pastel Butter Mints showcases positive and negative fabric placement.  This sample is in soft colors – but would look totally modern and masculine in turquoise and grays!


Item #HHD1307  Retail $9.00

All of these quilts are easy to kit and fun to make!  Come hear how easy it is to use color to create a totally different look!